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Monday, September 22, 2014

Stop Doing These Four Things & Sell More Managed Print Services

Selling managed print services and managed services is not brain science, it's more like Rocket Surgery.

What year is this, 1989?

Maybe you know of these, maybe not.  The point is, I'm hearing more and more about how the better MPS selling organizations are replacing failed existing MPS engagements.  The losers are not covering the basics like toner delivery, prompt service and correct billing let alone workflows and business acumen.

As always, these are my views and mine alone - take 'em or leave 'em.
1.  Stop selling OEMs
It has come to this, prospects do not care who makes the box, print quality, speed, UI, apps, or connectors. The status quo is "all copiers are the same" and once you go down that path of explaining how your machine is better, your defensive posture appears insecure - desperate.

Think I'm wrong?  You know that sales rep who sold Xerox(Canon, HP, Ricoh) last year but today is pitching Konica Minolta(Toshiba, Sharp, Samsung)?  He can do that BECAUSE ALL THE OEMs ARE THE SAME.

2.  Stop selling toner that blows up in printers
Just when I thought this issue was dead and gone, I'm hearing more about bad quality toner cartridges. Yeah, I know, "yours" don't explode.

It doesn't matter.

If any of your current clients have experienced this from your offering, stay in heavy account recovery mode. Because your client, no matter what they say to your face, still remembers the day that toner leaked.

3.  Stop selling "30% Savings"
This figure has been around since the beginning of time. Well the beginning of "MPS Time".  It doesn't take a survey or deep dive study to show us prospects don't believe that figure - they've been saying it for months now.

I'm not saying you won't be able to cut costs by a good amount, I'm saying your prospect won't believe you, especially if they're on their second MPS engagement.   The point i

4.  Let's Schedule Something
45 minutes a week for a month, that's all you need.  We'll impart basic, foundational, MPS selling concepts that you can take to the field that afternoon.  Either Managed Print Services or Managed Services, the subjects we'll discuss are real world, from the trenches ideas proven in front of prospects.

If you like, I can brag even more -

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  1. Greg - I was waiting for you to list no.5 - Stop selling (it's too much like telling)


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