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Friday, December 19, 2014

The Beginning of Managed Print Services Media: 2010'ish(?)

When you hear people say things like, "We've been promoting managed print services since the very beginning..." or "Our web-services are the best because we come out of your industry..." or even "We've been there, we've sold MPS and know what you need in lead generation, keyword utilization, and PPC programs. We've been in social media from the very beginning..." remember this video.

That's Ken Stuart and me on the banks of the San Antonio, right after a thrill-packed day of MPS pioneers at Photizo II.   The attendees were a collection of "cutting edge" MPS'rs and a great time was had by all.
"I blog because I like to read what I blog..." - GW
Ken and I were there, guess who wasn't.  The crusty old guys who today consider themselves oracles of marketing.  The self-proclaimed experts of all things "managed" - from printers, users, workflow to IT services (nobody but the uninitiated refer to managed services as "managed network services") are those who mocked MPS back in 2009.

This was then. This is now.
  • How is your web presence going today?  
  • Do you have a solid ROI?  
  • Are you transforming your business away from copiers?  
  • Are you that bold?
  • Then why is your presence the same as everybody else?
I've put together a constellation of luminaries primarily focused on your success.  We've sold toner, copiers, paper, printers, MPS, MS, service, EDM, and fax servers.  

Just like you, we've struggled with EAutomate, incorrect meter readings, and billing, OEM quotas, and tardy service technicians.  We understand you don't have the time to understand or worry if your web team can translate your value proposition into a solid web presence.

Behold and be regaled:

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