Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Three Tips on Moving From Transactional to Value Add

My niece, Ft. Meyers, FL. Greg Walters, Director.
Moving from transactional to value-add, isn't all that impressive, but it is a start.  Also, for some business models, transactional selling is perfect - think paperclips, pencils and lightbulbs.

"Value Add" is not that much more evolved than "Transactional.  In the beginning, "value-add"  referred to adding services for 'free'.  The theory at the time was that the gross profit in each equipment sale was healthy enough to support the costs involved with adding value.

It starts with you, three things:

Try to forget about price, just for a second
This is difficult, but disconnecting from the price is your first move.

Don't tell your prospect you want to be more of a value add, trusted advisor, partner.  
They've heard it all before, show through action.

Consider moving to a different level of contact
Another challenging aspect, if you've been speaking with a decision maker whose only criteria is price and delivery (the first column), shifting to a different influencer is risky - but necessary.

If you'd like to learn how to move around the spectrum, email me at greg@grwalters.com.

Reflect upon your movement along the spectrum while enjoying some old-skool, sweet jams from Blackstreet, "No Diggity".

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