Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Managed Print Services, Copier and IT Sales Employment: More Signs or Bucking Trends?

The business landscape is improving in all directions, but check out these employment charts from indeed.com:

managed print services Job Trends graph

managed print services Job Trends Managed Print Services jobs

Manage print services spiked back in '09, yet looks like its about to either level or fall off a cliff.

The roller coaster that is copier sales! A bump in 2010.  Still, my neck hurts just looking at it.

The 'other side of the fence' is experiencing a slow bleed.  IT sales futures "ain't what it used to be..."

Mother Blue's, Mps evolution is trending...

Home building is creeping up.  Is this another sign of the recovery?  How many construction sites need copiers?

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  1. It's actually fascinating to see these figures and diagrams of the trends of different jobs over time. The one that stood out to me was the printing service job diagram. It was pretty consistent with going up on the scale after a certain point. At that certain point after January 10th, what do you think happened to exponentially grow like that?