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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Managed print services in 2017: PSO is the New Mps

"Pro-actively optimize devices and processes associated with presenting information in the form of documents, regardless of medium." - GRW
If you understand the above definition, you quickly see the traditional MPS definition as stunted, restrictive.

I submit to you, the active MPS practitioner, a vision, philosophy, strategy and tactic that will expand your horizon beyond toner and service.  Print Server Optimization(PSO).

Stated simply, PSO delves into:
  • End user data - you remember them, right?
  • Less network traffic - compression, encryption and the like...
  • Mobile print - like anyone really prints reams from their phone/tablet/LT
  • Secure/pull/follow you print - 'nuf said
  • Optimized print driver management - look into this...
  • Fewer print servers - NO NOT A UNIVERSAL PRINT DRIVER
  • Easy to execute, end-user installations - with maps n stuff that show what printers are available
  • and more...
I double-dog-dare you...I TRIPLE DOG DARE call your best IT contact(you have one of those, right?) and ask him how he feels about managing print servers.

Go ahead, ask.  Ask him what happens when a print server blinks out.  Ask him how long it takes to manage all the print drivers on his network and if the automatic configuration of printers would be a good thing.

Here's a delicious suggestion, find a prospect with a print policy designed by your competitor(you have one of those, right?) and ask him why they didn't include print server optimization.

Go ahead. Ask.

I've gotten behind a few programs in the last seven years or so, this one - the reduction of print servers - I see as the next big wave to hit not just our niche, but the entire technology landscape.  Why not get into the movement today and leverage the talk track into a deeper IT relationship?

Would you like to know more?

This is a wave we can celebrate.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Greg,
    I fully agree, but were do you install the DCA if there is no more print server at the client location, thus to my knowledge there is no integration between those tools & traditional DCA / Mps tools, which means another "print management" application for the customer, and the MS provider.


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