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Friday, May 15, 2015

Is Your IT Vision Hung Up on the Past?

Need a new love, yeah I'm ready
Want my time, yeah I'm willing yeah
'Cause I'm the one who's gonna show
When there's nobody

I'll be your man

Yeah, I'm the one who's gonna show
When there's nobody

I'll be your man

I'll be your man

What if one day, while staring out your parent's window, watching retirees water their lawns, you realize that after everything, all the adventures, meetings, and journeys of the previous years, you've become a cliche, irrelevant?  The world stops and you're alone - moving through a bad dream, in slow motion.  Stunned.

Nobody wants to be forgotten, cast aside, wounded, not even dead.  But it happens. Has it happened to you? Hurts? Don't it?

For CIO's and IT Departments, this could be your future.  Irrelevancy.  Once you see 'the  retirees watering their lawns' can you adjust your unit, make the changes and move through the worst?


If you've made the jump from ambivalent ignorance, also known as "bliss", to hard, 12 degree below freezing, self-recognition, reality, here are some ideas that might warm you up:

Help formulate the organization's long term business goals.

Back in olden-times, knowing the difference between EBCDIC and WYSIWYG meant something important. Today, its EBIDA.

Look for 'partners' instead of 'vendors'.

'Partners' are shoulder to shoulder with you during tough times; 'vendors' sell out of a hotdog cart.  Search out deeper relationships, not discounts.

Walk a mile in your end-user's shoes.

Cross training doesn't only refer to athletic programs - consider spending time at a nurses station or in Revenue Cycle. Insight is guaranteed.

Three simple ideas that promise significant impact for your staff, executive management and end user community.

Give them a chance and take your time.

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