Friday, December 23, 2016

"What's the biggest change in Managed Print Services since 2009?"

During the past seven years, I've attended dozens of speaking events, helped hundreds of clients, worked thousands of hours and generated an incalculable number or words about managed print services.

When Nathan Dube approached me with a few quick questions about "then versus now", Clone Wars, and the best things sales reps can do in 2017, I tripped into the Time Tunnel.  What seems like yesterday is now nostalgic.

In the beginning, few were talking about, let alone selling, MpS.  In the 'good ole days, those of us in, made it up as we went along.

HP(Edgeline) and Xerox(Page Pack) had MpS programs.  So did Synnex and a few other organizations.

Customers were clueless when it came to DCA's, assessments, QBR's and proactive service.  Nobody heard of "Print Policies".(not print rules)

Below is our first podcast.  Thirty minutes of two veterans of the industry shooting the breeze.  I'd like to do more of these in a more relaxed format - with libation.

I guess the theme for this podcast could "The Song Remains the Same."


The number one song in 2009:

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  1. Ok I am new to selling managed print services on the dealer level. What can I do to get people interested? :) HP, Brother, Epson to an extent and the cheapness of their offerings are tough to overcome. And then there are others that have been scammed by unscrupulous sales people. Oh and what is the future of business level copiers and printers going to look like? I am asking you the easy questions...:)

    1. Chris,

      Forget about your competition(Brother, HP, etc.) and focus on your unique MpS value proposition - which should be anything BUT toner, service, printers, copiers and billing formats.

      Look at what is happening before and after the output device and help streamline BUSINESS PROCESSES. That's the trick, not quarterly reviews talking about how many toners were delivered or service calls made.(gag)

      It begins with your definition of MpS - there are a few articles on DOTC around that subject.

      The Office of the Future?

      No copiers. Smaller printers which order supplies and replacements units. Much less print, digital workflows.

      The Future is Here.

      Thanks for reading, keep coming back.