Thursday, January 11, 2018

Of Blockchain, IoT and Scan-Once-Print-Many

What does "scan once, print many" mean? Anyone? Bueller ... ? Back in the good old days of analog copiers, pagers and dinosaurs, the scanner on copiers needed to take a “picture” for every copy made: When 10 copies were requested, the scanner moved across the original 10 times. You can imagine how this added to the wear and tear of a device and repeated, on-site service.

Once devices became digital, the need to scan for each copy ended. Instead, one picture was taken, digitized and available to print for each image requested.

It was a common demo technique to place an original on the glass, touch 10 copies, and while the batch was being output, raise the ADF. In the analog world, this act would result in copies of open lids and black space. Prospects were known to gasp because the digital photocopier kept churning out copies of the original, even with the lid raised.

Digital devices carried another cool quality;

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