Tuesday, April 30, 2019

LinkedIn is NOT personal branding.




"LinkedIn is NOT the internet." -

Personal branding should be just that, Personal. Not that I am suggesting disconnecting for LI; I am recommending developing your personal brand OUTSIDE and in addition to, LinkedIn.


1. Buy your personal .com

Buying a domain is relatively cheap and putting a webpage together can be done in an evening or over the weekend.  The tools are omnipresent.  GoDaddy, Wix, Weebly, and even Google Blogger, are platforms anybody can understand.

2. Build a simple, one-page website

Pick a template and start filling in text. Begin with your current job description or even resume as base information.  In the beginning, cut and paste content with the intent of cutting 80% of the words out before publishing.

3. Create content and share on social

Every website tool has a page for a Blog.  Use it.  Set the default view to not show the posted date and start by writing a paragraph reflecting your experience - tell a story.


Someday the question, "How many properties do you own?" is going to refer to online real estate.

Bonus Bonus**

Don't listen to all the 'social media' and 'website' experts;  all well-intentioned, and you can learn all you need on your own.

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