Friday, May 31, 2019

"You Gave Up a Steady Paycheck...Maybe It's Not Worth It."

I'd never heard of but the video caught my eye.

Whoever produced this hit the nail on the head for the SMB. The Keap offering is a #Converged solution stack of services on one platform.  Designed to help businesses stay in business, the accompanying script is full of doubter cliches.

  • "Hey, listen. Maybe owning a business is too much to handle right now."
  • "You gave up a steady paycheck to chase this dream. Maybe it's not worth it."
  • "Do you have any idea how hard it is to find new clients these days?"
  • "It's great that you took the risk but it's time to admit it's not working."
  • "I know you're passionate about this...I know you gave it your best shot but maybe it's get a real job."

#Imaging Industry - maybe it's time you take back your power. Maybe it's time you #converge your passion into a laser beam of #fortitude; telling the monopolistic oligarchies "enough".

Remember those days of doubt and doubters?  You got through that, and with the right tools, you can get through this.

Growth for our niche is in the SMB. Let the corporate raiders feed on each other; help your neighbors #thrive.


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