Wednesday, July 3, 2019

#Ricoh/DocuWare: Another Reason for ArcDrive

I've been kicking around ideas for a response to the Ricoh/DocuWare situation which is similar to the DEX/Staples maneuver, which is like the PrintFleet/FMAudit/PrintAudit/ECi thing, which smells like the Kyocera/DataBank(OnBase) that reminds me of the Ricoh/Ikon and HP/Samsung spectacles.

Lot's of copiers dying out there.

I know dealers that sell DocuWare, but are HUGE KM providers. Huh, how's it feel knowing your DocuWare clients woke up one morning as Ricoh customers? Yeah, hurry up and become a Ricoh reseller. Really?

Is your prospect an OnBase candidate? No problem, just forward the company name, and contact information over to your OEM, they'll qualify, design a solution, present, close and send your pittance. Congratulations, you are now a sales force for your OEM. Resistance is futile.

Do you like your DCA? How are those Windows updates working for you? And didn't somebody, somewhere say, "nothing will change".  How's that rate increase feel? No biggie, just switch to one of the other DCA's.  Oh...yeah...nevermind.

Timing is Everything.

My response to all this chicanery?

#ArcDrive, #ArcDrive, #ArcDrive, #ArcDrive, #ArcDrive, #ArcDrive, #ArcDrive, #ArcDrive, #ArcDrive, #ArcDrive, #ArcDrive, #ArcDrive, #ArcDrive, and #ArcDrive.

#ArcDrive isn't so much a product as it is an extension of a belief in rugged individualism, frontier attitude and fierce independence.


Think about it, over the past decade, has your independence eroded into blind dependence? Are you fooling yourself into believing fancy conferences and glass plaques actually mean anything?

"Profit and Growth are on the Edge.
Protect your Base, Establish Income Streams and Increase Monthly Recurring Revenue"

#ArcDriveCrazy - advance capture, managed print services, intelligent workflow on one platform.  Proven. Independent. Affordable.

Contact me, Look at #ArcDrive.  Become a dealer.  Stand your ground. Change your world.


"Yeah, I know, I know..."

It won't be long until you start hearing about 'appliances built for the dealer channel' or 'Edge computing for the office'.  #ArcDrive knock-offs disguised as independent tools - don't be fooled.  The 'big guys' aren't going to let upstarts like #ArcDrive speak the truth; it hasn't even been 30 days, and we're detecting folks scanning our little ship from afar.

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