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Sunday, November 10, 2019

New to Copier Sales: What is Document Management?

By now you know a copier is more than a copier — and a connected copier is capable of doing so much more.

In the early days, copiers simply copied. Output was the name of the game — that was it! Today our machines capture, ingest and scan almost as much — and in some cases more — than they produce. For you, the new copier rep, this may seem obvious. Document management has represented the future of the industry for over two decades.

Document management is a big subject, and I’ll try to explain it in general terms to help you understand the overall landscape. If your dealer has an application for document management, you will be trained in some manner on how to use and sell that specific solution.

The business world runs on paper. That is to say, organizations communicate within and outside the company via many channels, but paper is the most common. When paper was the primary mode of communication, files were duplicated, memos printed and distributed, and everyone had a physical mailbox or letter tray. Letters were dropped in real mailboxes with important documents sent “next-day.” For bigger companies, the mail pouch was used for interoffice communications.

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