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Thursday, June 4, 2020

The Covid19 Illusion: II

Tell me what you see? 

Is there 'science' on this graph? 

Tell me how this is wrong? Tell me how the complete lack of social distancing since re-opening has caused a spike? 

 And then tell me why there are still lockdowns. Tell me again why we destroyed the greatest economy in history? Tell me why we can't throw the switch. Tell me why most of the casualties occurred in Democrat-run states. 

Tell me again why a barber in Michigan lost his license. Tell me again why they arrested a hairdresser in Texas. Tell me again why millions were spent on an unused hospital at the fairgrounds, why both hospital ships, after being rushed into service, left without utilizing more than 10% capacity?

While you're at it, tell me why Summerfest & The State Fair are canceled. 

Tell me again why so many tattle-tales in Lake Country turned our Police Officers into hall monitors. I EXPECTED to see a jump in Covid19 - Lake Geneva was PACKED with both 'Sconi's and IllinoisMe people. But... 

Maybe the spike is there, buried under statistics. 

Maybe the spike will happen in Oct & Nov. Either way, it sure is quiet out here on the interwebs...


  1. Look at texas. Also there is likely a weather effect.

  2. “Tell me why most of the casualties occurred in Democrat-run states”
    TELL ME WHY YOU MADE SUCH A BULLSHIT STATEMENT? Tell me why we have a president who is a narcissistic POS? Tell me why Republicans : Trump I’m obviously looking at you have destroyed America and this administration:Trump I’m looking at you, have F**ked up this entire response to the pandemic and turned wearing a mask into a political statement. I’m just getting started but you can get to work on that for now. And one more thing: Copiers are the walking dead. The race to the bottom just became turbocharged. Enjoy!

  3. Metal - relax. The race to the bottom has been going on since the very beginning. It's kinda the reason this blog is titled the way it is.

    I am sure Hillary would have handled this much better.

    Everybody has an opinion and the right to express - even at a second grade level - when confident in your views, one doesn't hide behind a pseudonym, Metal.

    "Just getting started"? Maybe you should find a different hobby...


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