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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Covid19 Illusion: III

How mad would you be if you found out that shutting down the country was the correct tactic executed at the correct time but delaying the removal of lockdown(s) was not based on reality?

Would you be mad enough to 'peacefully protest'?

'They' said there would be a spike when we opened the polls and voted in person - it did not happen.

'They' said if we didn't maintain 'six feet' distance - indeed, 'they' sent cops out to backyard parties, unapproved haircuts, dangerous playdates, hooligan sports activities and small businesses trying to stay afloat - this was just in Oconomowoc.  

Again, 'they' predicted a spike and again, no spike was had.

'They' squawked and whined after the supreme court ruled 'No Mas' - and again exclaimed 'the spike! the spike!' Nope.

'They' shamed everyone with ears but no mask. "If you don't wear a mask, you're killing everyone around you. SHAME."  Guess what?  No spike.

State Fair, Summerfest, Germanfest, Beer gardens, bandshell - all canceled because of the spike(s) that never were.

Fear is the motivator...

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