Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Covid19 Illusion

Wisconsin opened up completely May 13. 

Fifteen minutes after the announcement, bars filled up, and the CDC 'rules' became recommendations. A day before, local PD's were enforcing 'social distancing' as "Karen" after "Karen" felt the need to snitch on neighbors. 

The next morning, it was like Covid19 never happened. 

Some predicted doom. Others were not so sure. Regardless, Wisconsin ended up being the nation's Petri dish; either the Covid scare was overblown, or the entire state was going to end up with Corona Virus. 

What if...what if all the experts are wrong or simply exaggerated. More accurately, what if certain politicians took advantage of a crisis? What if locking down, destroying the economy, & creating a huge social class dependent on a central government was simply the result of a leveraged opportunity? 

 - everything has changed.

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