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Thursday, October 1, 2020

#Social Media Algorithms: "To Serve Man"

It had been my little 'project' to 'make LinkedIN the next AoL' - basically because of all the high-brow, LI police and such. But - it appears LI is different. 

Each SMedia platform uses algorithms to determine what appears on your timeline. 

How pure do you believe your news feed to be?

In the beginning, Google utilized algorithms to help us find relevant information based on OUR INPUT into the realm - the algorithm served the user.  

Today, and for some time now, the algorithms serve up to the platform, not the end-user.  What's worse, the algorithms are designed not only to put PAID CONTENT in front of us but to put us in front of people who want our money.

The platforms sell us to them so they can sell more to us.  

The tables haven't been 'turned', just revealed - The algorithm is a 'cookbook'.

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  1. I am no fan of the pandemic or the election; and I agree that the Algorithms have changed completely. They are NOT doing the end-user any favors. I am harassed all day online for money.

    It's bad enough at work that I have vendors calling asking for money, but to have simultaneous calls for work and home just to get some cash is exhausting.


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