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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

#WorkFromHome or #WorkInACube: The Choice is Yours

Do you know how much the corporate BBQ, Christmas parties, and other events cost your company?  

Sure, it's nice to go see a baseball game or get to sit in the corporate suite for a basketball game...yet...consider this: 

Would you rather get dressed up, hear a band, eat good food and listen to an executive pontificate with a bunch of co-workers or receive a check for the amount your company paid for the event? (divided among employees) Maybe use that money to take your significant other out on a date.

Does your company sponsor a minor league baseball team? Why?  
Do you see your company's logo all over your "free" swag? How many copiers do you need to sell, in order to buy 14,000 logo'd coffee mugs?  Sure, vendors kick down funds in support - what's in it for them?

We've been trained to believe these events are acts of kindness or perks from our benevolent employers, and for the most part, we're all appreciative.  

But that was the old model, the pre-Fear of Covid way. Today is different.  Today, you are different.

I dare you to ask for the company's internal "entertainment" budget.

The point is this: you are a 'Resource'(go ask Human Resources) and resources are meant to be used to the maximum for minimum cost.  

There is nothing wrong with this model, it is revenue-cost=profit and what we sign up for when we work to support somebody else's dream. (No shame)

It's just that now we can recognize the manipulation - this is a "Red Pill, Blue Pill" situation. 

Blue Pill: Buying into the dogma and believing the narrative you’ve been lead to believe is the truth.

The Red Pill: The Truth

The choice is yours.

The Blue Pill:

There's nothing wrong with buying into the corporate structure, finding your place in the hierarchy, and climbing your way up.  

The Red Pill:

You see the influences you hadn't seen before and decide not to be part of that system, instead, you seek out like-minded groups of people.

There are no bad choices if you choose for yourself.

Indeed, in the movie "The Matrix" those who took the red pill ate nutritious, tasteless mush, while blue pill people dined on make-believe steaks and fine wines.  

Ignorance is bliss, truth is pain.

In the post Covid/fear age, you have the ability to move to companies that value their resources, understand happy employees are more productive and that the old ways should be abolished.

You also have the freedom to return to the cube and enjoy a blissfully happy and ordered existence.

The choice is yours, make it an informed one.

#wfh #workfromhome

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