Monday, August 2, 2021

New to Copier Sales: Experiential Selling

The plan was that, once COVID-19 receded, employees would return to the office, their printers, copiers, coffee machines, and cubicles.

But will they print? Will they copy? Will they return to habits of the past? It really doesn’t matter.  Print will happen and your clients are exploring cost-reducing processes and offerings – managed print services can be your vehicle for higher revenues.

Selling MPS and copiers is nothing new.  There are thousands of articles and dozens of tools in the market designed to help you find prospects, build a total cost of operation, generate proposals, and close deals.

I’m not going to regurgitate facts and processes a decade old.  However, in the new way of selling that is post-COVID-19, I point out one important view: now is the time to expand from transactional selling to experiential selling.

This is a big shift, and it starts between your ears.

When you go into an opportunity thinking about selling toner, you’re only going to sell toner.

When you go into an opportunity focused on copier deals, you’re only going to sell copiers.

Your manager may call this focus when it’s actually tunnel vision.  You’ve managed yourself into a box offering trinkets and things, not ideas or experiences.  Widen your view by helping your prospect experience working with you.

Consider the following statements: Read the rest, here.

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