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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

New to Sales: How to Use Your Sales Training

Everyone’s gone through sales training. As a new copier rep, you’re going to be trained in the ways of selling, according to your new employer.

To be certain, there are thousands of sales training classes, courses, programs, and coaches in the ecosystem.  Selling has been happening since the dawn of time and people have been teaching others how to sell for just as long.  There is no lack of generic and professional selling curriculum – some may argue there is too much.

Your employer’s sales training program has been either developed in-house, outsourced to a training company, or a combination of both.  It is your duty to understand their “proven” process, learn how they expect you to sell, and do so in the field.

It is your personal responsibility to improve yourself with this training.  My recommendation is to think of the corporate program as a base, or platform for growth – not the end-all of your experiential sales journey.

The point of sales training is to help you sell.  This is partially correct.  Closer to the truth, sales training, in the dealer channel, is designed to help you sell your dealer’s stuff – it is what you signed up to do.

Regardless, all training is good training and... read the rest here.

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