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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Amazon Plant Just Voted to Unionize: This is What Happens Next

Robots Don't Strike -

Or catch Covid or spread Covid, for that matter.  Robots don't mind the commute, need few employee benefits, work three shifts, and couldn't care less about "Blue Jean Friday" or "Taco Tuesday".

Robots hate corporate picnics

Of course, robots may break down or need routine service - but that's what Service Drones are for.

Hailing from Detroit, I know a bit about unions - maybe no more than you, but most of my friends' fathers were either in or despised unions.

All I need say is "Jimmy Hoffa" and watch for the response.  Either you know or you don't.

Today, 2022, unions are making one last grab at members as the times are skewed towards the employees. The Great Resignation is upon us, 24 months of Covid scare has illuminated for most the futility of empty work and little recognition.

Folks "on the line" are motivated into hating ownership, C-level executives, management, and stockholders. If not hate then at least envy.  

The caldron requires little stirring

Be careful what you wish for -

There are lines on the floor in some Amazon facilities.  Demarkation indicators between human and non-human employees - humans are warned about crossing the lines.  

Will there be a day when distribution centers are surrounded by these same lines?  Yes.

Amazon's own research predicts 10 years before robots can replace workers in all facets of their distribution centers - so you've got time.

So enjoy collective bargaining and destroying looms.  Have fun at the union barbecues and huddled discussions around the fire barrel - you've got time.

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