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Monday, April 18, 2022

#WorkFromHome Will Save Cities

I've been saying "the 'good' things about city life will move to where the customers and audiences live and work."
  • "Broadway" moves off-broadway into the burbs and countryside...
  • Marc Forgione opens in Brighton...
  • The local coffee joint builds a conference room...
  • 5G helps telepresence flourish...
All the good things about cities will move closer to their customers and audiences.  Makes sense.

But there is something else - Remote Workers will save NYC.

The remaining, empty buildings could be converted into dwellings - the key to the city's survival is  ATTRACTING REMOTE workers.  Physically.

Take Detroit.  

A beautiful riverfront, nice restaurants, theaters, etc.  If Detroit could enhance the LIVING experience, not the WORKING experience, it might attract remote workers - workers who commute via Zoom, not the Lodge or I-75. 'Infrastructure' wouldn't refer to bridges and highways but free, ubiquitous, blazing-fast connections to the interwebs.

In the reverse, let's say the company I want to work for is located in Detroit, but I really like living in downtown San Diego.  If San Diego has affordable housing, high-speed Internet, excellent coffee shops, and all the things I want, I could live in downtown San Diego and still report to Detroit MI.

The key isn't attracting office workers back to the city it's attracting remote workers into the city. 

It's simple.  Attract remote workers, save the cities.

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