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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Eight Reasons the MetaVerse is better than Hybrid Work

#WorkFromAnywhere #wfh is all the talk now and so is:
  • the effect of Covid vs the effect of the fear of Covid
  • gas prices are too high
  • increased productivity
  • happier with 'work', vs working
  • office appearances are lower in priorities than family, fun, Netflix, & sweatpants 
  • real friends (vs work friends)
  • lower crime in the 'burbs
  •  etc., etc., etc.

I believe the ability to work for a company based in San Diego, from a chair in Wisconsin, presenting to a team in Colombia, South America about a solution based in France is not the way of the future, it is the present.

Enter the #MetaVerse - nascent, yet tangible. More than a Halo Room or Second Life - HP was ahead of the curve with BOTH.  Unfortunately, Halo required $350K, and Second Life never really caught on.


Can you find the connection between a metaverse and The Mandalorian? It is a rabbit hole... #team #work #productivity #future #covid #gas #colombia #southamerica #southamerica #france #netflix

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