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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Flat Rate and Hiring: Do Managed print Services Specialists still exist?

Lot's to discuss - Good talent is difficult to attract, titles mean things, MpS is still alive, myself, West, and Ken will talk to these and much more - in less than 32.5 minutes. 

See it here.

There are many reasons for NOT joining a sales team in our niche, but mismatching position titles and using outdated phrases and tactics only repulse candidates before submitting the application.

"Pounding the pavement", "work hard, play hard", and "it's a numbers game" are phrases appreciated more by Boomers and GenX'rs than the tech-savvy Millennials and Gen Z.

Deep in the bowels of the Great Reshuffling, selling copiers, hammering out 300 dials, and collecting 75 business cards a day is like garlic to vampires.  Today, more and more companies utilize tools making phone calls less 'cold' and integrating marketing, inbound lead generation, and E-Commerce with traditional outside selling.

There is a new way to approach professional selling.


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