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Friday, May 20, 2022

The DOTC Partnership Ecosystem - #Ecosystem #MPS #Copiers

The Partnership Ecosystem:

"It is a term that describes – relatively accurately – a state in which partnered businesses interact with each other on an equal footing. Although this describes partnerships in the past, the identification and quantification of this situation are significant. It represents a shift in how partnerships are seen by analysts." - AllTopStartups

Jay McBain has been evangelizing this structure for years.  If you don't know about Jay, Googlitize his name and check it out.


The DOTC Partnership Ecosystem consists of 12 primary categories, plus one for Clients settling on 13 total Influences.

Within each Influence, there is at least one Influencer.  An array of Influences work with a customer-facing entity, typically, the Dealer.  All Influencers have sway on the customer experience. When the system is aligned, powerful solutions are successfully brought to market, solving real-world business problems.

This model represents a closely connected network of resources and providers similar to the structure of Market Places.

OK let's quickly explore the Influences within a DOTC Managed Print Services partnership ecosystem:

1. Clients - Your Opportunities
2. Dealers - Providers
3. OEMs - Manufacturers
4. Distribution - Middle-Persons
5. Supplies - Toner/Service parts
6. Infrastructure - Monitoring, Account Management, Accounting, Management, Service Deeks, etc.
7. Leasing
8. E-Commerce - Selling Online
9. Software - Document management, Customer Facing Applications
10. IT Services - White Label, Third Party
11. Sales Acquisition - Marketing, Sales, Sales Training
12. Media/Analysts/Associations - Non-Prof, Publications, and Analyst Firms
13. Over the Horizon - Not Yet In the Market.  IoT, Green, AI, MetaPresence, etc.

Your DOTC MPS Ecosystem will consist of any number of the above Influences. Although the Universal Ecosystem is set, yours will be unique.

"Why Greg, Why?"

We are experiencing one of the greatest business model realignments in history.  Knowing the influences and how each Influencer helps or hinders your journey is paramount to surviving and thriving in the future.

Next, we will be highlighting the Influencers within each of the 12 Influences.

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