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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Eight Firms Recognized as Influencers of Merit - Sales Acquisition.

Greg Walters, Inc. Recognizes the Top Sales Acquisition Influencers for the Copier & Managed Print Services Niche

Eight firms recognized as Influencers of Merit.

Oconomowoc, Wi. June 2022 – Greg Walters, Inc. announces the top Sales Acquisition Influencers in the copier and managed print services, DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem. (DOTPE)

The DOTPE identifies 14 Influences that shape the customer experience. Examples of Influences include OEMs, Training firms, Infrastructure, Software Applications, Finance, Toner Suppliers, etc. Within each Influence, one or multiple Influencers vie for relevancy and participation in the sales journey. 

Today, we recognize eight Top Influencers, inside the Sales Acquisition Influence:

Maverrik – LinkedIn marketing, campaigns
Cloudlead – Qualified phone listings
Salescast - B2B podcasting
Orum – Outbound cold call software/tools
Monster Connect – Dialing and routing phone prospecting
Kingston Training Group – Selling tactics, copier insider  
Sell to Win – LinkedIn tactics
Bill Caskey Sales Training – Universal, professional selling across industries

“These firms influence the industry by helping businesses establish positive relationships and fostering new opportunities,” said Greg Walters, “there are over one hundred sales influencers in the niche.  These companies and individuals, not necessarily from the office technology realm, represent the best innovative selling approaches rooted in timeless concepts. Congratulations.”

For each Influence, the list of Influencers consists of organizations we recommend to clients looking to build new or enhance existing strategies and programs.  We measure each Influencer through the traditional lens and our proprietary, analog, “R.O.E. Machine.”

Technology resellers, and managed IT firms benefit from the DOTPE by knowing who to review when forming their specific ecosystem.  Prospective clients gain insight into the quality and effectiveness of their provider when compared to other industry resellers.
“Next, we will release the results of a deeper analysis, ranking all eight Influencers of Merit and determining the Leading Influencer, added Walters.

Media/Analyst/Associations Influencer evaluation is coming soon. We judge the judges.

The DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem model is available now at 

Note: The “Analog R.O.E. Machine” is a proprietary process that measures effectiveness within the DOTPE and relative to other Influencers.

For more information on how to become an Influencer contact 

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