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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The Constitution of the United States of America & #StarTrek

Some say the current version of Star Trek is edgy and inclusive and diverse. 

Some say Discovery is revolutionary and Strange New Worlds is fresh - truly examples of the "history didn't start until after I was born" generations. 

Alas, The Original Star Trek, TOS as it is referred to from 'Trekkers' not "Trekkies" is still the purest version in the canon.

Racism, sexism, War, and the United States of America were all part of the Trek realm during the turbulent times of the 60s.  You probably won't hear about this episode or one of the first interracial kisses on TV

This episode was a mystery until it becomes clear that somehow the planet had adopted the US Constitution and slipped into a War between the "Yangs" and the " Kohms" - Yankees and Communists.
"This was not written for Chiefs...Look at these three words..."
It was 1968.


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