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Monday, June 13, 2022

Walt's Weekly Words: Week 7 - Growing Skin on Robots, FABs are the Key, Gasoline Prices, The Job Exodus Continues, GenX Has Demands, & West and Greg Talk Web Stuff

Walt's Spin

This week we explore the high price of gasoline, what GenX and millennials want in a job, robot skin, coffee in the USSR, salary raises, chips, and more.

Gas prices are the highest they've ever been, I don't need to tell you that. There is no end in sight. This looks a great deal like the 70s, so history does repeat itself. The 70s brought us the go-go 80s and a massive recovery extending for decades.

The effects are and will continue to be humongous. Every industry moves items by truck and almost every service company keeps technicians on the road.

The supply chain challenges in the chip manufacturing industry continue to forbode. Like oil, chips are fluid and integral to a free-flowing economy. Unlike oil, chips can be manufactured just about anywhere. The current environment has many in the industry considering FAB location more strategically. (FABs are the chip plants and some of the largest are located outside the US, Singapore)

Price Waterhouse reports the great exodus will continue through 2023. A recent study shows increased dissatisfaction with current job status and the grass actually being greener on the other side(at home) as supreme motivators for resigning.

Some 46% of Gen Zers and 45% of millennials reported feeling burned out due to their work environment.

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