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Monday, June 20, 2022

Walt's Weekly Words: Week 8, June 3 The #Xerox Email Heard Around the World

Walt's Spin

Personal note.

This is the 8th iteration of WWW and thanks to an interesting two months, this little experiment is catching on. It's simple really, what interests me might interest you and the interwebs are flooded with so much content sifting through to relevant and engaging content is daunting.

I'll continue to filter and comment for a few more weeks and see what the future reveals. In the meantime, if you like the content, comment, and forward along. If you're not a subscriber, go ahead and sign up.

I'm not sure where this will end up, but I'm having a good time so far.




This week, Elon gives us the middle digit. The #WFA movement continues, evolving into a status-quo. Both sides are presenting their arguments but fewer office workers is a reality.

There's more - by now you see how the #WFA movement is affecting EVERYTHING, not just office equipment and IT services. The engagement process is now elevated above the 'pitch' beyond overcoming

Xerox is suffering through another PR crisis, at least in the channel. A leaked letter discussing price increases made it to LinkedIN as well as virtual sales pits and Zoom sessions all over the globe. Too bad, increases are a reality but the optics are regretful. Especially coming from the title, "Vice President Global Order to Cash".

Global order to Cash? And we thought "Mopier" was a marketing gaff.

Speaking of HP, she's sinking again - a 7% decrease. The fear of Covid delayed the inevitable. Dark Days ahead.

Like the Borg, the #InternetofThings is spreading. If you're not looking at adjacent industries that connect and monitor everything, you're running behind, if not on empty.

#JackInTheBox won't need workers and will be open 24/7 every single day with robots flipping burgers. Is the minimum wage too high? Are employees flaking? Are they forming a #Union? Could they spread the next pandemic?

#Robots don't get sick. Robots don't call in. Robots don't sleep. Robots will never organize. Stop hiring problems and start building robots.

What can be learned from #AkinsLawsOfSpacecraftDesign? A great deal. Almost as much as the inhabitants of Earth 10,000 years from now will learn from #Microsoft glass buried in the ice, today.
Enjoy the read, and have a great weekend!


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