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Thursday, June 30, 2022

“Why Tigerpaw One is the Leading Influencer, Infrastructure” Greg Walters, the DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem

The Infrastructure Influence includes ECi, Forza, and Tigerpaw One.

The grading system is simple: What Influencer would I recommend to a client building or changing an existing program. The client could be a provider or the ultimate consumer.

I’ve evaluated hundreds of components and teams over the decades assembling tech solutions that help reduce costs, increase sales, or eliminate inefficiencies. Through this lens of experience, I evaluate each Influencer over approximately 20 data points.

There are no losers. Just being an Influencer in the DOTPE is an accomplishment.

For Tigerpaw One:

·         New, yet tenured – Although they’ve been around since 1984, Tigerpaw is not part of the copier industry's old guard, does not need to un-learn out-of-date processes, and doesn’t think they know everything.  In the realm of office technology, this is refreshing.

·         New guy on the block - Everything they do is new, and they enjoy the luxury of learning from PREVIOUS mistakes.  What’s more, they are chasing business, not saving relationships.

·         Observes the integrated ecosystem - Tigerpaw One merges both the IT and managed print services worlds.  Developed by the talent on both sides of technology, their system is homegrown, addressing office and traditional IT services, not a patchwork flying under a common logo.

·         Great technology evangelist with MPS DNA – Tigerpaw matches my vision of a world beyond print, where everything of consequence, especially the machinery of life, is monitored and maintained remotely - output devices are simply the mundane foundation. The system combines asset management of IT and output devices.

·         Good people – From James the CEO to Vice President Trevor, to Marketing Director Tracy and beyond, I’ve found the organization transparent, easy to work with, and hungry.

·         They’re number 2. Entering the Office Technology niche may seem counterintuitive when the competition is established, and monopolistic.  The team at Tigerpaw recognizes the ‘David and Goliath’ situation they reside.  This is why they have been collecting rocks and perfecting their sling for years.  Number 2 always tries harder.

Out of a possible 100 points, the Influencer standard[1] score is 59.  Tigerpaw One scored 67.

[1] Influence standard score is based on an Ideal Influencer profile.

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