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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Far from an HP Fanboy, but...Have you seen their Managed Print Services Push?

"HP Sucks"

One might say, "I haven't seen office technology advancements like these since Panasonic."

Far from an HP Fanboy, but - there is more data-based content about Managed Print Services, and the Hybrid environment in one marketing piece than the rest of the OEMs, combined.

Yeah, I know HP thinks EVERYBODY  is their customer and yes working with them can be tiresome.

But not only is HP a player, but they are also still the biggest guy on the block.  Who in their right mind would square off against Blue in the A4 market?

Regardless.  MPS Deniers take note.

For all the bloviation around how HP "hates dealers" and "steals your customer information" and for the MPS deniers - Mother Blue releases a huge marketing piece all about Hybrid Office, MPS, and the path to digital nirvana.

I've known HP for decades - starting with the HP Series II, Compaq, Palm, Hawk, Edgeline, and the ill-fated TouchPad; I was fortunate to have missed the cluster that was "mopier".  Yes, there are plenty of examples where HP did not meet expectations - but they are still around.

When HP catches a cold, we all get Zombie Flu.

We experiencing a renascence in managed print services - a short burst on the galactic scale - fleeting at best. HP has been in the printer space from the beginning.  They have the history that I'm suggesting you learn.  Download the documents just released, consume and repeat to prospects and customers.  

You need not mention HP.

Get it here.

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