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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

First Person Shooter Games have Paved the Way for Meta...

The E*Gaming movement is fascinating to me - I started 'late', in 1999, playing Doom, then Quake, and beyond.

In 2001, I was online with other players from around the world - my age group, BTW - it became the 'poker game' of the late 20th century.  I dedicated many hours and became good enough to be highly ranked in my 'clan' (Quake PowerWeapons mode).  But back then, EGaming as a sport was a pipedream.  

Who would watch others play 'video games'?  Although our server would only allow 25 players on at a time, a good number of 'Spectators' could join just to watch.  And they did.

It was weird, knowing somebody was watching your screen/view as you played - like having a group on your shoulders as you shot your way through the digital landscape(Meta b4 Meta).

In the 2010's I started to play DoD just for fun - it was more difficult and takes a long time to get better.

But then I quit. I slipped back into a WW2 FPS, Day of Defeat after a ten-year hiatus - the same people are playing.

I do not understand the significance of online gaming and society, but there is something here...Meta, and the current online, virtual reality, and remote presence movement owe some due to the Valve, Half-Life, Quake, and Unreal engines.

Gap Intelligence is on it - imagine if you would, a technician in Ft. Meyers working on a device in Bohn or Madrid or LA with one of these...

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