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Friday, July 1, 2022

"So unless you have some physical item, what's in it for the customer to meet in person on an initial meeting?"

From LinkedIn, 2022

Dynamic Rick Lambert asked:


Do you have an answer?


You're booking an initial meeting with a new prospect. They've agreed to meet and you would prefer to meet in person at their location (like we used to) so you can see their environment, etc...


What reasons do you have to convince a prospect to meet with you in person instead of doing a virtual meeting?

Remember, this is the 1st meeting with this person.


Recently I was hosting our new "Digital Sales Bootcamp" with a large B2B sales organization and this talented / tenured group of salespeople was stumped.


  1. Seller has something the prospect needs to "touch"
  2. Prospect has something the seller needs to "touch"

So unless you have some physical item, what's in it for the customer to meet in person on an initial meeting?

Do YOU have an answer?

I'd sure love to hear it in the comments below!

Think about it."


Great questions.  Here is my response:

They(prospects) are OK with going virtual.  They prefer it. I know this industry is a 'nuts and bolts' mentality, we use to demo out of the back of a Pinto Wagon.

But there is a place.  

A wild, wild place. 

Just over the horizon where salespeople spend hours on LinkedIn, Zoom, Slack, LiveStreams, and even twisted pair...

They engage in complex/strategic opportunities with TEAMS of INTERNATIONAL resources and likewise prospects.  Not only enterprise-level but the SMB.

This magical land is the realm of SaaS.  We use to call them, and dare I say, look down on them, Inside Sales Reps aka, "order takers".  

Seriously, if our professionals could put all that expertise on a screen and sell 4 deals a day instead of 1 every 15, wouldn't we want to do that?

Call me crazy, rebellious, The Original Contrarian.

Okay, not the 'original' - this guy doesn't look so rebellious today, does he?

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