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Friday, July 1, 2022

Walt's Weekly Word, Week 9, June 10

PLayboy, Tigerpaw, More Vinyl than Downloads, Buying Less Crap, & Shrinkage

Walt's Spin

This week there's, even more, #WorkFromAnywhere content, the first DOTPE Leadership Influencer, #Tigerpaw, is revealed, we're all buying less crap, and TikTok is full of back-to-office mockery.

"Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, Best Buy and most every other retailer are having their own mismatch of supply and demand..."

Speaking of selling, we all hate cold calls. Don't lie, you do. The worst thing about cold calls isn't the dialing, it's WASTEFUL dialing. There is a better way, it 'costs' more, shrinks lists from 10,000 to 500, and increases pick-up rates to as high as 90%+. 

Nobody is saying 'Cold calling is Dead...' there are just better ways.

Believe it or not, print can be wasteful and Keypoint explains how. The UK won't be squandering as much paper as they start testing a four-day work week, and you might be saying 'goodbye' to taco Tuesdays and blue jean Fridays - the death of mandatory fun in the office is upon us. 

While you're not in the cube, spin up Bruce's Darkness on the Edge of Town, album, and by album, I mean vinyl.

Sales grew 51% and vinyl outsold CDs for the first time since the 1980s, according to Luminate. 
Playboy(yes THAT Playboy) is back - and it ain't your Dad's Playboy.

Enjoy the read, and have a great weekend.


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