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Friday, July 8, 2022

Walt's Weekly Words, Week 10, June 17

Walt's Spin

It is almost deja vu, all over again as the conference and corporate meetings season kicks in across the fruited plain. It's great to get together face to face, I just hope everything doesn't go back to what it was: An Echo Chamber of back-slapping, hand-gladding, and gibberish.

Reports lead me to believe that indeed we are being guided to 'the way things used to be' but as always, the conversation between and after sessions is more enlightening. Other than becoming a 'super-spreader', the get-togethers ring nostalgic.

Speaking of nostalgia, a Xerox retiree regales us with legends of early color copiers - a reverse engineered, 3M knock-off. Back then, as you can imagine, color copiers were a thing of the future.
Elon is at it again, mouthing off against work from home. To be fair, his environment is perfect for all employees to be under one roof. Tesla fights for survival every single day, and when in the foxhole, one doe not want to look right and see a smiling face on a screen.

Not to be outdone, Microsoft reflects on a just-published study in Nature Human Behavior analyzing communications data of 61,000 Microsoft employees.

"Based on previous research, we believe that the shift to less 'rich' communication media may have made it more difficult for workers to convey and process complex information."

You can guess where this is going, can't you?

The OEMs are all talking supply chain and phrases like, "...Q1 2023..." are bubbling up in conversation. What an oxymoron - as the industry declines, we find ourselves with demand outrunning supply. Upside down world, here we are.

Audio Video as an industry has long outgrown squeaky wheeled overhead projectors and colored Sharpies on transparencies. What's more, the niche is profitable and parallel to the office technology domain. Keypoint chimes in with some solid observations.

The fear of Covid shattered existing models into Stardust, allowing us as individuals to make our way through the remote work world - and we did it without an employee handbook, corporate core values, or Blue Jean Fridays. A case can be made that productivity went up while job(or commute) related anxiety plummeted.

Work is forever changed and our industry, and the people we all know, have a direct effect on the work environment of employees around the globe - no small responsibility.

From the trenches to the board rooms, decisions are being made for the first time, and the playbooks are being written and re-written it seems every week. It comes down to individual choices and it seems at this point in time, there are no wrong and fewer 'right' choices to be made.

Hang in there - nobody is coming to save us, but we've got all the tools to make it through and thrive.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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