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Friday, September 23, 2022

The Greg Walters Show, Season 1, 14 Episodes

It's been a long time coming and I'm not sure where it is going to end up.

I've always enjoyed the conversations had AFTER the formal meeting, presentation, or class.  Seriously, the best information is exchanged after hours, in the dark, over adult beverages - no surprise.  

Great ideas are spawned over libation and debate.

The show will strive to be entertaining and informative with guests within and outside the industry - sometimes on the other side of sanity.

The Greg Walters Show brings top B2B Office Technology Influencers and personalities to the forefront.  In the self-described cross-style of Johnny Carson, Joe Rogan, and Between Two Ferns, guests will talk about everything from the latest Business Technology trends to Tic Toc UFOs.

“I am excited and honored to have such a distinguished list of guests,” says Greg Walters, “I promise to deliver relevant views and opinions in an entertaining and informative manner.  This is going to be great.”

The overwhelming popularity of live streams continues to increase as grassroots, end-user-based information and narratives attract more global viewers. 

Here is the published schedule, dates and guests may change without notice:

Ep. 1 Scott Murr – Titan 8, 8/2022

Ep. 2 Eddie Riddell – All Associates 9/29

Ep. 3 Art Post – P4P 10/6

Ep. 4 Blair Dawson – McDonald Hopkins LLC 10/13

Ep. 5 Brian Dawson – Bourbon and Business 10/14 Happy Hour, Friday

Ep. 6 Trevor Mosses – Tigerpaw 10/20

Ep. 7 Patricia Ames & Amy Wiess – BPO 10/27

Ep. 8 West McDonald – West Wonders, MPSA 11/3

Ep. 9 Joe Bargainer – Ricoh 11/10

Ep. 10 Kevin Morris – Kevin’s Favorite Wines of the World/Year 11/11

Ep. 11 The Greg Walters Show Thanksgiving Business Technology Extravaganza - Gary Peterson, 11/17

Ep. 12 December 1 – Greg VanDeWalker, Great America

Ep. 14 December 8 – Mike Stramaglio

Ep. 15 Christmas Open House Happy Hour Friday, December 15

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