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Monday, September 5, 2022

What do, the Anti-WorkFromAnywhere movement, the Biden administration, and "V is for Vendetta" all have in common?

#WFA, Fighting for the Soul of Society

What is the common thread?  How do these points connect and what constellation is formed?

The Answer:
  • Centralized, Authoritarian rule.  
  • Propaganda-fueled messaging through controlled media.  
  • Self-centered interpretation of established norms.  
  • Elimination of a "higher power" and inalienable rights.  
  • The demonization of those holding differing views. 
  • Maximizing fear to leverage and presenting their solution as final.
What's this got to do with selling #copiers?  Nothing. EVERYTHING.

We don't sell copiers, we help clients efficiently move, retain and present information.  Always have.

How long until machine activity can be tracked?  How long until a central authority monitors scanned, printed, and moved information?  How long until emails can be modified to say "No" instead of "Yes"?

"The email from another FBI official was changed to suggest that the aide, Carter Page, had never been a CIA "source" - whereas Mr. Page was, in fact, a CIA informant." - source, here.

Those who say "...we shouldn't mix politics with business..." are at best ignorant, at worse, manipulating the masses into a drowsy malaise.  

The Fear of Covid brought many gifts.  One is proof that all politics is local.  Another is politics impacts every facet of the business.  Pricing, availability, regulation, and 'social diversity', and the simple yet complex act of selling.

Consider these quotes and thoughts:

  • Centralized, authoritarian managerial constructs, insist workers get back in line.
  • Unending articles propping up "working in an office is better for you" permeate the platforms.
  • CEO statements like, "Working in an office is the way it has always been, and it works.  Come back to the office, come back to work." insult.
  • "If you want to move up, you need to show up." - again, insulting and archaic.
  • "Those of you who work from home are lazy and are destroying the urban experience." - right, sure, whatever.
  • "The local economies will die without a strong, worker presence.  We can save your city."

If the office downtown buildings start to fill up, there is no guarantee that folks will start to copy and print like they did in 1999 - another Gift of the Fear of Covid is realizing print does not drive workflows.  

Additionally, IT departments have taken a hit, and teams reduced or eliminated altogether - another Gift of the Fear of Covid.  Your managed services practice should experience a bump. Fleeting.  The Cloud represents the automation of everything from selling to support to end-of-life management.

Regardless, tunnel vision is not good - today, one should pay attention to everything in the realm.  Elected leaders, SaaS billionaires, local school boards, and your kid's teachers.

Not only for your future but you can bet your bottom dollar, your clients, and prospects are doing the same thing.  They know the price of eggs, and gasoline and are aware of electric vehicles and the Green movement.

The Selling Professional of today and tomorrow must be a Rennesaince person.

Sell on!

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