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Monday, June 5, 2023

Yes, AI will construct buildings.

It is coming. 

There is no hyperbole with AI - what we are doing today will be absolutely looked at as rudimentary - playing in a sandbox. 

In six months, the LLM advancement will be blazing, and in a year, AI Robots from Taco Bell to high-rise construction. AI moves faster than any technological advancement in human history - keep an eye out for quantum computers; "AI architecture" in chips is already off the whiteboard. Imagine the market for PCs when every, single, one in existence today, is rendered obsolete because it won't process your personal GPT.

This original meme was an attempt to fit today's reality into yesterday's box - there is no box.

This is bigger than the PC.

Bigger than digitally connected copiers.

Bigger than the internet.

This period in time might one day be looked upon the same way we look at the invention of the wheel or the discovery of fire today.

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