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Friday, May 20, 2022

The DOTC Partnership Ecosystem - #Ecosystem #MPS #Copiers

The Partnership Ecosystem:

"It is a term that describes – relatively accurately – a state in which partnered businesses interact with each other on an equal footing. Although this describes partnerships in the past, the identification and quantification of this situation are significant. It represents a shift in how partnerships are seen by analysts." - AllTopStartups

Jay McBain has been evangelizing this structure for years.  If you don't know about Jay, Googlitize his name and check it out.


The DOTC Partnership Ecosystem consists of 12 primary categories, plus one for Clients settling on 13 total Influences.

Within each Influence, there is at least one Influencer.  An array of Influences work with a customer-facing entity, typically, the Dealer.  All Influencers have sway on the customer experience. When the system is aligned, powerful solutions are successfully brought to market, solving real-world business problems.

This model represents a closely connected network of resources and providers similar to the structure of Market Places.

OK let's quickly explore the Influences within a DOTC Managed Print Services partnership ecosystem:

Friday, January 1, 2010

Managed Print Services, Defined - DeathOfTheCopier Style

Two Decades in the making.

Managed Print Services, defined, has been an elusive seductress.

Trivial? No.

The crossing of swords, the arguments between Old Guard and Young Turk represent nothing less then a War for the Soul of an industry, our niche.

Consider this, manufacturing titans Xerox, HP, Canon, Ricoh, etc., need to, no, require, that THEY define MPS.

This definition, of course, to be in their likeness. It's called shaping the battlefield. It's survival.

There are literally billions of revenue and profit riding on this little rift. And the Big Boys are dumping millions of dollars, pounds, rupees and euro's into marketing, "research", and enterprise channel development.

Blogs disguised as industry forums.

Corporate sponsorship cloaked in dubious research studies and quadrant placements.

Press releases created in the marketing department, cut and pasted and presented as journalism, news.

"How To" classes and con-calls hosted by puppets, regurgitating the corporate playbook to a willing horde of minions.

There are two camps - one looking to the future, the other living in the past.

And here we are, you and I, stuck in the middle again.

Looking back at all the "defining moments" in MPS; the "Three Stages", the "Hybrid" approach, presented first by Photizo, then hijacked by old skool - all the manufacturer MPS programs, all the toner re-mans, service companies, computer VARs and BTA guys, they/we all have our own idea of what MPS is, our spin, our reality.

Failure appears to follow those who search outward for advice, before looking deeply into themselves - Know Thy Self.

So, here we go, the definition of Managed Print Services -

Let's start with GARTNER -

“the ability for the service provider to take primary responsibility for meeting the customer’s office printing needs, including the printing equipment, the supplies, the service and the overall management of the printer fleet."

Three mentions and variations of the word "print". Yuk, but at least the writer takes a stand.

And how about a word from Xerox:

"...MPS is an I.T.-based services offering that is enabled by technology; both Xerox and non-Xerox technology. Clients make decisions on services offerings based on credibility of the team they are working with, and the trust they can put in one firm over the other to deliver the desired results. Our people continue to shine in this competition because of their dedication, commitment and constant desire to learn and grow..."

Interesting, notice how Xerox, the traditional, mother of all document companies, refers to MPS as "an I.T. -based services..." everything else that follows is fluff and marketing.

And the Wall Street Journal

"..."managed print services," a variety of outsourcing in which the vendor takes control of the customer's production of office documents, typically owning the machines, advising on how to use them, and taking a per-page charge..."

Nice attempt; "outsourcing", "vendor", "documents", "owning the machines" - good lord, how many pigeon holes can one fit into?

Evolution Towards Defining: The DOTC MPS Ecosystem

Taped on a wall, right here next to my desk, is an 11x17 sheet of paper covered from end to end to end, with hand written ellipses, squares and arrows - my diagram of the Managed Print Services Ecosystem. (ok, how much of a MPS geek am I? ...sad really, isn't it...)

This sketch illustrates everything MPS involves and touches - and is still incomplete.

I know a more accurate and inclusive illustration requires that we don our "help me Obi Wan, you're my only hope...", 3D glasses, elevating this 2 dimensional model into the spatial, X-Y-Z Axis world.

We could then visualize The Ecosystem, The MPS Ecosystem from all angles.

Two more things - this 3D model is not static, all the parts in there are moving. And the MPS Ecosystem is always expanding, creating new worlds, destroying others.

Are you still with me or have you been amazed and stupefied? Hang on, take another sip of Jack - let's continue...

As I look at this sketch and imagine it's 3-dimensional cousin, two things dawn on me:

1 - this "MPS thing" is difficult
2 - there is no way to define it

uh-oh, what?

Indefinable. Shapeless. Amorphous.

Everything that ever was in office automation and everything that ever will be - That's MPS and it's only a DESCRIPTION.

It is my contention that all attempts at defining MPS amounts to nothing more than narrative and descriptive around how MPS works and what it does.

MPS can only be described, MPS CAN NOT BE defined.

Like the face of God, an attempt to define, to comprehend, leads to grey hair and madness. God cannot be defined. Only the results of His will can be described, remotely understood.

Managed Print Services, simply, Is.

Anti climatic? Yes.

Liberating? Should be.

Happy New Year.

More on description vs. definition, here.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Greg Walters, Inc. Releases the DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem.

12 Influences and Influencers Outlined and Measured in the DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem Model
Oconomowoc, Wi. – Greg Walters, Inc. announces the release of the DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem 
(DOTPE) blueprint. The DOTPE identifies 12 Influences that shape the customer experience. Examples of Influences include OEMs, Training firms, Infrastructure, Software Applications, Finance, Toner Suppliers, etc. Within each influence, one or multiple Influencers vie for relevancy and participation in the sales journey. 

This change in perspective is mandated by the current business environment, in which t
he customer journey is no longer transactional, but never-ending. A strong team of niche providers working toward a common goal, with clear and transparent roles, will collaborate and provide a collective and increased value to customers.

“For over a decade, we’ve defined the network of vendors and resellers as the 'Office Technology Landscape.' This view needs an update," said Walters. "In today’s dynamic and turbulent business environment, it is beneficial to establish relationships beyond vendor and reseller.  Companies that utilize partnership ecosystems drive innovation, maximize efficiencies, and bring greater value to their clients."
The group is currently interviewing and evaluating Influencers against 20 data points. The model will highlight and rank relevant firms within each Influence, measuring everything from financial viability to their social footprint.
Through the model, resellers will see how existing relationships stack up and make educated decisions when building or revamping partnerships. The ultimate consumer will compare their existing or future providers against established standards and KPIs.
Technology resellers, and managed IT firms will benefit from the DOTPE by knowing who to review when forming their specific ecosystem.  Prospective clients will gain insight into the quality and effectiveness of their provider when compared to other industry resellers.
The DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem model is available now at and the evaluation results will be presented throughout the summer.
For more information or to be considered as an Influencer contact 


Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Eight Firms Recognized as Influencers of Merit - Sales Acquisition.

Greg Walters, Inc. Recognizes the Top Sales Acquisition Influencers for the Copier & Managed Print Services Niche

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Separation Begins: Managed Print Services True Believers Leaving the Pack


It's in your DNA.

We knew it, you knew it, there should be no surprises.

Nobody grows up wanting to be a "copier salesperson". (I read this somewhere.)

We had higher hopes and dreams; future policemen, Presidents of the United States, Firemen, Doctors, or Nurses - but someone who "sells"?

A "fast-talking", pushy, slippery salesman? Proprietors of Office Equipment, no less?

Thirty, forty years later, you're lucky not to be living in a van, down by the river.

But here you are now, selling copiers and moving into MPS - the "final frontier" in imaging.

Today, you are faced with another choice.  The MPS Ecosystem is moving on, the players separating.

Which way do you go?  To whom do you travel? 

What is best for YOU - not your boss, owner, VP, company, or industry.  "They" don't want you to think this way.

"They" want you to stay in a box until you're in a box - the final box - the most patient box.

It's all about YOU.  Well, no, that's not entirely correct - In here, it's all about me.

Monday, February 28, 2011

The 2011 Global Managed Print Conference - Why You Should Not Attend

Ed and the gang over at Photizo are going to kill me for the headline, let alone the picture.

Let me explain.

Three years ago few talked about real Managed Print Services - but Photizo was.

Toner re-man guys were saying, "...we've been doing MPS for 25 years..." - this before most defined MPS.

I am not kidding, at ITEX, 2009 one schmoe had the gall to say this to my face, and then try to sell me on remanufactured, color toner cartridges.

Indeed, so many folks tried to define MPS in their likeness, it became really funny to watch. And those doing all the defining had never DONE MPS.  But Photizo had The MPS Adoption Model.

Back then, copier guys were simply trying to stay alive - not much has changed today - the OEM's had no clue and the IT sector saw nothing wrong with 2 point printer deals, attached to CarePacks.  Okay, so maybe that hasn't changed all that much either.

The 2011 Global MPS Conference is going to be huge - to date, the number of registered matches the number of attendees at the 2009 Conference. 

When most  charge for the honor of speaking and need to piggy-back with other, failing conferences, how many shows do you know that are experiencing an INCREASE in attendance?

In the Imaging Industry?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Skylar, Dr. Dre, Em, and Ri - On and Off Stage, an Orchestra, Lights, Video - Lot's of Moving Parts. Just Like Managed Print Services

The award season is past, thank the TV gods. This year's 53rd, Grammy show returned its best rating since 2001.

The telecast, in addition to rewarding musicians for jobs well done, teems with performances.

Some good, some not so good.

One of the best of the evening, was Rhianna performing "Love the Way You Lie" as a duet, with Eminem.

Em, Skylar and Dr. Dre, rounded out the recital with the sequel, "I Need a Dr.".

The production was big, complex, and sophisticated with many moving parts.

They made it looked easy.

Catching the performance that evening left me impressed; my appreciation grew more profound in the weeks that followed.

The performance ecosystem:
  • Dre - the Rock. Solid, been here, done this.
  • Em - recovering.  Detroit. White Rapper(the f?)
  • Ri - Damn.  Hot. Mocha. Sing the shit outta everything.  Recovering.
  • Skylar - Who?  Young.  New. Wrote the Song. Never performed to a crowd like this.
Oh, and one more thing - Live.

All these parts, these ego's and interpretations, seemingly incongruous styles, overlapping, merging and separating.

Infusing an emotional charge from each individual - and making it work - stellar.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How To Buy Managed Print Services: All the Pretty Packages

June, 2010.

Turning from within, looking out - We on the inside of Managed Print Services:

It isn't All About Us.

One interesting subject that bubbled up during some off-line conversations at the 2010 MPS-Con was, "We need more end user, client, customer involvement and input."

Indeed, during the first face-to-face meeting of the MPSA Board, reaching out to end users was topic we explored.

So it is in this vein, that I present a narrow view of MPS - from the prospects' perspective.

A few points to consider when looking to buy Managed Print Services:

What, exactly, should MPS prospects look for in a provider/partner?

It isn't all that simple.

As difficult as it has been for us to define MPS, discover best practices, establish process and stay profitable it is more challenging for our prospects to understand where they fit into the MPS EcoSystem.

So, if you are looking for a MPS partner, how should you go about it?


1. Determine what you know, and what you don't know.

- Have a rough idea of how many devices you currently use
- Have a rough idea of how you currently support your "fleet". Get use to calling your printers and copiers a "fleet".
- Try and get a feeling for how things are working within your organization, today. How many people are involved in managing your printers, your supplies, your copiers.

2. Get an idea of where you want to go; reduce cost, reduce overhead, make your life easier, etc.

- For example, if ordering toner cartridges for all 135 of your printers is the pain you are looking to relieve, define it.
- Are you looking for cost reduction? Then define what a reasonable savings would be for you.
- Recognize the difference between "hard" and "soft" cost and the impact of each.

3. Consolidate the Decision Process into One Entity

- This one is a bit more difficult, but will cut down on the time it will take for a decision to be made. Either give ALL the decision power to IT or establish an evaluation team of purchasing and IT. This may seem trivial, and will not degrade your process if you do not go in this direction, but for your company to take advantage of a complete MPS Engagement, consolidating the decision entity, is paramount.

What to do and ask, during your meeting with a possible MPS Provider:

1. "What is your Process?"

- This is a good question. Have him answer verbally, without marketing slicks, to start. And then reflect; How comfortable is his presentation? Do his ideas make sense?

2. "Tell me about your assessments."

- As with the "Process" question, what you are looking for here is a clear understanding of how and to what depth this candidate performs assessments. The static data is easy to collect - be prepared to have software loaded onto your network. I would be looking to hear something about "business process" or determining "why certain documents are printed" as well as volumes, paper usage, supply closets, etc.

- If you want to trip him up a bit, ask him why he doesn't charge for his assessments. Is the resulting recommendation worth the price of the assessment?

3. "How do you handle copiers, printers and MFP's in your MPS arrangements?"

- There is no wrong answer. What you are looking for here is honesty, composure and his scope. MPS providers, good ones, understand that they cannot be all things to all people; there are limits. You want to find his.

I feel the basic idea is to look for a partnership, not a vendor. MPS is a very dynamic and wide ecosystem, there are a great many opportunities for cost reduction.

But as the dynamics of business change, most vendors will not keep up.

A partnership is a two-way relationship that is more flexible.

This is what you want in a MPS provider; a partner with vision.

MPS today will not be the same MPS 10 or even 3 years from now. If your MPS partnership can evolve with the changing business and technology environment, that is great.

If your partner is most like not going to evolve into more than simple hardware and supply management - that is fine as well - it is just best you know this, going in.

Again, MPS isn't really brain surgery, it's more like Rocket Science.

Click to email me.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Why Do We Idolize The Worst Sales Characters, Ever

I've done it, you've seen it.

Heck, you've probably viewed a clip or two during one of your Monday morning sales meetings intended.

I get it.

These Hollywood caricatures display the gumption of legends - cold calling, motivating speeches, wild excesses of the selling life. Success. Power. Influence. Acceptance.

But there's more to the story, isn't there? The movies tell the entire story, but we don't replay those bad bits do we? No manager is going to show Bud's perp-walk in Wall Street. Nobody is getting motivated watching the federal cops pull into the J.T. Marlin parking lot complete with busses and tow trucks(Boiler Room).

And sure as shooting, no one remembers the ending of Glengarry Glen Ross, when Shelly Levene steals those leads.

Consider the following examples:

"Greed is Good"

Major Wall Street player earns millions through purchasing and breaking up family owned companies supported with insider information. Protagonist seduces young upstart anding ends up in prison.
- Wall Street

"Put that coffee down! Coffee is for closers."

Real Estate agents complain about the leads, smart-dressed, hit-man comes in from HQ to deliver a high pressure, all or nothing, speech intended to get sales back on track. Salesman descends into chaos and steals leads.
- Glen Gerry Glenn Ross

"...act as if..."

Sharp dressed, smooth talking broker initiates new employees into the world of shady deals and illegal trading. Cold calling taken to a new low, one scene depicts a broker lying to a prospect, along with a cheering team of cohorts, and bamboozling a victim out of thousands. The movie ends with federal agents storming HQ complete with tow trucks to recover the fleet of ill-gotten automobiles.
- Boiler Room

These stories end in flames, yet sales 'mentors' still run around telling newbies to, "Sell me this pen."
Why do all sales people know "Coffee is for Closers"? Why do we cheer when Vin Diesel lies his way into a sale? Yeah, sure, we'd love to deliver that Alec Baldwin speech, or kill it on the phone like Leonardo DiCaprio. We project ourselves into those situations - understanding the dramatic and sexy scenarios - who wouldn't?


I'll tell you why. Motivating you to sell more, no matter how, is good for the OEMs and ownership. Sure, it feels good to you, right? That feeling is false and manipulative. I get it, we need to sell to feed our families and survive - that's the way the game is set up - and watching a fictitious "selling animals" provides a fleeting moment of entertainment and hours of motivation. But it is propaganda. It isn't real. If it is for you, chances are, it will end badly.

Showing rundown videos of yesterday's demons is just another symptom of the slow to change selling ecosystem. I'm not sure what we should utilize in place of these video's but there must be something; there must be thousands of quick, 30 second video's of new sales consultants spewing nuggets of re-treads.

Change, real change through turbulence, must occur at ALL LEVELS of the ecosystem, not just in the trenches. Selling will become more relevant, consultative and fulfilling after the pillars of the status quo resign to the future and ceasing to show criminals and thieves as selling examples is just the beginning.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Walt's Weekly Words: Week 6, #TwitterBots, #TigerPaw, #MPS Ecosystem, #Bill Gates & #JohnnyCash

Walt's Spin

This week, congress talks about UFO's, retail giants take a major financial hit - no surprise there - Elon fact checks TwitterBots, more recognizing printers as an IT asset, digital connection is personal, there is a new office technology Partnership Ecosystem model, employers start coffee houses in the suburbs to serve employees and of all things, we have a shortage of sand.

It's going to get worse.

The supply chain troubles will devolve on all fronts and in every industry. The fear of Covid19 shutdowns, labor shortages, War, and an overdependence on global suppliers will stymie any recovery for the next 24 to 36 months.
Gas, diesel - Washington D.C. filling stations are updating pumps to handle three digits(ten dollars per gallon).

Read the rest here

Thursday, June 30, 2022

“Why Tigerpaw One is the Leading Influencer, Infrastructure” Greg Walters, the DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem

The Infrastructure Influence includes ECi, Forza, and Tigerpaw One.

The grading system is simple: What Influencer would I recommend to a client building or changing an existing program. The client could be a provider or the ultimate consumer.

I’ve evaluated hundreds of components and teams over the decades assembling tech solutions that help reduce costs, increase sales, or eliminate inefficiencies. Through this lens of experience, I evaluate each Influencer over approximately 20 data points.

There are no losers. Just being an Influencer in the DOTPE is an accomplishment.

For Tigerpaw One:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Managed Print Services: The 2011 Rising Stars, Constellation 2

Last autumn, we published the very first DOTC MpS Rising Stars: Constellation 1.

A collection of interesting MpS players who brought something good to the Ecosystem.

I chose individuals or companies who in my opinion, contributed to the MpS cause in a positive manner. For instance, last year, Constellation 1 included MT Business Technologies, Ken Stewart, Robert Newry, and Photizo.

So how did these stars fare over the past 12 months?

Ken Stewart, as Senior Consultant with Photizo, is helping build audacious projects global in scope and transformative in results.

Robert Newry/Newfield IT - Being purchased by Xerox sure has its financial benefits. The doubters and old -skool sayers of nay, express how X will stifle the free expression of ideas. Yet, Robert continues to promote the art of assessments for 8everyone, for all in the MpS ecosystem.

Photizo's - Ed and the Gang's reputation continues to grow, around the globe, as THE MpS consultancy. They are moving from a consultancy to a transformation company.

MT Business Technologies - Still plugging along, slugging it out in the trenches and barnyards of MpS/SmB in the state that starts with an "O" and ends with an "O".

Who will make it this year, and where will the be 12 months from now?


I introduce to you, Constellation 2 - The Rising MpS Stars of 2011.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Area 00 of the Z22 MpS Renaissance Model.

The #DeathofTheCopier #MpS Renesiance Model, Z22.  "Area 00".  

The DOTC RenMPS Z22 includes a pre-amble in Area 00, something I've not seen on any other MPS Model.

If your MPS practice has failed or is struggling, you probably didn't completely utilize Area 00.

For starters, SWOT is a necessary step in Area 00, something I'm sure you conducted before getting into MpS. 

There are three pillars of Area 00:

#Marketing / #Sales

Area 00 is the planning stage of MPS.  An internal analysis, and structure build before going to market.

It is very important.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Things I Learned at the Asia Pacific, Managed Print Services Conference in Sydney: There Is an Unifying Theory


What a week. First, I drove from LAX to Charlotte, NC.

After a two day rest, off to Sydney.

My flight went up to Detroit, hometown, back out to LAX, nicest night time approach view around, then out to Sydney - 14 hours away.

On a plane Friday and landing Sunday morning without knowing what time it was, let alone what day ...where in the hell did Saturday go?

That night, I hit the sheets at 6:00PM, local and slept until 6:00AM, local.

Again, what the hell?

Monday morning, sipping coffee from a way too small cup, on a saucer no less, I found myself standing in a sea of grey pinstripes - this sure wasn't LA, St. Louis, Seattle, New York, Orlando or Vegas.  This was Sydney. 14 hours, two hemispheres and one international date-line away.

Oh what fun was to be had, Down Under...

As with all conferences, the first presentation covers the basics: thanks for coming, the rest rooms are over there, we hope you get one good thing out of the next few days and here is our first keynote speaker.

It was a tough crowd for Dom as he took us along the innovation path explaining how the successes of our past can hold us back, chaining us to the old ways.

I got the jokes. But the audience was a bit cold, reserved, dubious.

This changed as one table shot out many different responses to one of his questions. That's when I knew this was going to a very good conference.

First Golden Nugget? - MpS is Universally Spoken

That's right. There is little difference between how MpS is defined down under versus here in the States or North America.

All the challenges we have experienced here, they have down there. Commission structure, toner delivery, cartridge based or CPI invoicing, DCA installations, OEM relationships, "what is MpS" questions...all of it.

Interestingly enough, the S1/S2 successes run parallel to the US and the more advanced firms are expanding into Managed Services.  But they aren't looking to "rip and replace" servers - jus sayin...

I may have expected the A/P MpS'rs would be slightly behind the U.S. on the adoption curve, but they aren't.

There is a unique set of issues, the old copier models still hang on, but the attitude, the 'can do' attitude is prevalent - palpable.  And that was refreshing.  Bold.

The best kind of Zag.

Second Nugget - MpS is open and clear

Wide open.  The players in A/P are hitting everything in sight.  From government to commercial to Education - not unusual, right?  What I got out of their exuberance was a wide eyed wonder not only geared at seeing the huge pool of prospects, but also in the wide array of MpS subjects they would talk about.  Not just toner but networks, documents, storage, workflow and business process. All this under MpS!  No really, it's true.

From the inside out, making it up as they go, not worrying about benchmarks(too much) or best practices(not too much) or their ego.

I did not hear one complaint about OEM toner pricing being too high, or any whining about how OEM so and so is encroaching into SMB.

Hard work gets results, complaining doesn't.

I have attended each North American MPS Conferences so meeting people with different definitions of MpS, infrastructure, pricing and OEM partnerships is common - from Cali to NYC, we are diverse.

There are sectors of the MpS Ecosystem inhabited by those consider themselves above the rest, better, erudite in manner - born into their position.

We all know them; the stuck up consultant, the know-it-all copier dealer, the old-skool, old-man, collector and seller of souls - destroyers of innovation.

None of that here.

Clear.  They can see a carpetbagger coming a continent away.

Another cool Zig.

Third Nugget - Even the OEMs are Runin' and Gunnin', in the Wild, Wild West...

There was a time, not long ago, when I would compare the MpS Ecosystem to the "Wild, Wild, West of Imaging" - no rules, no sheriffs, and lots of Gold. We were ALL making it up as we went.

Those days seem to be gone as the OEMs clearly define MpS as Stage One and Two, leveraged to land more equipment.

They are bringing out all sorts of heartless paraphernalia: Toner portals, shrink wrapped MpS, nameless service networks,  automatic proposal generators, MpS "Agent Fee's".

Controlled. Stifled. Boring.

But not in A/P.  I was fortunate enough to share time with Fuji/Xerox, HP, and Canon MDS folks. Each for about an hour.  What struck me was the absolute willingness to get things done by working the market not their system.  Sure, they want to land more gear, but the MpS ideas and philosophy are truly geared around a vision that works up to Stage 3/4 - they don't stop at toner and service.

There are all building teams from scratch, they are all putting together deals and infrastructure programs from scratch.

And they are flexible.  That's right, I just referred to 3 of the big OEM's as "flexible" and I could easily say, "out of the box".  Smack me in the forehead and call me dumbfounded.

What a Zag this is.

The Big Take Away - Remember to Let Go

Again, we talked about how the successes of the past can hold us back.  I mentioned how now is the time to really look at the world sideways, to be open to new partnerships.  New business models, new employment paradigms and different personal archetype for success.

I pontificated on how now is the time when power is shifting away from the big, centrally controlled entities and down to us, the folks in the trenches.

How this point in history is that unique time when technology truly allows us to control our own destinies - that is if we recognize how the "good ole days" can shackle us to the past.

To move forward, we need to let go the past.  Before we let go, we must first remember.

And that's what Australia did for me.  The people, the vibe, the way, reminded me of our past. Our MpS past.

If you can remember, now is the time to let it go, let go of our MpS past, step over the Edge and into a  future with less toner.

Click to email me.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why I Want to Be Your Managed Print Services Association President

A Time for Choosing
To be President, Greg Walters
Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fellow members of Your MPSA, I am reaching out today to ask for your support and your vote for President of Your MPSA.

Like our industry, Your Managed print Services Association has experienced a great shift – from an obscure genesis in San Antonio to an impeccable international presence. Since our humble beginnings back in 2008, I’ve been part of the great transformation of Your MPSA to center stage.

Today, Your MPSA and our niche are on the edge of greatness. From Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, London, Johannesburg, Oklahoma City, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, St. Louis, Seattle, Miami, New York City, Des Moines, Ontario, Berlin, San Juan, Paris, and Los Angeles, fellow MpS’rs are taking up the MPSA banner, helping businesses reduce costs, preserve jobs and make life easier.

That’s right, there’s more to MpS than toner on paper.

Still, I remember our proud technology lineage and customer focused pedigree. I believe in our industry. I see resilience and perseverance within each OEM, inside every provider and in the can-do attitude of all those “down the street” reps. We are a hearty bunch.

My Vision for Your MPSA is to grow with the shift, not against it. The winds of change are mighty and wise is the person who sails with the current. Knowing this and with bold confidence, we will move into a prosperous era unbound by misguided dogma of the past.

We will not venture the seas alone. Collaboration will be a supporting aspect in the coming years for Your MPSA – I will actively pursue open relationships and engage with anyone who brings value to our members.

One thing I’ve learned during my three year involvement with Your MPSA is that when we focus on the needs of our membership, forgetting corporate agendas, we do great things. I believe Your MPSA is For the Members, by the Members. Outside agenda’s will be left at the office.

Winston Churchill said that ‘the destiny of man is not measured by material computation. When great forces are on the move in the world, we learn we are spirits, not animals.’ And he said, ‘There is something going on in time and space, and beyond time and space, which, whether we like it or not, spells duty.’ As I travel the MpS ecosystem, I am often approached by MPSA members and non-members, asking questions about the future. Those questions aren’t posed out of fear or desperation. With each query there is a sense of determination and of duty. When “great forces are on the move in the world”, it is this spirit that sustains us; the same spirit Your MPSA is founded.

My Vision for Your MPSA is growth through attraction. Our message will cultivate and extend relationships within our niche and outside the industry. And I promise, Your MPSA will continue to be member-centric.

If you and I share a passion for our ecosystem and if you believe, like I do, our best days are yet to come, then ‘You and I have a rendezvous with destiny’.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

"No Rules Managed Print Services" - Who Do You Think You Are?

2011 -

The Mafia, does not exist. Never has, except for in the movies.

The "Illuminati" is another example of propaganda and marketing. Fear motivates, just ask Little Red Riding Hood.

The Free Masons, Skull and Bones, Templars, The Thule Society, The Black Hand, and my personal favorite, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, these groups, these societies, whether real or imagined, were formed to fill a vacuum.

And nature abhors a vacuum.

Friday, June 3, 2022

The DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem

Put simply, the Ecosystem is a collection of Influencers with a set of Influences on our industry.

In it, we identify the key players in each of the 12 Influences and evaluate them through 20 data points.

Within each Influence, there is at least one Influencer.  We’ve selected your firm as an Influencer and will compare you with other Influencers in your Influence.

Great, what does it mean?  

This is not an echo chamber. The goal is to identify and acknowledge Influencers aligned to provide a superb customer experience to the Ultimate Consumer; businesses in all niches making the digital transformation journey. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

MpS: The Unifying Theory & Convergence

Originally posted, 7/11/11

Oh, what could have been.  Reading these words today is more than nostalgic.  How can an article written in 2011 have relevance, if not foretell the future, today?


Just over three years ago (four now), when I started writing about copiers, MpS, technology, selling, and pole dancing, I was one of three. Back then, if one were to Google “managed print services,” the dozen or so returns would’ve consisted of wedding invitation printers and “full-serve” print advertising providers.

There were a few fleet monitoring alternatives and fewer proactive supply management solutions. Hardly anyone mentioned cost reduction, business process, fleet optimization, or phases. And nobody championed reducing costs by reducing prints, copies, or printers and copiers.

This isn’t to say nobody serviced printers or supplied toner. Yes, some were “optimizing” fleets, shifting volume, addressing document workflow and business processes, or managing hundreds of devices, but we inhabited our own little silo.

Xerox, IKON, Canon, Océ, and Pitney Bowes all had their FM division – each conducting site surveys and usage analysis as well as working with colored dots and floor plans.

Silo 1.
The bane of OEMs, third-party cartridge manufacturers, lived their existence in the dark on the periphery of the ecosystem, struggling from legality to legitimacy.

Silo 2.
Liberty, Kofax, and other software companies were conducting user interviews, charting document flows, developing Statements of Work, and evangelizing paper to digital.

Silo 3.
Copier reps walking the streets were suggesting ROI, lower lease costs, TCO, and the benefits of color to purchasing agents and church deacons alike. They were churning, flexing, and otherwise landing gear, giving “more for less” and pitching scan-once-print-many (keyword being “many”).

Silo 4.
The OEMs were flush – seemingly changing models every 90 days. Corporate marketing departments were shoving quotas down the channel, and the channel responded obediently, floor-planning and filling show floors.

Silo 5.
Back then, VARs were executing thousands of transactions a day – servers, desktops, laptops, networks, data centers – and yes, tens of thousands of printers flew off the dock into waiting cubicles.

Silo 6.
I am simplifying by stating only six silos. We may have discovered as many as 11 silos or dimensions over the past two decades inside what can be called the imaging/technology industry.

The number doesn’t matter. Mere acknowledgment is important. Always there, unobserved until now. You see, even though these functions and organizations existed and thrived, there was never a recognized commonality. There was no unifying factor.

Until now.

If you envision these silos standing individually, what could be the common ground? More aptly, what would be the white spaces between the columns?

Managed print Services, the M-theory – that’s what.

Think about it. As we move through the stages of MpS into MS, the “P” fades and other factors, the other columns, illuminate – from third-party toner to scan-to-file, storage, mobility, and EDM – once unique and isolated, now pulled together as one overarching system.

The players haven’t changed, but the game is all different. Those of us who can now ”see” the ecosystem will thrive.
There’s more.

This point in history is unique. This is a time of technological convergence, time compression, and shifting control from a central authority to the individual. MpS is a vehicle for change at this moment. Again, not everyone will see the opportunities or the pitfalls; it takes a wider perspective and pure intent, but those who stay could be champions.

Posted by Greg Walters on 07/11/2011

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Toner For Tablets - March, 2012 "The New #iPad Will Kill Printed Documents"

Originally posted, March 4, 2012

"One of the iPad's biggest competitors has been paper," said Nick Bilton, a tech columnist at The New York Times, "and now this is better than paper."

So many books and so little printing-

I was somewhat dismayed to learn Britannica is no longer going to print its encyclopedia.

I was a bit vexed when I read that printed,  pulp-erotica isn't as hot as it once was.

My confusion cleared upon discovering the hottest thing on  E*Readers is ladies' romance/erotica - women and their dirty little Nook's. This makes perfect sense; nobody can tell what you're reading while sucking a caramel macchiato, head down on a Kindle.  Poor Fabio.

Even Conde Nest is moving out of print and into the online subscription business.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The "Hunters vs. Farmers" Sales Metaphor - It's Dead: Let's Break Out of The Box


Within the MPS Ecosystem, the struggle is moving between back-room infrastructure and field-level acumen.

Just like everything else the "experts" attempt to do, we selling professionals, are being classified; boxed in, and commoditized.

The questions now are, "What type of person do I need to employ as an MPS Sales Executive?"

"How many appointments should my team generate to reach a close?"

"What is a good monthly revenue/sales/profit number an MPS rep should hit?"

It is apparent that the "copier mentality" is only a fraction of what is needed to bring home MPS Engagements. That is of course unless you simply start defining your CPC agreements as MPS Engagements. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

And by the way, if your manager/owner/principal is plugging MPS Assessments into your "normal" copier funnel, you know, "15 face to face meetings per week, 5 Demos, 3 MPS Assessments, 1.5 closes per week", you are far, far removed from an MPS Practice.

Managed Print Services is not a bolt-on marketing scheme.

So, does MPS need Hunters or does MPS need Farmers?

The answer is Both - The answer is Neither.

We need Professionals who can do both; who can do it all.

"Hunter" - Find it, Kill it, move on.

"Farmer" - Move in after the kill, bury it, water it, reap.

It may be just me but I tend to think of selling "farmers" akin to vegetarians.
And as you know, another name for a vegetarian is a "hunter with bad aim..."

Hunter? Farmer? Hello, the 1950's called, they want their sales cliches back...keep this up and the ditto-machine will make a come back.

I don't care what anybody says, real MPS is different - it is a Hybrid process, Hybrid product, Hybrid service, Hybrid business model. How can we expect the same old selling models and formulas to prevail?

How can anyone presume to tell Selling Professionals how to go about selling MPS(Hybrid), if those selling professionals are not Hybrid themselves?

What? Huh? Am I saying that there is MORE to selling than PROCESS?

Am I?

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire! Should I feel a slight agitation around my neck? Like John had when Herod came by, ready to fulfill Solome's wish? (don't get it? Go here)

Yeah - sure, sales is more than process, tell that to HP/Xerox - I often wonder how the enterprise clients feel, knowing they are part of a "process". Perhaps they feel like Velveeta?

There are, without fail, little flecks of hope, sparkling in the distance whenever I hear somebody say they are looking to hire folks from outside the industry. People with Insurance or market/advertising sales experience - not a bad start, I understand the premise. But there are challenges here as well.

Any ex-AFLAC agent is going to absolutely Laugh Out Loud when his MPS compensation plan doesn't have monthly residuals for life. The insurance industry invented that model for crying out loud.

And you are going to tell them that after developing a relationship he gets a one-time hit, a pat on the back, and a kick in the buttocks? Really? And this fresh, new, vibrant talent is going to break down your door, demanding a MPS selling position because why?

HA! But encouraging...

This is my thought; don't let "them" define you. Try, endeavor, toil against the meat grinder. And the best way to do this is to improve yourself, for yourself not your boss.

Does this mean attending company paid, useless, painful, Death-by-Powerpoint, speeds and feeds sales training classes?


Does this mean picking up a book, if they still print them, about the latest, rehashed from the 80s, business strategies?


Does this mean making every, single plant tour or walk-thru a field trip, learning not only how many output devices exist, but also how they run their business?


Does this mean that everything you see and experience is yours, not your bosses, and improves you as a Selling Professional?


Does this mean that one, tiny atom in my fingernail could be one little...tiny universe?


Disruptive Marketing? Let's try Disruptive Defining.

Here's a message for all of us in the trenches, trying to sell MPS against ALL COMPETITION, including internal competition: The MPS Ecosystem is wide open for excited, daring, bold Selling Professionals - we work for the person in the mirror, not the one scrolling through the Monday morning sales meeting slide deck.

Don't think of yourself as either a "Farmer" or a "Hunter". Be both, Be better, be more.

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