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Sunday, January 22, 2023

The Evolution of Office Technology: From Typewriters to AI Assistants

Office Technology Takes a Giant Leap Forward with the Introduction of AI Assistants

It's hard to believe that just a few decades ago, office technology was limited to manual typewriters and filing cabinets. But fast forward to today, and we find ourselves in a world where artificial intelligence (AI) assistants are becoming an integral part of the modern workplace.
 "...the evolution of office technology has been nothing short of remarkable. From manual typewriters to AI assistants, technology has transformed the way we work and communicate..."

Friday, December 19, 2008

Konica Minolta Named to the InfoWorld 100

Press release follows - This award recognizes Konica Minolta’s successful implementation of the 2.0 Portal Initiative (MKM 2.0). Not too shabby for a copier manufacturer to be honored for an innovative IT project.

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Ramsey, NJ, United States, 12/15/2008 - Annual Award highlights Konica Minolta’s innovative use of enterprise technology.

Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta), a leading provider of advanced imaging and networking technologies for the desktop to the print shop, today announced that it has been named in the InfoWorld 100, InfoWorld’s highest honor. The InfoWorld 100 Awards honor companies for IT projects that exemplify intelligent, creative uses of technology to meet business and technical objectives.

The award recognizes Konica Minolta’s successful implementation of the 2.0 Portal Initiative (MKM 2.0), led by Nelson Lin, Vice President, Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (MKM), Konica Minolta’s multi-faceted online employee/dealer portal application, provides users a flexible and scalable technology framework that significantly impacts and changes web development and delivery capabilities. The secure MKM 2.0 portal extends information, services and business processes to 8,000 employees and 15,000 business partners 24X7. Within this portal, users can choose when, where and how they wish to interact and conduct business with Konica Minolta. Available portal content focuses on information and business applications that support the sales and service of technology leading Konica Minolta office products and solutions.

This year, InfoWorld chose the top 100 IT projects that were inspiring and energizing with the most valuable organizational benefits. The InfoWorld 100 Awards are held annually by the InfoWorld Media Group, who helps Senior IT Decision Makers choose the right technology for business impact at different organizations. Konica Minolta was recognized by InfoWorld in the technology category on November 17, 2008; a complete list of the winners is available at InfoWorld online.

"Breathing new life into outdated operations, advancing business goals with inventive use of technology -- this year's winners demonstrate, once again, that innovative, business-minded IT is the lifeblood of successful organizations," said Jason Snyder, Senior Editor for InfoWorld.

“At the outset, the IT department at Konica Minolta wanted to provide employees with a comprehensive technology platform that addressed pain points in a proactive manner,” said Lin. “The effort between business and IT reflects the notion of integrating technologies with enterprise applications to create a new company technology platform that has benefited stakeholders, business advisory groups, internal employees and management alike. We are truly proud to be recognized for this outstanding effort.”

Watch the Konica Minolta Gator Bowl on January 1st at 1.00p EST on CBS Sports.

About Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. ( is a leader in advanced imaging and networking technologies for the desktop to the print shop. In 2008, Konica Minolta was recognized as the #1 Brand for Customer Loyalty in the MFP Office Copier Market by Brand Keys.

About InfoWorld Media Group

InfoWorld ( identifies and promotes emerging technology segments that add unique value for the organizations that implement them, as well as the vendors that provide those solutions. Using an integrated communications approach including online, events, research, and a continued investment in an independent Test Center, InfoWorld analysts and editors provide both hands-on analysis and evaluation, as well as expert commentary on issues surrounding emerging technologies and products.

Konica Minolta is a trademark of Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.

Frank Tutalo Lois Paul and Partners P: +1 781.782.5761 - E: ftutalo[.]

Friday, April 27, 2012

Living Under Technology - America Online to Ashley Madison to Chipping Cows


Do We Live With Technology, For Technology or Under Technology? 

There was a day, back in the 80s, when I was almost embarrassed to use a mobile phone in a car - it just felt weird.

I remember getting my first alpha-numeric pager and no longer needing to pick up messages on those little pink sheets.

Back then, a laptop was what the stripper danced on, and a tablet was medicine.

Cold calls referred to walking your territory, stepping right past the "no soliciting" sign, and asking for an appointment. No metal detectors or bullet-proof glass.

We met at clubs, church, work, and house parties.

We asked people out, face to face, not on Facebook.

And we waited by the phone...

What the hell happened?

Technology baby, that's what happened.

Technology seduces. She moves with you, around you, off your fingertips, by your command.

And she owns you.

America Online - Chat rooms...for the masses...26 years old

Have you made more friends? Did you get your last job off LinkedIn?  Do more connections mean a more fulfilled existence?

America OnLine kicked off the chat-room and Instant Message craze as keyboards became communication portals to the world.

Ashley Madison - Yikes.  Online, discreet marital affairs...11 years old

Have you fallen in love online?

Sext'd? Cyber'd?

Is it cheating if it only occurs in your mind? Online Porn sites are still the biggest destinations on the 'net.

Human nature, is magnified on a global scale.

Chipping Cows - I dare not utter the words...but watch this...started around 2006

Are you safer?  We can find our wayward iPad, even if we leave on a New York subway.  How about your dog? Sure we can, chip Fido.

Your kids?  Wife?(see above) Employees? Copier technicians?  Chips for everyone on the planet and we'll see the entire world.  Women will cycle together and men won't stand a chance, hiding at the corner cyber-bar.

Technology is the nano-lube of the contracting and expanding world.  When do we stop fighting, sit back and enjoy it?  "Don't look at me..."

Someday I'll share my ideas around Living, Loving, and Selling: With, Inside, or Under Technology.

The discussion will bounce the subject off "10 Columns of Awesomeness":

1. Face Reality
2. Debt
3. Insource
4. Be open and have secrets too
5. Downsize and Re-build
6. Clear and committed
7. Simplify and reduce
8. Be Inside
9. See People
10. No Fear

Technology -

"Aayooh...I'm tired of using technology, Why don't you sit down on top of me...Aayooh"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Quick Tour of the Xerox R/D Labs, sans "M" ...

I "peeled" the following out of an article by Jennifer Kavur, over at Computer World.

A couple of revealing subjects popping over the horizon from X.

Check it out.

CTO Sophie Vandebroek provided an overview of Xerox's R&D strategy, which focuses on information explosion, mass customization and sustainability.

Long-life photoreceptors

Xerox has advanced the life of photoreceptors by 50 per cent with the development of a polymer composite that acts as a protective chemical armor against surface wear and scratches. The new photoreceptors, which were implemented into the 4112 and 4127 monochrome copier/printer models this summer, can achieve about one million prints and 33 per cent fewer replacement cartridges.

The ultimate goal is to develop photoreceptors that will last the entire life of the machine, said Giuseppa DiPaola-Baranyi, laboratory manager for Materials Integration at the XRCC. This involves leveraging expertise in smart materials design and nanotechnology to design molecules for next-generation photoreceptors with self-healing capabilities, she explained.

"For example, when you scratch your hand and you heal, that's a biological process. We're looking at how we do that analogy for photoreceptors. How do we use smart materials design, how do we use nanotechnology to give us life-of-the-machine components that can repair themselves so that any damage is oblivious to the rest of the systems," DiPaola-Baranyi.

Reusable paper

To meet the continued demand for paper and reduce the amount of energy used for recycling, Xerox researchers are developing paper for printing temporary images that can be erased on demand. The end goal is the ability to reuse one sheet of paper up to ten times with prints that can last three to five days.

While paper usage per individual is declining in developed countries, paper usage in developing countries is on the rise due to growing economies and more people having access to computers and printers, said Adela Goredema, project leader for Reusable Paper at XRCC.

"Everyone was thinking that the office of the current millennium would be paperless, but as we know that is not the case ... We can recycle paper, but the amount of energy required to recycle is also quite significant," she said.

To make one sheet of paper from virgin pulp requires about 204,000 Joules of energy, which is enough to run a 60 watt light bulb for about one hour; making one sheet of recycled paper requires about 114,000 Joules, which is enough to run the same 60 watt bulb for about 30 minutes, she pointed out.

Natural language colour

Xerox is making it easier to edit colour in digital documents by translating words into numbers with Natural Language Color technology. The software allows users to make adjustments in colour by selecting everyday words and phrases from drop-down menus to create a phrase such as "make the skin-tone colours slightly more warm." Over 50,000 colour variations are supported.

The technology has been introduced in the Xerox Phaser 7500 colour printer as a Color By Words feature and accessible online in a test lab called Open Xerox. Xerox plans to expand the technology into other printer and MFP models in the future.

Rob Rolleston, technical manager of the Workflow and Documents area at the Xerox Research Center in Webster, N.Y., encourages visitors to the site. "We are trying to get customer feedback. We are calling this customer-led innovation," he said.

Printable organic electronics

Xerox envisions a flexible monitor that can "fold neatly into a briefcase" and a smart hospital gown that "monitors your vital signs and displays them for the nurse or doctor to see" as potential end uses of printable electronics technology.

An alternative to silicon, electronic materials promise to be "durable, flexible, lightweight and economical" and printable on large flexible substrates. The technology, currently in development at XRCC, will have significant implications on the consumer electronics industry.

"XRCC scientists also have developed special conductive 'inks' that can be used to print transistor components," states Xerox. "The components can be used as driver circuits for displays."

Solid ink

Solid ink is Xerox's alternative to liquid inkjet printing and traditional toner. The technology, which has a crayon-like texture and sits in a solid wax form at room temperature, doesn't require cartridges.

Because the ink melts within the machine and uses a quartz crystal to generate very small droplets at slightly above room temperature, the droplets don't move very far and give you very nice, round spots, said Peter Kazmaier, manager of New Materials Design at XRCC.

Xerox recently developed second-generation solid ink technology for its ColorQube multifunction printers, which feature colour printing speeds up to 85 pages per minute and a four print head design that totals over 3,500 ink nozzles.

XRCC estimates customers can save about 60 per cent of their colour printing costs with a ColorQube machine, which makes colour less expensive to work with and requires fewer replacement parts.

"Solid ink performs really, really well when you are working with rougher papers, so you can get almost the same image quality with a cheap paper, a recycled paper, on this machine than you can with a much more expensive, high quality paper," said Kazmaier.

Solid ink technology has several environmentally-conscious benefits, such as using nine per cent less lifecycle energy, producing ten per cent fewer greenhouse gases and generating 90 per cent less supplies waste than traditional laser printing.

Cured solid ink

Building off its solid ink technology, Xerox has invented a cured solid ink that hardens under ultraviolet light and sticks to nearly any surface. The technology has big implications for packaging by allowing printing on non-porous materials such as plastics and foils as well as heavily porous materials like corrugated cardboard.

This offering is different from anything else on the market now, said Michele Chr├ętien, project leader for UV-Curable Solid Ink at XRCC. "We have something that our customers could do things with that probably we haven't thought of yet," she said.

Ultra low-melt toner

Xerox has expanded upon its Emulsion Aggregation (EA) toner, which was introduced over ten years ago and holds over 300 patents, with an ultra low-melt version that fuses to paper at 45 degrees Fahrenheit lower temperature.

"Our goal was to get to higher speed colour printing at the same time as using less energy," said Patricia Burns, laboratory manager for Materials Synthesis and Characterization at XRCC.

The new Ultra Low-Melt EA Toner retains all of the benefits of the original EA toner, which features smaller particles that improve image quality and require less toner resulting in more prints per cartridge, she pointed out.

The technology is available in Xerox's 700 Digital Colour Press and expected to roll out to other desktop printer, high-end MFP and high-speed commercial colour press models in the future.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Fourth Of July and the American Way - Wal*Mart

July 4, 2008 -

Celebrate the 4th - go buy something, go sell something, anything...just like Wal*Mart...

I was disparately seeking a timely and interesting subject for a Fourth of July post - and two of the sites I visit most, provided me with WAL*MART.

Cory Smith's "I love Walmart but I hate them too." post resonated with me as well as Ken Stewart's Global-nomics At Work In Your Backyard. Excellent work, gentlemen!

But I think this all started over here. A great site mixing Technology with Politics(YIKES!) I love the mix, I love the argument - Tsudohnimh is the author, go check it out.

You may ask, "What in the world does Wal*Mart have to do with Managed Print Services, Edgeline, or printing?"

Good question. On this blog, we talk specifically about printing - but in a "galactic" sense, I am really talking about the application of technology in the business world and the impact/results of that application.

So how did Wal*Mart get so big? The answer, my friend, is through the application of technology - something we Americans do quite well and should be more proud of.(U!S!A!)

History Lesson - Back to the Future

Do you remember Mr. Kresge? No?

Ok, to be fair, I know of the Kresge name because I grew up in his "back yard" and the library at my University had his name on it. But Sam owes Sebastian everything - and Sam knows it.

"Sebastian Spering Kresge opened a modest five-and-dime store in downtown Detroit...and changed the entire landscape of retailing. The store that Kresge built has evolved into an empire of more than 1,500 stores and an Internet presence that reaches millions of customers...

"When Kresge opened his first store in 1899, he sold everything for 5 and 10 cents. The low prices appealed to shoppers and allowed him to expand to 85 stores in 1912, with annual sales of more than $10 million..."

sound familiar?

Friday, January 27, 2023

Microsoft and OpenAI's Partnership: The AI-mazing Comeback Story of the Century

In a recent development,
Microsoft is emerging as a major player in the field of artificial intelligence, thanks to its partnership with OpenAI. 

  1. Looks like Microsoft is finally making a comeback and taking the lead in the AI game, thanks to their partnership with OpenAI. This is a huge win for the company and it's great to see them innovating and pushing the boundaries in technology.
  2. The integration of ChatGPT into Bing has the potential to give Google a run for their money in the search engine game, which is exciting for consumers and businesses alike. It's about time we have some competition in the space.
  3. It's clear that Microsoft is not going to repeat the same mistakes it made in the past by missing out on new trends like social and mobile. They're being proactive and aggressive in their approach to AI and it's paying off.

Monday, December 8, 2014

H2T: Humanizing Healthcare Technology

previously posted, 7/2014

"Humanizing Healthcare Technology"(H2T) is a rallying call from a minority of professionals in the healthcare niche.  "Kindred spirits" evangelizing the transformation of healthcare into a more 'human' approach - sounds odd until you hear the stories.  Don't doctors deliver bad news in a compassionate manner, empathize with each patient and provide conversations filled with hope all the time?

Apparently, the void between doctors and nurses, and doctors and patients has been expanding for decades, but this group of professionals are bringing the issues to light.  The conference held an air of relief as story after story was presented; reassured that even as outliers, they are not alone.

These doctors, nurses and IT professionals feel the urge to reconnect to the simple truth of health care - the provider and patient relationships should drive the entire system, not a machine, nor data to and from a machine.  Revenue cycles and coding standards are man made contraptions derived to streamline the delivery of money - not service - and produce the many layers between patient and provider.  

Listening to each speaker express gratitude for the event, the first of its kind, reminded me of the genesis of the managed print services association (MPSA) in 2009.  Both groups considering themselves a minority in an industry facing ridicule and derision as promotion driven professionals support existing, top down structures rooted in profit making.  

Of course there is no comparison between the copier/mps niche and healthcare.  Regardless of which way you turn, the active management of toners, copiers and printers is a tiny dot in the universe compared to actively optimizing processes in efforts to save human lives.  But paper is still playing a part in the healthcare orchestration nonetheless.

So there we sat, connecting with each speaker and hearing the reality of our healthcare system.  One that is basically saying that their duty to feed the cold metal beast information is lessening their time and touch with people in need, not increasing it.  

Simply the phrase, "Humanizing Healthcare Technology" makes you think, "...what about "Humanizing all Technology?"  At first this seems silly until you recognize the humanized technology around us.

Cell phones, watches, eating utensils - technology that has been humanized.  Of course today this thought goes deeper - much deeper - to the DNA and quantum level. 

Look at your business.  Are you utilizing an accouting system, business intelligence, manufacturing/robotics or a sales force automation tool?  These tools are integral to your business operations and profitability - but have you lost touch with your clients too? 

In the old days, we sent hand written heartfelt thank you notes after each appointment - in pen, signed.  For the most part, the only automated part of that process was the postage machine.  Today, thanks to the machines, we touch 100's or thousands of people every day, blanketing email servers all over the world automatically, without a care or human touch. 

Most sales people, managers, CEO's, and secretaries never need to worry about empathizing with someone over a life and death conversation, however, everyday functions have separated human beings to the point that the act of verbally asking someone for information is a rarity.  We ask the machine.

Will we humans be turned into technology or will technology be turned into humans?

In the end a more significant question is, will it even matter? 

Monday, December 26, 2022

The Uncertain Future of Technology: Google & Facebook Will Not Survive.

It is difficult to predict the future of technology with certainty, as it is constantly evolving and new companies and technologies can emerge and disrupt the market. However, it is possible to make educated guesses about the direction in which technology is headed and to consider the potential challenges and opportunities that different companies and technologies may face.

One argument for the idea that Google, Facebook, and Twitter may not be a part of the future of technology is that these companies are reliant on business models that may not be sustainable in the long term. For example, Google and Facebook rely on targeted advertising as their primary source of revenue, which has come under increasing scrutiny due to concerns about privacy and the manipulation of public opinion. Twitter's business model is based on the sale of advertising and the collection of user data, which may also be vulnerable to changing regulations and consumer preferences.

Monday, January 16, 2023

Exploring the Risks and Benefits of AI: A Comparison of Star Trek's "The Ultimate Computer" and Today's Advancements

Captain Dunsel

"To reap the rewards of progress and innovation, one must tread with caution, for technology's allure may lead to downfall. The key is to strike a balance, to harness its power while being cognizant of its dangers and taking the necessary steps to prevent them." 

In the Star Trek episode "The Ultimate Computer," the USS Enterprise is chosen to test a new computer system called the M-5, which is designed to run the ship without human intervention. The M-5 is highly advanced, with the ability to make decisions and take actions on its own. However, as the episode progresses, it becomes clear that the computer is malfunctioning and causing the deaths of several crew members.

Similarly, ChatGPT is a highly advanced language model that can generate human-like responses to a wide range of prompts. Like the M-5, ChatGPT is trained on a large dataset of text and has the ability to make decisions and take actions within the realm of language processing. However, it is important to note that ChatGPT is not a sentient being and does not have the ability to cause harm or make decisions that affect the real world.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Selling MPS: This is Why Managed Print Services Providers COULD Have an Edge Over IT.

The title of the post grabbed my attention:

"Why there should be no such thing as an IT project."

"IT is not an island: CIOs reveal the secrets to successful business projects..."


How is it that pure IT projects seem destined to fail, and yet technology is clearly key to business?

Mark Samuels canvasses a group CIOs for their views on what barriers there are to IT project success.

"IT projects never really work," says Mike Day, CIO at fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger. That seems like negative talk from a technology chief but there is sound method in the apparent madness..."-----------------------

Madness? Yes.

I can count more EDM and FaxServer projects that ended up on "eternal roll-out" because of the reasons mentioned in this article - so to finally see somebody within the IT world recognize this, I was taken back.

Well, as you know, MPS is simply Business Process Optimization - say it with me, "MPS is BPO...MPS is BPO...MPS is BPO..."

But as long as we can use our laptops out by the pool, I am fine with IT projects, really, I am.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

gap intelligence Announces Partnership with Greg Walters, Inc. on The Office Tech Tap

– Top executive will lead new office technology newsletter –

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – December 5, 2022 – gap intelligence and Greg Walters, Inc. have formed an alliance tasked with bringing relevant content to providers and users of office technology.

The Office Tech Tap newsletter informs, educates, and inspires users, providers, system integrators, and decision-makers on business technology, work, and life (subscribe here).

“We’re excited to partner with prolific writer, frequent speaker, and hyper-charged freelancer, Greg Walters,” said Gary Peterson, gap intelligence CEO. “Bringing his unique and provocative view on selling technology to the masses is a big win for everyone in the business of selling to businesses.”

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Death of The Internet

Originally posted on Walters & Shutwell, April 11, 2014.

This month marks the 25th anniversary of the addressing vehicle for the internet, the "World Wide Web". The internet, as it is defined, has been around 40 years, created in 1973.  The thing is, I don't see the internet surviving another 40, let alone 10 years.

No really, I'm calling it, we are witnessing the very beginning of the Death of the Internet.

  1. MSFT releases iOffice - One of the largest technology hierarchies cries "Uncle!"
  2. The Snowden Effect - the internet is a centrally located sieve 
  3. The US gives up ICANN - addresses are irrelevant
  4. Bio/Nano technology - not 'smaller' technology but 'closer' technology
  5. Apple implements 'beam' and wire-less mesh for messaging...(Someday, very soon, Apple will be bigger than the internet)
Expansion and contraction are natural ways of business technology and social evolution.  For instance, the glass rooms of mainframes moved to the desktop with the PC, then to our laptops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones - smaller yet more powerful computing expanded the reach boundaries of connectivity.

Friday, January 13, 2023

"Friday the 13th: The Fall of Templars and Rise of Remote Working"

Friday the 13th is a date that has long been associated with bad luck and superstition. But where did this belief originate? Some theories suggest that it is connected to the persecution of the Knights Templar on Friday, October 13, 1307

On that day, King Philip IV of France ordered the arrest of the Templars, a medieval Christian military order, on charges of heresy and other crimes. The Templars were arrested and tortured, and many were eventually executed. 

"Just like the Knights Templar, businesses and employees are facing new challenges and obstacles as they adapt to a new way of working."

The idea of Friday the 13th being a day of bad luck may have originated from the events of that day, as the arrest and persecution of the Templars marked the end of the order and the beginning of its downfall.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Okidata - VARs/BTA/PSA/RMM - and Agiliant

I just read the press release from Okidata announcing a relationship between Oki and Agiliant.

You'll remember Agiliant is a newcomer to the MpS space(sorta, they pretty much invented MpS back in the day before flipping out to Pitney) - Agiliant is looking to provide third-party IT services to MpS providers, rounding out any managed services portfolio.

Not a bad model.

Okidata adds yet another dimension to their VAR strategy.  Again, you'll remember back in the summer of 2011, Oki announced a re-vamping of their Total Managed Print portal that included interfaces to many of the popular PSA's.(Connectwise, Level Platforms...)

The VARs are coming, and their infrastructure partners are leading the way.  All this is fine and grand.  But software does not an MpS Practice make.

How are these new VARs going to SELL this new service?  Just like helpdesk and the NOC?

It ain't that difficult, so we should see thousands of VARs embrace and prosper in this new realm, shouldn't we?

It's our ecosystem all over again - let's call it the MpS ExoSystem.

Press Release:

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Greg Walters, Inc. Releases the DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem.

12 Influences and Influencers Outlined and Measured in the DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem Model
Oconomowoc, Wi. – Greg Walters, Inc. announces the release of the DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem 
(DOTPE) blueprint. The DOTPE identifies 12 Influences that shape the customer experience. Examples of Influences include OEMs, Training firms, Infrastructure, Software Applications, Finance, Toner Suppliers, etc. Within each influence, one or multiple Influencers vie for relevancy and participation in the sales journey. 

This change in perspective is mandated by the current business environment, in which t
he customer journey is no longer transactional, but never-ending. A strong team of niche providers working toward a common goal, with clear and transparent roles, will collaborate and provide a collective and increased value to customers.

“For over a decade, we’ve defined the network of vendors and resellers as the 'Office Technology Landscape.' This view needs an update," said Walters. "In today’s dynamic and turbulent business environment, it is beneficial to establish relationships beyond vendor and reseller.  Companies that utilize partnership ecosystems drive innovation, maximize efficiencies, and bring greater value to their clients."
The group is currently interviewing and evaluating Influencers against 20 data points. The model will highlight and rank relevant firms within each Influence, measuring everything from financial viability to their social footprint.
Through the model, resellers will see how existing relationships stack up and make educated decisions when building or revamping partnerships. The ultimate consumer will compare their existing or future providers against established standards and KPIs.
Technology resellers, and managed IT firms will benefit from the DOTPE by knowing who to review when forming their specific ecosystem.  Prospective clients will gain insight into the quality and effectiveness of their provider when compared to other industry resellers.
The DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem model is available now at and the evaluation results will be presented throughout the summer.
For more information or to be considered as an Influencer contact 


Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The Death of the Internet and Other Ramblings...

The following content was originally published on April 11, 2014, and although extreme, I think it aged well.

Inspired by the Johnny Depp movie, Transcendence.  For me, we are on the Edge of the Singularity or Ultimate Convergence.  The transition will be immediate - from "off" to "on", like bits, from "0" to "1".  The singularity will occur in an instant. Sure there will be warnings, there have been for decades, but when it comes, it will be an institutional

This month marks the 25th anniversary of the addressing vehicle for the internet, the "World Wide Web". The internet, as it is defined, has been around 40 years, created in 1973.  The thing is, I don't see the internet surviving another 40, let alone 10 years.

No really, I'm calling it, we are witnessing the very beginning of the Death of the Internet.


Friday, January 27, 2023

ChatGPT: The AI Game Changer That's About to Shake Up Industries

  1. Generative AI, the technology underlying ChatGPT, is poised to disrupt nearly every industry in which knowledge from written records, videos, or images can be digitized.
  2. Generative AI democratizes AI access by providing a natural language interface and lower barriers to entry, making it cheaper and more effective to use for companies.
  3. In the medium term, generative algorithms will drive innovation through "transfer learning," allowing for new capabilities in various industries such as biopharma, engineering, and software development.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Digital Transformation: Is it all it's Cracked up to be? My Personal Experience and the Importance of Improving User Experience

Inspired by an experience first written here, by Amy Wiess, and passed through ChatGTP.

Digital transformation is a buzzword that is frequently thrown around in business and technology circles. But, what does it actually mean in practice? This morning, I had a firsthand experience of what some might call a "digital transformation" in the medical field, and it left me questioning the true meaning of the term.

" this how digital transformation is supposed to work? Shouldn't digital transformation make things more efficient and streamlined, not more complicated..."

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Connecting the Dots: How Technology is Uniting Industries and Revolutionizing Business Models

Humans tell immortal stories about figures in the sky by creating illusions by drawing imaginary lines from one point of light to another. 

Connecting the dots illuminates a pattern and tells a story. For instance, the "lights" in the nighttime sky that we see as the belt of the constellation Orion - Alnitak, a triple star system located several hundred parsecs from the Sun; Alnilam, a massive blue supergiant star some 2,000 light-years distant; and Mintaka, a multiple-star system some 1,200 light-years from the Sun - are visible throughout the world.

We are adept at making connections and telling stories - it is in our nature. At first, industries may appear unrelated and vaguely disconnected, but just like the constellations, when observed from afar and with a fanciful, imaginative eye, connections are made and great stories are revealed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MWAi/Technology United: "Force Multiplier"

Technology United is a group of cutting edge, early adopter companies.

This is not old skool; NOT the same old, MLM, Jaycee-type, loosely run, networking and poker club.(not that there is anything wrong with the Jaycees, old your emails) Technology United members are all best of breed in their industries and standouts in the technology realm.

I like Mike.  I like the idea of TU and I like the players.

Please read Mike Stramaglio's introduction, review and update:

Contact Me

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