Friday, December 7, 2012

Walters & Shutwell Inc. Brings Bold, New Sales Transformation to Imaging

Do your clients consider you a vendor?
Walters & Shutwell Inc., has partnered with Caskey Training bringing a fresh approach in professional selling to the imaging and managed services industry.

One challenging aspect of selling managed services is shifting from price/transactional sales to complex/solution selling and Caskey has a solid approach to help you transform from an order taker to a selling professional or better yet, a partner.

I've listened and followed Bill for years, often recommending his material to colleagues and friends.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

January 16th and 17th: 1st Major B2B Sales Transformation Event

The time has arrived, registration is open!

Attend the first major sales transformation event of the year for all B2B sales professionals.

Why Walters & Shutwell with Bill Caskey?

Recognized B2B sales leaders coming together to deliver a seminar designed to give deeper insights to current transitions with B2B consultative selling.

Are you wanting to change your ways?

Are you wanting to improve and move ... more from transactional sales to consultative solutions selling?

Regardless of what you’re selling, we’re going inside the “how” with a new you for 2013. Join us January

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Monday, December 3, 2012

An Open Letter to the Mis-Guided in the Imaging and Printing Services Industry

Dear Mis-Guided:

May I speak to that part of your company where common sense lives? May I compel you to cease and desist in your quest to sell more, purely for the sake of selling more, feeding off the unknowing to satisfy an insatiable appetite?

You have fostered an illusion that has no basis in reality and it is destructive. If your business is to thrive, then step away from your high horse and insidious behavior, for you were never meant to be above your clients, but ...

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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Rising Tide of MPS Clients, Lifts All MpS Ships

Earlier this week, I overheard Greg on a phone consultation. The call was with a client from overseas. He was discussing recommendations for a global company who is deciding whether or not to renew services with their existing provider, or put together a Request for Proposal (RFP) for managed print services (MPS). The client is global, has had MPS with a provider for 6 years and is not happy.

Their goals are still not being met. We won't share names, but we'll use our experience to share our philosophy of...

"the rising tide of MPS clients, lifts all MPS Ships."

Increasingly, we are finding clients and providers of MPS seeking fresh perspectives and third party consultation to help improve their trusted advisory status. This overseas client is debating whether or not to:

(1) renegotiate with the existing MPS provider;
(2) create an RFP;
(3) bring management of print (back) inside; or
(4) evaluate MPS providers "ways/intentions/motivations", and then partner for a more trusted collaborative experience.

We work with buyers and sellers of Managed Print Services to communicate, transform and become more mobile in an increasingly transformative world.

Analyzing the nature of the relationships, intentions, responsibilities,

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Xerox and Lexmark report Qrtly. Results: We'll report and reflect

Join us October 23, 2012 at Noon, EST - just hours after each report their earnings for a quick response, reflection and opinion.

The last Lexmark announcement included an exit from the inkjet market - what next.?

Xerox continues to show more revenue from service, will this continue?

Will either mention Managed Print Services?  Tablets?

How will this affect you, if at all?

Join us for an open discussion of first impressions and exploratory predictions.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The First Managed Print Services Selling Professional Survey

Are you satisfied with the current state of managed print services sales training?

Take this simple, 10 question survey about Selling MPS and MPS Sales training.  Just the beginning of our research.

I don't really believe in industry surveys as they tend to be either slanted into the sponsoring parties favor, or designed to rationalize existing clients' position  - just sayin.

But give this one a chance.  Let's see what comes out.

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Or Click here to take survey.