Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Walt's Weekly Words - Week 1

hile researching/roaming the inter-webs I find interesting, #Evernote worthy, pieces. Here are a few transformational tidbits, webcasts, and content vetted by me, for you.

#WorkRemote, get paid less? The battle dividing offices will define the future of work 
| US work & careers | The Guardian

"In addition, up to half of America’s jobs are projected to be freelance by 2030 and two-thirds of employers now regard some form of remote work or hybrid work as “the new norm”. Many companies are declaring themselves “fully remote”, giving them a competitive edge over those requiring presenteeism."

Read the rest, here.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Three Steps for Your #ManagedprintServices Practice

There were dark days.  

Back in 2007, MpS was new, on the edge, and a bit contrarian.  The year was 2007, copiers were flying off the shelf, and everybody signed a 60-month lease with an accompanying service agreement.  A4 was a dirty word.

MpS didn’t flourish it sputtered and more often failed. Stories of fallen MPS practices outnumbered the successful.

I, myself, declared MpS dead in 2011 because the discipline became adulterated into the lowest price possible. The race to the bottom was inevitable.

Today, I look upon the contemporary MpS ecosystem and see customers calling dealers looking to sign MpS contracts, more MpS press coverage, INCREASED membership in your MPSA, ridicule, and criticism from industry "pundits" and “shills” it’s beginning to feel like the ‘good old days.  Sorta. My optimism is cautionary.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

End User Snapshot 21: How Companies Provided WFH Hardware

Thirty-eight percent told us that companies supplied VoIP phone equipment or reimbursed an employee for obtaining that equipment. Interestingly, more than half of the survey takers said their company did not require this equipment.

Almost half of survey takers said their company supplied printers or MFPs along with the ink or toner to work from home. However, more than a third told us their company did not require this kind of equipment or supplies as they worked from home.

Watch the video for more, here.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Six Predictive Points of #WFH

Six-star system. Castor is a multiple star system made up of six individual stars; there are three visual components, all of which are spectroscopic binaries.

1. The #HybridWork model is a trap.

It is more stressful and less productive to switch back and forth from working at home to working in a cube.  Why commute only to sit in on another Zoom meeting? Why support TWO sets of technology and if you're still paper-bound, why lug files and 3-rings back and forth between offices?

#WorkFromHome Will Save Cities

I've been saying "the 'good' things about city life will move to where the customers and audiences live and work."
  • "Broadway" moves off-broadway into the burbs and countryside...
  • Marc Forgione opens in Brighton...
  • The local coffee joint builds a conference room...
  • 5G helps telepresence flourish...
All the good things about cities will move closer to their customers and audiences.  Makes sense.

But there is something else - Remote Workers will save NYC.

How many of Us have ever lived?

I've often contemplated this very question.  Where are all the dead people?