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Friday, May 20, 2022

The DOTC Partnership Ecosystem - #Ecosystem #MPS #Copiers

The Partnership Ecosystem:

"It is a term that describes – relatively accurately – a state in which partnered businesses interact with each other on an equal footing. Although this describes partnerships in the past, the identification and quantification of this situation are significant. It represents a shift in how partnerships are seen by analysts." - AllTopStartups

Jay McBain has been evangelizing this structure for years.  If you don't know about Jay, Googlitize his name and check it out.


The DOTC Partnership Ecosystem consists of 12 primary categories, plus one for Clients settling on 13 total Influences.

Within each Influence, there is at least one Influencer.  An array of Influences work with a customer-facing entity, typically, the Dealer.  All Influencers have sway on the customer experience. When the system is aligned, powerful solutions are successfully brought to market, solving real-world business problems.

This model represents a closely connected network of resources and providers similar to the structure of Market Places.

OK let's quickly explore the Influences within a DOTC Managed Print Services partnership ecosystem:

Monday, May 16, 2022

Walt's Weekly Words - Week 3

This week the "Suck ups" at work still suck but #WFH is softening the blow.

Social Media and freedom of speech are big subjects. Musk isn't the only one purchasing stock - Carl dips into the Xerox pool, twice in April.

Twitter is in the process of being purchased as one side of the aisle gains ten's of thousands of followers overnight while the other side loses thousands. Meanwhile, Twitter, for the second time, admits to overestimating the number of subscribers - Twitter utilizes a proprietary algorithm to calculate "active users".

The 'Twitter Experience' is shedding light on the entire social media construct. From Twitter to Google, to FaceBook, the sheen is off the rose as Musk may crack open the entire SEO/algorithm/fact-checking/shadow banning/account suspension schemes from ALL the platforms.

In more media news, the Biden administration rolled out its, “Disinformation Governance Board” under the Department of Homeland Security a move that has been in the works.

The timing is kismet.

On the WorkFromAnywhere front, studies continue to support increased productivity and profits generated during the great Covid lockdowns as the argument for employees returning to the cubicle grows louder. Critics and observers are citing negative psychological, economic, and diversification impacts of the #WFH movement.

Your MPSA published 10 points of the "2022 Print Industry Trends" by Louella Fernandes, great over the horizon points.

Enjoy the weekend reads.

Read the rest, here.

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