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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Bullies Pick On Who They Perceive as Defensless -

Hello Echo Chamber. 

There are those who criticize without offering a better way. They couch hollow intelligence in sage advice. 

There have always been flim-flam men - grifters. But the best con-men are smooth, disarming, and possess a degree of congeniality. 

Artful persuasion sometimes includes satire. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

First Person Shooter Games have Paved the Way for Meta...

The E*Gaming movement is fascinating to me - I started 'late', in 1999, playing Doom, then Quake, and beyond.

In 2001, I was online with other players from around the world - my age group, BTW - it became the 'poker game' of the late 20th century.  I dedicated many hours and became good enough to be highly ranked in my 'clan' (Quake PowerWeapons mode).  But back then, EGaming as a sport was a pipedream.  

Who would watch others play 'video games'?  Although our server would only allow 25 players on at a time, a good number of 'Spectators' could join just to watch.  And they did.

It was weird, knowing somebody was watching your screen/view as you played - like having a group on your shoulders as you shot your way through the digital landscape(Meta b4 Meta).

In the 2010's I started to play DoD just for fun - it was more difficult and takes a long time to get better.

But then I quit. I slipped back into a WW2 FPS, Day of Defeat after a ten-year hiatus - the same people are playing.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Week 12 - July 1

Tigerpaw, Xerox, Meta & Psychedelics

Walt's Spin

This week, Tigerpaw moves forward, robots are causing stress at the 'Sarah Conner' level, and Zuke tells it like it is, predicting rough waters ahead. Mark my words, Meta, Alphabet, Tesla, Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and dozens of other high-tech darlings will transform beyond relevancy to be replaced by up-and-coming Young Turks.

Studies continue to reveal back to office mandates are harmful and serve only the plantation bosses of the 21st century.

Currently, six out of ten US workers are remote, yet our cousins to the north, Canada, report a mere one out of ten working from home - how very obedient of them.

Trying to understand the brain can be a trippy escapade and big-headed scientists are using data and Psychedelics to help understand what goes on between our ears. 

Take a trip and find out.

More DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem Influencers discovered. This time in the realm of Sales Acquisition. Firms inside and out of the office technology niche contribute to helping sales move with the times and remain rooted in proven, foundational relationship concepts. Turbulence demands smarter, more worldly, selling professionals comfortable with meeting face to face AND nurturing through every channel.

A saddened industry mourns the loss of a Xerox power player - Ichan may leverage to reignite options and opportunities.

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