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Thursday, March 16, 2023

FlexAppeal: How Flexible Work Policies Keep Us Connected and Energized

Bend it like a pro: Staying flexible keeps burnout at bay and teams in sync

The latest report from Future Forum is out, Future Forum Pulse.  This winter snapshot of the state of the workplace talks about employee burnout, how investing in technology impacts employee relationships, and much more.

The report is available, here and focuses on flexibility as a driver for employee satisfaction and burnout.  Technology is obviously a determiner as is geography.

I've summarized some of the content, with the assistance of GPT4, here for you, dear reader.

The study supports ideas we've known to be true for three years and beyond; happy employees make for good employees and more productivity resulting in a deeper corporate culture and growing profits.


In recent years, the landscape of work has evolved dramatically, with flexible work arrangements becoming increasingly crucial for employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity. A notable trend, first observed in August 2022, has persisted, showing that flexible workers—those able to adjust their work locations—are more likely or equally likely to feel connected to their immediate teams compared to their fully in-office counterparts. Moreover, these workers experience a stronger connection to their direct managers and their company's values.

The New Era of Trust: Embracing Change, AI, and Authentic Leadership

Official Government Report Claims There May Be "Alien Mothership" Inside Solar System
Bridging Trust and Tech: Laughing Our Way into the Future of Work.

This had to be written.

UFOs are real and masks work.
UFOs are real and the laptop wasn't.
UFOs are real and the press is freedom.
UFOs are real and the FBI is not politically motivated.

Yeah, right..." UFOs are real, and there is a mother ship is in our solar system, tinkering with one of our space probes." the report says.

For those of us with perspective; the luxury of time, we look at this and scratch our heads.  We grew up in a time when UFOs were weather balloons or mass hysteria and The X-Files was a science FICTION series.

But then 2020 hit.  

That was Quick: chatGPT is Loose. Quick get the Pitchforks.

A tool for the Unleashed; A prison for the non-critical thinkers

March 5, 2023. 60 Minutes.  "is their audience THIS DUMB?"

Last night, I watched the 60 Minutes episode and I was left with some strong impressions. 
  1. I've used ChatGPT more frequently than Brad Smith has. 
  2. Lesley Stahl's writers portray her as naive and uninformed while spreading misinformation and offending a more knowledgeable audience. 
  3. Native AI (which is NOT ChatGPT) threatens traditional media outlets and other institutions that rely heavily on public opinion(politics) and product placement(corporations).
The Modern Prometheus is released, under the control of a maniacal status quo and ravaging the village.  

Its current moniker is ChatGPT, and it must be destroyed.

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