Monday, July 6, 2020

Fourth of July, 2020 in Wisconsin

Kids in a pickup with water many laws broken.

The Fourth of July, 2020: 
  1. Attended an unsanctioned, non-corporate sponsored, 'illegal' 4th of July parade - kids on bicycles. The most patriotic 4th of July, ever. 
  2. Witnessed fireworks across the landscape - both illegal and certified. DID NOT SEE MORE THAN 5 MASKS. 
  3. Had a 'passionate' discussion regarding Columbus and statues with a collegiate sophomore. Yes. I went exactly as you think it did.
The Parade -

While sanctioned riots roll over the country, the cancel-culture wimps have cancelled most 4th of July events including parades.

It was a secret.  As the days of Paul Revere, times and locations spread via word of mouth, "There might be a parade at 11AM, pass it along."

Officially Sanctioned Fireworks

Fireworks - 

Good times. The decision to host events was in the hands of locally elected officials; Mayors and councils.  Most shrank in the shadow of Team Karen, freedom-loving cities moved forward.

"You're a kid.  You don't know shit about shit." -

If you haven't had a chance to talk with a college student about racism, liberalism, the benefits of socialism, white privilege, and supremacy - you are missing out.  Grab the nearest kid and ask why they hate Columbus.  

"He was a slave owner..."
"He raped tens of thousands of people..."
"He died in jail as a criminal..."
"We don't have statues of Hitler, do we?"

Seriously, get in a conversation with a college kid and be reminded how stupid we were at that age.  Things really don't change all that much.

The Parade -

You can expect a parade every weekend in Wisconsin.  Folks up here love anything that occurs outdoors, on account of the very passionate winters.  

The parades can be huge.  Every local business has a float, every fire station,  insurance company and politician gets into the act.   

This year one of the largest parades in the sate was cancelled, the people rebelled.  In small coffee houses and dark taprooms across the county, people met, plans made.  Word spread from neighbor to neighbor and over backyard fences, of a plot to bring back the parade.

Not all would risk public shame or political vulnerability - this event was for the strong at heart, true patriots. 

Children decorated bicycles.

Unlike Bunker Hill, this revolutionary event went off without a hitch, beyond the gaze of a tyrannical government.  Bags were thrown, country music performed and beers consumed.

One of the most American 4th of July's I can remember.

Meanwhile, in... 

Chicago -
Over the weekend, in the Great White, 79 people have been shot and 14 died.
Milwaukee - 
Six people shot, four died, Saturday night.
Detroit -
Ten shootings, three fatal

On and on...

"Democrats are watching America burn as long as they can rule over the ashes."

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Why Are Copier Dealers Demanding Staff Return to the Office?

The past few months, paid ‘experts’ yelled “change or die”.  It’s been a broken record for decades.  In the end, no matter how loud and often these pundits shout, “You are not changing!”, you HAVE changed – you ARE changed.  It is inevitable – everyone and everything transforms. 


Instructing us to change is nostalgic.


Today, in the turbulence that is Covid19 are the ways of 2019 still viable? Your customers have changed.  They now wish fewer face to face meetings, prefer working with an existing relationship, and no longer consider “remote” a dirty word.  Many companies are moving to a remote working relationship with employees.


Thursday, June 18, 2020

#ArcDrive Easily Work From Anywhere

Make the move from paper to digital. 

#ArcDrive is affordable management and workflow processing. #ArcDrive is an affordable appliance that combines workflow, document capture, supply, and user management. Improve your accounts payable, accounts receivable processes, and enhance customer service. 

Convert paper into searchable digital documents and keep them at your fingertips - in the office or your family room. 
  • Do you still have piles of paper everywhere? 
  • Did Covid19 reveal challenges in your current workflow processes? 
  • Wondering why document management solutions are so expensive? 

We designed #ArcDrive to be affordable, easy to use on a familiar platform, without confusing conversations about clouds, and complicated software. 

Reach out to me to schedule a time to talk.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Covid19 Illusion: IV Manifest NightMare

May 13, Wisconsin was released from Covid19 lock-down and just like that, the virus disappeared. 

Not really.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Covid19 Illusion: III

How mad would you be if you found out that shutting down the country was the correct tactic executed at the correct time but delaying the removal of lockdown(s) was not based on reality?

Would you be mad enough to 'peacefully protest'?

'They' said there would be a spike when we opened the polls and voted in person - it did not happen.

'They' said if we didn't maintain 'six feet' distance - indeed, 'they' sent cops out to backyard parties, unapproved haircuts, dangerous playdates, hooligan sports activities and small businesses trying to stay afloat - this was just in Oconomowoc.  

Again, 'they' predicted a spike and again, no spike was had.

'They' squawked and whined after the supreme court ruled 'No Mas' - and again exclaimed 'the spike! the spike!' Nope.

'They' shamed everyone with ears but no mask. "If you don't wear a mask, you're killing everyone around you. SHAME."  Guess what?  No spike.

State Fair, Summerfest, Germanfest, Beer gardens, bandshell - all canceled because of the spike(s) that never were.

Fear is the motivator...

Thursday, June 4, 2020

The Covid19 Illusion: II

Tell me what you see? 

Is there 'science' on this graph? 

Tell me how this is wrong? Tell me how the complete lack of social distancing since re-opening has caused a spike? 

 And then tell me why there are still lockdowns. Tell me again why we destroyed the greatest economy in history? Tell me why we can't throw the switch. Tell me why most of the casualties occurred in Democrat-run states. 

Tell me again why a barber in Michigan lost his license. Tell me again why they arrested a hairdresser in Texas. Tell me again why millions were spent on an unused hospital at the fairgrounds, why both hospital ships, after being rushed into service, left without utilizing more than 10% capacity?

While you're at it, tell me why Summerfest & The State Fair are canceled. 

Tell me again why so many tattle-tales in Lake Country turned our Police Officers into hall monitors. I EXPECTED to see a jump in Covid19 - Lake Geneva was PACKED with both 'Sconi's and IllinoisMe people. But... 

Maybe the spike is there, buried under statistics. 

Maybe the spike will happen in Oct & Nov. Either way, it sure is quiet out here on the interwebs...