Sunday, March 29, 2020

Remote Working and Home Schooling...

I wonder how everyone is going to feel when parents discover home school is actually better than classroom driven social agendas?

At home, you can truly be any gender you want, even ‘binary’ without fear of persecution. Parents can teach sex as something two people, a man and a woman (not that there’s anything wrong that) do together. Mom can tell stories about the Revolutionary War, The family can Watch Saving Private Ryan and the talk about it AROUND the dinner table.

Aunt Beru can come over and teach gun safety.

I Will Raise This...

Sunday, March 15, 2020

#ArcDrive - rSX Takes on Ransomware

Ransomware is attacking you, your kids, your parents, your company and your clients.

I am not making this up...

“Ransomware Attacks Double in 2019…” – McAFee
“Ransomware costs businesses more than $75 billion per year.” – Datto
“75% of companies infected with ransomware were running up-to-date endpoint protection…” – Sophos

But what is the standard approach?  Defend against infection, and back-up completely.  Once a ransomware strikes, it is all about recovery and remediation - all good and prudent but not very proactive, wouldn't you agree?  This means your daily back-up must be impeccable - when was the last time you tested your recovery plan?  Is BDR just another acronym?

Regardless, the statistics tell another story - average ransom demand went for $48,000.00 to $133,000. (Source: Sophos).  The average number of days impacted by ransomware is 16.

New to Copier Sales: How to Sell Solutions

What, exactly is a solution? According to Merriam-Webster, it is “an action or process of solving a problem” Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

In the land of copier sales, duplexing (the ability to place images on both sides of a sheet of paper) was once considered a solution. Indeed, the times were much simpler.

Today, the phrase “solution selling” is as old as the hills — some say obsolete. But as with most opinions, it depends on who you ask and how you define solutions. Solutions are less about the “how” and more about the result, but when selling hardware, we tend to get caught up in the how. We talk about how long we’ve been in business, how toner is applied to paper, how much more can be saved with our lease and how fast our device spits out paper.

All true, but excruciatingly boring and out of date.