Monday, July 8, 2019

#ArcDrive: Thirty Day Report


#ArcDrive has been alive for a month, launching June 6, 2019.

We planned on measuring interest after the first 30 days to gauge moving forward or if nobody responded, scraping the idea completely.

We did not expect to sell any units in the first 30 days for two reasons:
  1. We didn't know if the concept of #ArcDrive would resonate
  2. We did not have logo-plates designed or manufactured(no, really. We didn't want any #ArcDrives to go out without proper logo's)
The good news is, interest is going through the roof.  But as you all know, 'interest' doesn't pay the internet bill, does it?

Some interesting process innovations, realizations, and milestones in the first 30 days of existence:

  • We've sold units.  
  • Team ArcDrive is solidified and growing.  
  • Thirty days ago, our innovation path included adding to the #ArcDrive payload in Q1, 2020.  Instead, we're adding to the solution stack in Q4, 2019.
  • Interested dealers are nudging us into "up-scoping" #ArcDrive - so we've added an entire EDM module while maintaining affordability.
  • We've come to realize that our offering is a new category in the internet of things realm in both the 'fog' and 'edge' computing layer. (Google it)
  • Validation of #ArcDrive's supporting belief that "the big are getting bigger, pricing the independent dealers out of SMB advance capture/EDM solutions.' (Ricoh/DocuWare)
  • Validation that dealers and their sales team are comfortable talking about business solutions that reside on the physical plane, not the ethereal.

I guess I could go on...but I won't

Email me.

Let me get the team together so we can discuss how defiant #ArcDrive will help you "Protect your Base, Establish Income Streams and Increase Monthly Recurring Revenue."


Sunday, July 7, 2019

Training: Let It Begin Here

#ImagingChannel, wanna talk about sales training? I know you do...

#ArcDrive sales training is not about the product, our sales training is about solving business problems.  Yes, I know that's what you tell the new copier salespeople but you still expect 2-15 units sales a month.

I know you've heard about solution selling for years; your OEM wants you to sell his equipment so he trains you about his embedded apps and calls it a 'solution' - but the great, big machine with tiny app's is not a solution, it is a boat anchor.

When the big document management companies train your sales team, is it a product show? - "this is how you index a document...this is how a workflow is designed...see how easy it is for us to read a hot folder..." or a "how to solve business problems" show?

Don't get me started on Managed print Services sales training - the mission and vision were lost back in 2010. ( )

Because #ArcDrive converges multiple disciplines, our sales training process is not about "keystrokes" it is about selling answers to real business problems.

Owners, do you understand? Do you have the eyes to see the #ArcDrive difference?

It's right there.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

#Ricoh/DocuWare: Another Reason for ArcDrive

I've been kicking around ideas for a response to the Ricoh/DocuWare situation which is similar to the DEX/Staples maneuver, which is like the PrintFleet/FMAudit/PrintAudit/ECi thing, which smells like the Kyocera/DataBank(OnBase) that reminds me of the Ricoh/Ikon and HP/Samsung spectacles.

Lot's of copiers dying out there.

I know dealers that sell DocuWare, but are HUGE KM providers. Huh, how's it feel knowing your DocuWare clients woke up one morning as Ricoh customers? Yeah, hurry up and become a Ricoh reseller. Really?

Is your prospect an OnBase candidate? No problem, just forward the company name, and contact information over to your OEM, they'll qualify, design a solution, present, close and send your pittance. Congratulations, you are now a sales force for your OEM. Resistance is futile.

Do you like your DCA? How are those Windows updates working for you? And didn't somebody, somewhere say, "nothing will change".  How's that rate increase feel? No biggie, just switch to one of the other DCA's.  Oh...yeah...nevermind.

Friday, June 28, 2019

#ArcDrive: Interview on P4P Hotel with Art Post

Art Post was one of the first people out on the internet, writing and posting content around copiers and copier sales.

His site, P4P Hotel is an industry standard.

It is always fun to catch up with Art and talk about the old days.

I am thankful for his friendship over the years and honored by his interest and this interview.


If you follow industry press releases like me then you're aware that the King of MPS aka Greg Walters recently released his Arc Drive. Yes, I was curious as to what is the Arc Drive and what does it do?

A few nights ago Greg and chatted about Arc Drive and below is how our chat went.

Art: Hey Greg, okay first question for you, where the heck is Oconomowoc, Wisconsin?

Greg: It’s in between Madison and Milwaukee in lake country. A quaint town, there are 12 bars within a square mile or so. I occasionally write about the town,

Art: Is an Indian word that’s used for your town?

Greg: Yes, that’s right.

Art: Do you know what that translates to in English, I’m betting it means land of managed print, right?

Read the rest, here.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Friday, June 14, 2019

#ArcDrive Event June 18, 10Am - 11AM Pacific Time.

Learn more about ArcDrive.

"ArcDirve: The ultimate sophistication"

ArcDrive is affordable, simple to sell, easy to install and a breeze to use.

ArcDrive helps dealers defend their base, add streams of income and enhance repeatable revenue.

ArcDrive is the convergence of managed print services, advance capture, and intelligent workflow tools, embedded in a secure appliance.