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Monday, May 13, 2024

Better Sales People With a Soul. Bourbon is really cool. Ai Around the Globe & THE Reformation of Mankind

Week 19, May 9

What a week?  More like, “What?  A year?”, no, “What?  The Fear of Covid Was TWO YEARS Ago?” Time flies.

It is true what ‘they’ say, “as the days in front of you reduce in number, time seems to slide by faster and faster.”  Well, with the way things are today, time is sliding faster FOR EVERYONE. 
When folks ask, “How ya been, Greg?” I answer like everyone else does, “Great. It is a great time to be here” which is for the most part, true.  

But to the very few, which now includes you, may answer is, “The last 24 months have been the worst in my life – and nobody I love died. 

So, I have that to look forward to.”

I take fewer things for granted, my circle has contracted, I “recluse” more and battle the urge to become that bitter dude at the end of the bar – “Get off my lawn.”


Thursday, May 9, 2024

Another Trip Around the Sun

New Tradition

All In Podcast - The Re'im Music Festival, 2023

Oct 7.

If you are brave.  If you are in technology.  If technology touches your life in any way.  If you have stopped watching the 'protests'.  If you have had enough of 46 year old, lifetime agitators stirring up your kids and occupying the news reel...

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