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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Gladwell's Views Sum Up most of the Old School, Establishment Mindset.

No. No. No.  #WFH is not casting people out, it is unleashing the most potential possible.  

The office is the plantation fields of the 20th century.  

His thoughts and words of the past are all now in question - his upbringing sounds like a smorgasbord of villages and communes.

He grew up without "broader anxieties".  

Well, get ready for more anxiety than you've ever experienced.

Gladwell, "...the people who have tended to leave are the ones who are the most socially disconnected from their organization, who came into the office the least or who were not based in another city and we hired them largely to do remote work..."

"'s very hard to feel necessary when you're physically disconnected and ... we Face the battle..."

Mr. Gladwell assumes that getting to the office is desirable.  This is not the case, as the current #WFH movement continues to prove.

Monday, August 8, 2022

New to Copier Sales: How to Sell at a Higher Price

For the SMB, “How do I sell my stuff now that pricing has increased?” is a classic question, if not a timeless one. In the post-COVID era, rising costs across the board for everyone is the new reality.

First off, we’re all in the same boat when it comes to cost increases so broaching the subject with your prospect should not be a surprise.  But in selling, it all comes back to value balanced against “costs.”

Here are some ideas to help you sell higher price.

Acknowledge the issue – internally.

Your prospect is experiencing higher rates everywhere, so you don’t need to mention supply chain issues or rising fuel expenses as it applies to their specific solution. I’m not suggesting you ignore the realities of the economic challenges; rather, it is safe to assume your prospect already knows about rising expenses, so don’t be intimidated about talking about the stressful concepts...

Read the rest, here.

Higher Ed Is Out of Touch

"Five Skills College Students Will Need for Their Future Careers" - WSJ. #Paywall: but come on!  

New classes in AI ethics, climate-friendly design and how to be an entrepreneur in the metaverse are coming to campus

No Way is higher education future-ready by promoting TOPICAL curriculum.  By the time the TA gets a syllabus together, it is obsolete.

Arm your students by teaching them the basics. Teach them HOW TO LEARN real world, on the street, business acumen, instead of empty course work designed to increase tuition, and sell professor's books.

Maybe the fall semester should include, "How to deal with a Recession.", "How to lay off employees during an economic downturn." or "Keeping the Social and Business Issues Separate."

But what do I know...

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