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Saturday, April 29, 2023

Companies Embrace Efficiency to Tackle Inflation and Economic Uncertainty:Without Copier Salespeople


Source: The Wall Street Journal
Date: April 29, 2023

Greg's Words

For decades, we in the copier industry have been telling prospects our hardware "increases productivity and reduces costs". We lied. Well, we defined the narrative to fit our mission of selling 10 copiers a month. (or whatever)

The world is increasing productivity and reducing costs through more efficient workflows - and if you are simply selling copiers, printers, or MpS, they are doing it without you and viewing your relationship as a target for cost reduction.

AI eats workflows 24/7 and will decimate everything from middle management to the C-Suite.

More than how the internet shook things up, bigger than that gift from Prometheus, and vastly more liberating than the invention of the Wheel, Generative AI is shifting our world, changing how we work, chit-chat, learn, and more. 

Hold onto your linen, because the speed of this tech revolution is faster than light. These jaw-dropping tools we're ogling at today? They'll be old news by year's end since they're leveling up like crazy and getting mixed into other gizmos and services at breakneck speed. 

Buckle up, buttercups, 'cause we're in for a wild one...

Key highlights
  • Companies like AT&T and Meta Platforms are focusing on efficiency and productivity improvements in response to economic challenges. 
  • AT&T's Project Raindrops initiative aims to simplify and eliminate unnecessary business processes, saving employees nearly 3 million hours a year. 
  • While the impact of small improvements on the bottom line is difficult to quantify, research suggests that saved time is often reinvested in the company as additional work.

An Open Letter to My Friends and Colleagues in the Copier, Office Technology and Sales World: AI Is Destroying You Right Now

April 24, 2023

Dear copier dealer,  

IT services provider, original equipment manufacturer, software company, service technician, sales manager, service manager, marketing manager, CxO, owner, operator, principal, and selling professional:

If you are not using AI, if you're not talking about it, if your dealership/organization doesn't have "AI", "ChatGPT" or "What are we doing with AI?" written on a whiteboard somewhere, you are doomed. 

I know, I know, you've heard this all before:  
I get it, the office print realm has been mostly dead for decades. Yes, there's an enormous difference between mostly dead and all dead, but if your enterprise focuses on transferring information onto paper or providing IT support for companies, you are about to discover the true magnitude of this difference.

"This time it's different." 

Never in our history have we had so many gravitational forces exerted on a single point - recovery from The Fear of Covid, the Work from Anywhere movement, the New Way of Work, realignment of Political structures, the War in Ukraine, are enough - but the mass acceptance of ChatGPT is the biggest force multiplier in history.  

Seriously, folks smarter than you and I are calling GPT AI bigger than the discovery of Fire and the invention of the Wheel.  Even if these statements are 'off' by 50%, it's still the major transformation of the last 200 years.

"Ignore at Your Peril"

Fools 'wait to see' how this 'AI thing is going to shake out', others brag they've been 'doing AI for years' - yeah, right.  At least they are talking about it because the biggest fools in our industry cannot spell "AI" let alone discuss it.

I can't understand why more in our niche are NOT rewriting code and business plans.  I heard a leader in the niche explain how his company is looking for ways to leverage AI.  This isn't the movement from monochrome to color, analog to digital, managed print services, or a pivot into an adjacent industry.  This changes everything and if you don't see the event horizon, you will be out of a job, a business.  But if you jump on now, learning as you go, making it up, you'll be okay.

Do not be the fool who thinks he is in control of AI when he’s being controlled by it.

Owners/Executives/Principals - put down "Gap Selling" and dive into artificial intelligence.  Dare your team to find ways that AI helps your customers grow revenue, shrink costs, and increase profits with AI.  Then turn that dare on yourself, for your dealership.

People in the field and facing customers every day - turn off Netflix and dive into AI.  Use ChatGPT every single day.  Talk to your clients and prospects about the latest and greatest.  

Become the AI Evangelist.  Chose Anarchy.

Like never before, it's the End of the World as We Know It, and the Future Ain't What It Use to Be - Again. 



Friday, April 28, 2023

Will AI Clones Replace Us?


Can AI Joanna fool the world and take a day off for the real Joanna?

Source: The Wall Street Journal
Date: April 28, 2023

Greg's Words

I remember the time I sold a PC, WordPerfect, and an HP Laser Series II to a legal assistant in a one-man lawyer office, in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  On her desk was an IBM Selectric.  She was proud of her ability to type four to five custom letters in 45 minutes; she was VERY good at her job and ran the office with razor-sharp efficiency.

Cutting edge, she convinced her boss to purchase a new contraption(IBM PS/2, AT?) to help her do more.

Her eyes lit up as letter after letter crept out of the LaserJet - blazing eight pages per minute.  She was giddy.

Suddenly, like a cloud drifting over the blueberry fields of Imlay City, her smile dissolved into shadow and I swear the blood rushed out of her cheeks.  Her cheer was supplanted by Doom.  She suddenly saw the whole of the Moon; her job, lifestyle, and future were shockingly in question. Obsolete.

Reading the Wall Street Journal entry by Joanna Stern, brought me back to that rainy, Mid-Michigan day in 1989.   Technology is so cool, it's Cold.

"AI Joanna" is the HP Series II of the day, a creation utilizing readily available resources producing less-than-perfect results.  Time is compressing, from 'normal' to 'AI Time', years are months, days hours and although AI Joanna is not 'perfect', somewhere in the wild, today, there is a perfect Replicant giving a local newscast or weather report.

We've put together a quick summary of the article.


Monday, April 24, 2023

Tucker Carlson leaves Fox. Lemon Blindsided by CNN, is Out

Anchors aweigh? More like anchors away!

Winds of change do blow,
Media's shifting tides sway,
Anchors lost, new paths.

Greg's Words

Not much to say here.  Reasons aside, change is in the air like never before in every area of interest; from news media to manufacturing to Office Technology.  The Fear of Covid, remote and the return to the office movements, and AI will contribute to and accelerate the rate of transformation on a Universal plane.

Wild ride for the foreseeable future.

Executive Summary:
  1. High-profile departures at Fox News and CNN
  2. Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon both ousted
  3. Implications of a changing media landscape

Fusion, AI, and Voluntelling: A Tale of Unlikely Connections

When Artificial Intelligence Meets the Art of Voluntelling

Fusion, AI rise,
Voluntelling binds them tight,
Threads of progress weave.

In a world where groundbreaking technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and fusion energy are taking center stage, it's easy to overlook the most potent force of all: the mysterious art of voluntelling. Yes, you read that right - voluntelling, the age-old workplace tradition where managers magically transform voluntary tasks into obligations. One moment you're sipping coffee at your desk, and the next, you find yourself organizing the annual office party without a say in the matter. It's like being teleported into a parallel universe where choice is but an illusion, and your fate is sealed with a calendar invite.

But how does this relate to the lofty ambitions of AI and fusion energy, you ask? Well, dear reader, the connections between these seemingly unrelated topics are as intricate and surprising as an office potluck where everyone unexpectedly brings quinoa salads. 

In the following article, we'll explore the subtle threads that weave together the worlds of advanced technology and workplace voluntelling, revealing the unexpected ties that bind them. So, buckle up and grab a spoonful of quinoa, as we embark on a thrilling journey through the hidden connections between fusion, AI, and the delicate dance of voluntelling.

Friday, April 21, 2023

The Jousting of AI Titans: Google and OpenAI

In a world of smart machines, who will outsmart whom?
At the heart of this thrilling battle lies a fundamental question: What is the true purpose of artificial intelligence?
Greg's Words

Inevitable.  I've heard this era of AI/ChatGPT as an "iPhone moment" meaning that AI is being mass-accepted like the iPhone was in the very beginning.

But there's more - AI has been referred to as "the most significant technological advancement in human history".  This is huge, not like analog to digital copiers.  More along the lines of discovering fire or inventing the wheel.  We are at a fork in the road, "this is the most important fork humanity has reached in over 100,000 years on our planet...We're building, effectively a new species..."(Max Tegmark, Lex Freidman podcast, Ep #371)

It doesn't get much 'headier' than that, does it?

So today, Google is squaring off against Microsoft in the battle of the AIs.

We submitted four separate articles to the AI in the Sky and requested a 1,110-word reflection on the AI battle as it stands today.


Executive Summary:
  1. Google merges Brain and DeepMind to intensify AI research.
  2. Company races to build AI-powered search engine in response to ChatGPT.
  3. Google Bard AI and Jasper AI compete in the realm of language models.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The AI Sales Revolution: How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Sales Landscape

When AI and Salespeople Join Forces: Unstoppable Sales Machines

Greg's Words

To all my copier, IT, managed print services, and IT services brothers and sisters - The way your prospects purchase is changing right now. 

Your world is going to change; for better or worse, it is going to RADICALLY alter everything you do.  You have a choice, today, that will determine if it is better or worse.

I've seen transformation before - from typewriters to PCs, from receptionists to voice mail to email to IM to the internet.  I can see patterns only because I've lived through them.  I remember a time before 911, the Great Recession, the Fear of Covid, and the mass acceptance of AI. 

This is the big one. But there is a significant difference.  

This time, instead of change occurring over a decade, like the PC boom; rather than the half-decade-long journey from 'interwebs' to the internet, unlike the four-year turn from no social to everything social, and contrary to a 24-month move from cubicle to the second bedroom, this transformation is measured in hours and days.

Since the introduction of ChatGPT in November of 2022, hundreds of new apps have been developed to work with OpenAI.  Venture capital is pouring into new, AI firms in Silicon Valley, Microsoft threw in 11 billion dollars of its own, and Alphabet issued a "Red Alert" drawing battle lines in the metaphoric sand.

I implore you to use AI in your everyday functions.  Today, you can generate a customized thank you email, a 2-page proposal, a needs assessment survey, and a findings document in less time than it takes to get the copier warmed up.

And they won't be templates.  The documents will contain whatever numbers, findings, and recommendations you discover and generate. From your notes to finished, personalized and specific documents in minutes.

There's so much more, but you've got to get in and wrestle with AI on your terms.  The technology is malleable, like clay, waiting for you to create.

Executive Summary:
  • AI is transforming sales by automating repetitive tasks, streamlining processes, and increasing efficiency.
  • Sales professionals are adapting to the new AI-driven landscape, focusing on relationship-building and strategic thinking.
  • Despite concerns about job loss, many experts believe AI will complement human skills rather than replace them.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

The Turbulent Truth: Climate Change and Airborne Chaos

Climate change may be bad, but don't blame it for your bumpy flights just yet.

Greg's Words

"Climate Change" is a crock. It always has been; different names, same narrative.  

It started with the best intentions - stop littering, "Give a Hoot.  Don't Pollute", 1970.  But as the world moved away from the Evil Empire, AKA The Communist Threat of the USSR, the search for the next 'great threat' went into full gear.  

The Ice Age of the 70s, Acid Rain in 1980, Hole in the Ozone in 1987, "The Oceans will be dead in 10yrs", 1988, The Oceans will rise and flood New York City, 1988, the arctic will be ice-free by 2015, on and on.

Don't get me wrong, mankind impacts the environment yet just like the death of Lake Erie in the 1960s, the death of mankind has (always) been exaggerated.

A few weeks back, climate experts were pitching the notion that climate was responsible for the increase in the number of home runs in the MLB.  So it was with piqued interest I engaged with the WSJ article, "Heavy Turbulence on Flights Is Likely to Get Worse" (PW).  Two articles in as many weeks connecting dots with climate change - I detect a whiteboard adorned with a narrative timeline.

Recently, climate experts posited that climate change played a role in the surge of home runs in MLB games. Intrigued by this claim, I delved into the WSJ article, "Heavy Turbulence on Flights Is Likely to Get Worse" (PW). Encountering two articles in quick succession linking seemingly unrelated phenomena to climate change - I sensed a whiteboard adorned with a narrative timeline.

I know, I know, Climate Change is real.  And UFOs are fake.  It's hard to deny. But these reach-around articles, from the Wall Street Journal no less, are getting hard to ignore.

So we threw four articles at the AI in the Sky, custom-built a prompt, and let it go.


Executive Summary:
  • Media sources commonly attribute increased turbulence to climate change.
  • Scientific data and research reveal a more complex relationship.
  • Other factors, such as jet streams and natural weather variations, contribute significantly to turbulence.
  • Misleading conclusions may detract from focusing on the real issues at hand.

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

The Cost of Progress: AI Regulations and the Erosion of Innovation

Bureaucracy and AI: A Match Made in the Cloud

Freedom takes a hit,
AI regulations loom,
Innovation weeps.

Greg's Words
No. No. NO.

This is a really bad idea and if implemented sets back the freedom of speech and puts the entire media, news reporting, and the distribution of facts, back 100 years.

The truth will be what they want us to believe.  You know this. You've seen a glimpse - no matter what side you are on, when a government entity can call up a media outlet and tell them what to say, the freedom of the press dissolves and we citizens are at best lulled and at worst sent off to the re-education camps.

The 911 Act was bad enough; it sounded great that all the alphabet agencies share data, sure, but the FBI given jurisdiction in foreign lands?  A no-fly list? I'm still required to take my shoes off?  When do we retire the TSA? 


I don't think AI should be regulated because it stifles creativity and promotes a narrative.
I think the platforms should be considered just like the phone companies - it is just a wire.
And after watching the FB and TT hearings, I am more than convinced our elected officials do not know sh$t about technology.

And you want BIDEN making recommendations on AI?  Are YOU that big of an ID 10T?

We put the big AI in the sky in the question.


Unseen Connections: The Intricate Webs of AI, Gender, and Remote Work

We are all tangled up, but it's not as bad as it seems


Threads of tech and life,
Interwoven in the age,
Modern tapestry.

Greg's Words

I've finally done it.  I fed the great big AI in the sky FIVE different articles, asked it to digest and write a piece connecting the concepts and information contained within each.

The article titles reflect AI's impact on image generation, the scientific distinction between sex and gender, Gen Z, remote work, and ethical AI. 

It worked. Quite the web of interest.

We are passing into a new age of technology, which includes social shifts, and the way we work. It seems our view of life has become more clear than ever before - In the olden days, hierarchies were important and drove mankind into many different 'ages'; fire, steam, industrial, electric, up to semiconductors and microchips.  The old ways built skyscrapers - cathedrals of human resources, churning out the paper by the ton. The nine-to-five drudgery was accepted, expected, and glorified in phrases like "work hard, and you'll make it", "it's a numbers game, kid. Remember that." and "sure it is a nine to five, but we expect you in at 7AM and still see your face at 7PM, that's how we move people up the ladder" - indeed, "up the ladder" was the mantra.

And we kept our noses down.  Did our job without looking left or right - if we happened to look, we saw a clone of ourselves, working.   And our processes never crossed lanes; everything occurred in a vacuum, the universal connections hidden.  We were happy "mushrooms".

Today, we are witnessing the breakdown of traditional hierarchies and structures as the old ways give way to the new. The shift from the Piscean age to the Aquarian age is becoming increasingly evident. In the world of business, conversations now revolve around a diverse range of topics, including remote work, artificial intelligence, sexual harassment, fake news detection, and productivity. Despite their apparent diversity, these issues are interconnected and create a complex web of seemingly unrelated problems.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

The ChatGPT Revolution: How AI is Transforming the Sales Profession

ChatGPT: Putting the 'Artificial' in 'Artificially Intelligent Salespeople

Greg' Words

I cannot stress enough how important AI, and specifically today, how important it is that you as a salesperson needs to get to know AI tools and start using each one that becomes available.  When used correctly, you will discover benefits beyond comprehension.  The one caution I have is to notice when your peers get to the same level as you in AI experience.  When they do, shift and pivot in another direction.

Today, we can use ChatGPT to compose emails based on our input, put together proposals with the data we supply, and research everything from a specific company, niche, industry, or economic region.  What had once taken us weeks, can be done in hours, the hourly task now finishes in seconds.  That is the reality today, who knows what is over the horizon.

We've put together a work that discusses the existing state of ChatGPT in the world of sales for you to digest.




Overheard conversation, at the digital watercooler: Greg to GPT, "Is your statement opinion?

Overheard conversation, at the digital watercooler:

Greg to GPT, "Is your statement opinion?

'As we navigate this complex landscape, it is our collective responsibility to foster a spirit of collaboration, empathy, and determination, ensuring that our actions today lay the groundwork for a brighter, more equitable tomorrow..."

GPT says, " Yes, the statement 'As we navigate this complex landscape, it is our collective responsibility to foster a spirit of collaboration, empathy, and determination, ensuring that our actions today lay the groundwork for a brighter, more equitable tomorrow' can be considered an opinion.

The Silent Exodus: How Quiet Quitting Is Reshaping the Business World and Office Technology(2% Raise)

 They Came, They Saw, They Quietly Quit

Greg's Words

Do what your job description says to do.  There should be no shame in working within those parameters.

Let's put it this way, when you're responsible, through the job description, to complete X number of tasks or deliver Y amount of revenue, or produce Z quantities of corporate events, and you achieve these goals within a determined time frame, you are entitled to a pat on the back, raise, bonus or whatever is stated in your employee agreement.  

Fulfilling your part of the Employee Agreement is NOT QUIET QUITTING.  When you do what the job entails and no more, you are not lazy.

Yet this is what the established structures, have labeled the activity of completing your job according to specification and doing no more.

Doing "what's best for the company" was a belief that when you do, the company would take care of you via salary or promotion, etc. It is a lie finally recognized.

"Team Players do whatever it takes..." This is true when the team members have a clear, identified, common goal that when accomplished, benefits both the team and the individuals.  Furthermore, each team member knows their place in the overall strategy and although one member may be asked to perform above and beyond, in general, the roles do not change, and are not exchangeable.

I guess the biggest thing here is finally understanding that the 'social contract' between employee and employer is finally in the light of day.

Regardless, here is a researched article we put together for you...



Monday, April 10, 2023

The Unintended Consequences of Remote Work: A Tectonic Shift in Office Technology and Urban Landscapes

Remote working - the love child of technological advancements and pajamas.

Greg's Words

The times are crazy and there seem to be no boundaries; we've left hyperbole in the rearview.  I've seen a few revolutions in my time, so there are familiar threads, flavors, and hints but nothing has been so accelerated and universally impactful as the current run on artificial intelligence.  AI has been brought down, landing squarely on our frontal lobes.

Like never before in time.  The Wheel. The Discovery of Fire.  The first tool.

People smarter than me are using the same words and phrases I am - this is the Big One.

Of course, all is not roses and bubble gum on the road to digital enlightenment.  There are risks; Mary Shelly's Modern Prometheus and the story of Colossus come to mind.  Some see AI as destroying mankind, ridding the planet of its cancerous inhabitants. My thoughts on this?  If were to happen, it would have by now.

But how is The Convergence going to help you sell more widgets?

What I do know, is the fear of covid changed the way we work(and print) the way we move information, and the way we finally see management.  Management is redundant.

New to Copier Sales: The Three Levels Of Prospects, Part 3

Copier sales: Making existing customers feel paper-sonally cared for! 🖨️😉

Source: The Imaging Channel


In the third installment of "New to Copier Sales? The Three Levels of Prospects," the author delves into the final level of prospecting: existing customers who are already using copier services from a company. These customers are considered the lowest-hanging fruit when it comes to sales opportunities. The article provides advice on how to approach these clients to ensure a successful sales outcome.

Building relationships with existing customers is vital. By understanding their business, keeping them informed about new technologies and solutions, and providing value, salespeople can nurture a positive rapport that leads to long-term business. It's essential to review account history and any previous customer interactions to avoid repeating mistakes and to build on prior successes.

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Hey ChatGPT, "Can you draw a connection between Bruce Springsteen's song Jungleland and selling IT services, in the style of S King?"

In a city where darkness and despair cling to weary souls like a perpetual fog, there lived a man named Jack. Jack was a salesman, but not just any salesman. He was a purveyor of IT services, a guardian of technological marvels that could breathe new life into the rusted arteries of struggling businesses. This city, much like the one Bruce Springsteen had immortalized in his haunting ballad "Jungleland," was a place where dreams often went to die, only to be resurrected through the sheer force of human determination and the power of connection.

Friday, April 7, 2023

The Remote Work Revolution: A New Frontier for B2B Office Technology

From Virtual Meetings to Virtual Reality: The Workforce Enters the Matrix

Greg's Words

The fear of Covid left offices, cubicles, and yesterday's management style in the dustpan of history, for most.

How can an office technology provider continue to work with clients and solve business problems?  In the old ways, concentrating on a piece of machinery will not sustain the business.  We've known for decades that the device is not the answer, what the device does is a component of a well-designed solution to a problem.

In the post cubicle life, we professional sales people have the opportunity to do what we always said we would, but never did.  "Help our customers solve business problems"

Harvard came out with a deep dive, albeit academic, the view is worth reviewing.



Thursday, April 6, 2023

Are you thinking about upgrading the office technology?

What's Ahead for the Office Sector in 2023

The office sector has undergone significant changes due to the pandemic and the shift towards hybrid work models. Employers are now facing challenges in increasing office utilization and attendance, and are focusing on change management to shift employee behavior. The surplus of vacant inventory in the commercial real estate sector will result in smaller, upgraded offices being in demand in 2023, but with a lower average demand for office space per employee.

Computing and Space Exploration: A Quantum Leap for Artificial Intelligence

Finally, AI can boldly go where no one has gone before (and bring back some sweet data)!

Executive Summary:
  1. AI learning speed depends on algorithms and dataset
  2. Connecting more sensors to AI can improve performance but raises privacy concerns
  3. Quantum computing and analog computing have the potential to impact AI and learning speed

Navigating the Impacts of Artificial Intelligence in the Modern Business World

Better start brushing up on your robot dance moves, folks!

Three-point executive summary:
  1. The adoption of AI technology can lead to increased productivity, efficiency, and profitability for businesses of all sizes.
  2. However, the potential impact on employment and the need for upskilling must be carefully considered.
  3. By taking a proactive approach to AI adoption and investing in employee training and ethical standards, businesses can position themselves for success in the years to come.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Printing in the Age of AI: How Managed Print Services are Being Transformed

Don't be a printer fool, embrace the AI revolution

It shouldn't be any surprise, that remote working has impacted managed print services - although anecdotal reports say volumes have approached pre-fear-of-Covid levels, how the evolution of the office transpires will impact your MPS contract volume.

The supply chain is almost back to normal, and by some estimates, 60% of businesses are returning to the office.  Again, some data suggest different numbers.  

As the 'office' goes, so does the number of devices and print/copiers produced go - this was evident before 2020.

But now Artificial Intelligence is on the scene - eliminating job functions and if you look closely, when AI is asked to solve a business problem in workflow, the answer does not include the statement, "First print a hardcopy of my recommendations and make 500 copies."  

AI maximizes processes and as you know, the slowest function in any process is the function that involves hard copy output(print/copy) or input(fax/scan).  AI eliminates slow processes and print is the slowest, least efficient.

So what?

Well, we put together a quick reseach project and engaged the great AI in the sky to help illustrate the current environment of MPS and possible influences and outcomes.


Artificial Intelligence in Hollywood: A Brave New World of Creativity and Challenges

AI Takes Center Stage: The Future of Tinseltown is Written in Code

Greg's Words

The Mandolorian show utilizes the Unreal engine(a powerful graphics platform) to generate to create the show's digital sets and backgrounds. Instead of building physical sets, the production team uses a large LED video wall to display high-resolution digital backgrounds and environments in real-time.

Other companies outside the entertainment industry are using the same software to develop training programs(Walmart) and create immersive customer experiences online(Audi). 

Within the entertainment industry, AI is helping rearrange and enhance the creative process at all levels - from writing scripts, even developing characters from scratch.  

We take what we see on the screen for granted, as the creative process and production is in the background behind the fourth wall - as it should be.  The point here is in an industry that is eternally about face to face collaboration, human to human communication and touch, AI looks to be the antitheisis to the effort.

But it isn't.

The AI Revolution: How Generative AI Transforms B2B Sales and Office Technology


As artificial intelligence evolves, businesses are leveraging powerful generative AI tools to revolutionize B2B sales, creative work, and office technology

Revolutionizing Sales: Greg's Word

The AI landscape is expanding rapidly, with countless applications and a deluge of information flooding the digital sphere by the minute.

In this ever-evolving context, I've decided to contribute my perspective.

The sales industry has been experiencing significant transformation over the past few decades, as the balance of power shifts from supply to demand. Today's prospects are more informed than ever, sometimes even possessing greater knowledge about your offerings than you do.

This is the dawn of a new era, where the internet has granted unparalleled access to information that was once exclusive to sales professionals. No longer.

The meteoric rise and widespread adoption of AI, AGI, and ChatGPT have brought forth an era of unprecedented challenges and unparalleled opportunities. In this rapidly changing landscape, there are no experts.

Sales, as a discipline, has evolved into a realm of professional engagement. AI is revolutionizing the field, weeding out mediocrity and elevating the best to even greater heights.

The myriad of sources and opinions on selling in this brave new world can be overwhelming, rendering the task of covering even a small fraction seemingly futile.

Nevertheless, we persevere. 

Monday, April 3, 2023

Learn How to Sell More with ChatGPT(& You) April 6, 11:00AM EST

Are you a copier salesperson looking to boost your sales and enhance your client engagement? 

Join us for an exclusive online session on Thursday, April 6 at 11:00 AM EST, where we will reveal how to harness the power of ChatGPT to revolutionize your copier, document management, and IT services sales strategy. Discover how this advanced AI tool can help you craft personalized and compelling content, generate insightful findings documents, and proposals, and create engaging email campaigns that will captivate your prospects and clients.

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Fantastic Journey - is AI 2023 more like the Forbin Project or Forbidden Planet?

We've been here before, if not in reality, at least on the big screen.

Three-Point Executive Summary:
  1. AI in 2023 exhibits a dual nature, presenting both opportunities and challenges for humanity.
  2. Embracing the natural evolution of AI and engaging it responsibly can lead to higher levels of human advancement and elevate our civilization.
  3. Fostering a culture of transparency, ethical conduct, and collaboration is essential for guiding AI development toward a future that benefits all.

Digital Maestro: Sam Altman's Symphony of AI and the Future of Work


Inside the Mind of the Man Behind ChatGPT and the Impact of AI on the Business World

Greg's Words

Up until last month, I had never even heard of the guy. But just this week, I stumbled upon a conversation between Lex and Sam on YouTube - and let me tell you, it was two and a half hours of content that left a lasting impression. I'm talking pivotal, historic, "mark your calendars" kind of stuff.

Sam Altman's story reads like a tech entrepreneur's dream. The guy was programming computers at the age of 8, and by 19 he had already founded and launched multiple successful software companies. He's a genius, hobnobs with the likes of Musk and Friedman, and has even made appearances on some of the biggest talk shows out there.

Saturday, April 1, 2023

ChatGPT: OpenAI's Revolutionary Language Model Takes the World by Storm

ChatGPT: The AI That's Changing the World, One Word at a Time – It's got the whole world talking

Greg's Words

I recently took in a conversation between Sam and Lex; it was enthralling.  AI connects all the dots and vibrates across every dynamic - from economics to politics.  Sam's worldview includes talking robots and a Universal Basic Income.  

He is both cautionary and optimistic, pragmatic and Utopian.  Ultimately, what comes of all this, nobody can foresee.  

We are all along for the ride.

Enjoy this piece we put together.


Executive Take:
  1. ChatGPT, OpenAI's revolutionary language model, transforms industries and reshapes communication
  2. The AI offers benefits across sectors, such as education, customer service, and healthcare
  3. Ethical concerns arise with potential misuse, prompting responsible AI practices and safety research

April Fools Day is Obsolete

Greg's Words

Every few years, on April 1, I write an April Fool article. 
  • Back in 2009, IBM bought HP while Canon gobbled up Panasonic.  
  • In 2011, HP bought Xerox.  
  • In 2022, HP was behind the UFO conspiracy.
This year, no matter what I make up, it just can't approach reality.  There are just too many weird and unpredictable things going on in the world.

Enjoy our latest creation about the 1st of April.


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