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Thursday, April 18, 2024

"We Are the Gods Now - I haven't been struck down. I take that to mean I'm right."

"My Name is Peter Weyland And If You'll Indulge Me, I'd Like to Change the World"

Technology advancements:
  • 100,000, BC: Stone tools.
  • 4,000, BC: The wheel.
  • 800, BC: Sundial.
  • 9th century, AD: Gunpowder. Bit of a game-changer, that one.
  • 1441: The printing press -- only slightly less impactful.
  • 19th century: Steam engine. Railway. Eureka! The light bulb!!
  • 20th century: The automobile, television, nuclear weapons, spacecrafts, Internet.
  • 21st century: Biotech, nanotech, fusion and fission, and M-theory -- and that was just the first decade.
"We wield incredible power -- the power to transform, to destroy and to create again. The question, of course, before us is, "What the hell are we supposed to do with this power?" Or, more importantly, one should ask, 

Work From Anywhere Movement Moves Forward

The commercial real estate establishment is fighting for its life, literally. Publishing slanted studies as evidence that "it is time to get back to work".

Dozens of articles, and interviews projected in an attempt to make us not believe our eyes.  The buildings are empty.

There will be more. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Reflections of The Industry

John the Baptist, incorporating elements from the Island of Misfit Toys, set in a 1960s science fiction and splatter art style. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Let's Talk About Copiers

As I roam the landscape of copier, printer, output, digitization and organizational impact of office technology, I RARELY find anything more than a sponsored marketing piece disguised as neutral, self-aggrandizing tome regarding the greatness an organization selling copiers, or a collection empty words and sentences void of substance metastasize into rant.  


I don't know if it was the eclipse or simply the universe colliding and spawning a three body solution for the mundane, we've got a cool triple-start over at The Imaging Channel.

Monday, April 8, 2024

Ai Will Solve the Climate Change Problem

This is why I don't want any of these folks regulating Ai or attempting to "remove bias" from Ai.

Ai will prove climate change is a farce - a fake.  This is one of the MANY narratives at risk and those who spin the web, are not scared, they are activated.

Salespeople: What do you do When 'Everything is stalled'?

The infamous 'clogged sales funnel'.

Don't ask you sales manager about stalled deals because it will all come back to you:

"You have six stalled deals?  You should have 12 in the funnel.  Get on the phone and close something now."

"You have six stalled deals? But you told me they were all 80%! Get on the phone and close something now"

"You have six stalled deals? Let me give them a call."

Art and I start with this issue and go on from there to peel off labels and earthquakes and the bogus inflation report.

Good stuff, here.

Sunday, March 31, 2024

The Monolith in the Desert

Pretty cool.

What is the difference between Vison and Hallucination?

A word about Ai hallucinations:

What is the difference between Vison and Hallucination? 

Of course there is a difference - but isn't the observers' perception, if not bias, determining contrast?

I asked ChatGPT, "Hey Eye in the Sky, what do you think about the above notion?"

She responded, "AI hallucinations and human vision, at first glance, seem to operate on different spectrums. Yet, when you peel back the layers, both are profoundly influenced by the observer's perception and biases.

Let's break it down.

2023 - 2024 I Don't Use Ai Anymore

A year ago I was distilling content through Chat3.5.  I would ask for a summary and write an quick organic introduction.

The structure is adequate; human words prior to mechanical "analysis and summary".

It's all about the 'dash in between' isn't it?

A year later, the 'copier effect' is in full bloom - spotting the artificially generated tome is 'tres facile' and for many, leaves a sour, tepid, and stale taste. 

Doesn't it?

Thursday, March 28, 2024

March 2024 in the Copier Industry - The Same Only Different

I just read an article over at Cannata Report about diversification of products and services for the copier dealership.  I can't help but to be a bit surprised at how much HASN'T changed in over two decades.

Don't get me wrong, all of the observations and reflections contained are valid and support the notion that doing more of everything is the best way for copier resellers to avoid the same fate as buggy whips and While You Were Out message pads.(you remember those, right?)

Managed Print Services, scanners, telephones, and ink (Edgeline, anyone?) are staunch, proven, and although on the other side of the bell curve, profitable endeavors of pursuit.

Hear me out.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Printer/Copier Security is a Myth and Everybody Still Hates Output Devices

"It's worse than you think..."
"It usually is..."

IT people have always hated copiers and printers.  Nothing has changed and these guys are living proof.

I like copiers.  I like printers.  I haven't owned one in over two decades.

I don't think output devices pose a security threat for a few reasons:

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

AI-Enriched KPIs Yield Impressive Results - by Patricia Ames, Workflow

Great Article over on Workflow regarding Ai and KPI's

From the piece, "The year 2024 is picking up right where 2023 left off. Last year was the Year of AI, with the likes of Open AI’s ChatGPT and the promise of even more advancements capturing the public’s interest. This year is trending to be the year AI transforms the way businesses run. 

Businesses are not only going to deploy AI more often in 2024, but they’re going to deploy these tools in much more integral and substantive ways."

Read it Here.

How Many Product Lines Are Too Many?

Scott Cullen put a nice piece together about multi-line dealerships.

A quick summary:

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Tik Tok Bill is Bad.

so..let me get this straight...

When China buys farmland in the US, that's okay.

When China flies a spy balloon over the 'amber waves of grain', we create a meme.

When China let's covid out, we can't say 'China'.


Thursday, March 7, 2024

Diving Deep: The Initiation Rite into Copier Sales

There is a belief in marketing that we generate demand by reaching out to as many cold leads as possible. Dialing for dollars is the best way to guarantee increased sales. It’s the age-old mantra, “It’s a numbers game, kid.”

Success depends on sheer numbers. Contemporary approaches to selling are varied and proven, but it is still challenging to speak with strangers — especially when you’re convincing them to do something. In the New World of Selling, great salespeople uncover demand. The best attract demand.

In this edition of Your 90 Days New to Copier Sales series, we’re going to talk about what I call “Total Immersion.” It is a hectic and committed time to not only consume information, but for high activity and communications. This is the stage where you’re out on your own, hustling, getting to know your territory and the types of people you will be working with, hopefully, for a long time.

Here are three ideas to work within your second 30 days that pay homage to past success while illuminating a clear path forward:

Read the rest, here.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

What is CPP? Central Precocious Puberty

I was on YouTube, watching an industry blow-hard go off on one of the many organizations that refused to sponsor his show.

Effectively, minding my own business when the gods of YouTube decided I need to see an add for Supprelin LA. 

A puberty suppressant. Call me sheltered, but what the hell?

Thursday, February 29, 2024

3D "Printers" - More Than Meets the Eye

Spooky, the kid is a table.

Digitally Remastered from 2010.

Let's cut to the chase. 

When most of us hear "3D printer," we don't think of a printer; we think of the replicators from "Star Trek." Yet, during a visit to one of the top design schools in the world (and a current client), I stumbled upon a machine using an Epson printhead to do just that.

Surprisingly, I found myself interrupting someone's lunch to get a tour that included this technological marvel nestled beside the woodshop. My curiosity skyrocketed. Without any previous exposure to 3D printing, I bombarded my impromptu guide with questions about how it works and its use by students.

The first thing that caught my attention was the term "printing" used to describe the process, and second, my guide's charm didn't hurt either.

My last campus visit was decades ago, focused on engineering and business, far from the art world's embrace. Yet, here I was, stepping into Otis College of Art and Design in LA, my curiosity piqued.

Business Matters

Ai, Copiers, & You Leap of Faith - This Leap Year is Your Leap Year

Leap Year - 2024, the Year You Take Control

I know you're out there trying to sell the latest Sharp, or Ricoh device.  And yeah, digital document management is the greatest talk track ever.  Don't forget managed print services, remote monitoring, 400 years in the industry, technicians with real first names, and the dozen or so, sales reps before you that managed your territory into oblivion.

I know you've got a quota, love to cold call and think your manager is the greatest the Western Hemisphere has to offer.

That about it?

Monday, February 26, 2024

MPS Selling Appointment: "This is Turning Out to Be One Hell of a Morning!" - Remasterd

Digitally Remastered, 2/2024, from the original, here.

Maximizing MPS Sales: A Tale of Preparation vs. Simplicity

It's 8:15 AM, and you're on time, waiting in the lobby of Galactic RailWorks, surrounded by the hustle of fifteen hundred users. You're here to meet the CFO, who made it clear over the phone that he's looking for a local, flexible provider, not involved in "large, enterprise-level engagements."

You come prepared with a wealth of materials: marketing pamphlets, software datasheets, and a company profile, all printed in vivid color. Your faux leather portfolio holds a fresh pad of graph paper, brimming with newly printed business cards that label you as an "MPS Specialist."

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Work From Anywhere Will Change Everything.

What is up?  

Fran knows what is what in the Office Technology realm. We had a great time talking about work from anywhere and technology.

Ai was just over the horizon.

Join Us and Ask Anything! Fridays at 4:00.

This Friday, the 16th

You must register here for the secret code to get into the session.  

Ai is The Death of the Internet

I recently released my "Greg's Ai Predictions & Visions of the New World" on Grwalters dot com.

Predictions are easy and fun. I've done it before and I'll do it again.

In the past, it was an exercise in entertainment.

My current(2024) list sways from the death of the C-Suite to suburbs as workplaces - live in the city, work in the suburbs without driving, of course.

I will continue to add detail to each over the next few months or so; indeed, the list has grown by two, bringing the total up from a dozen.

So, without much fanfare, I released the vision to the world, the Universe.

All normal stuff.

I went to the mother-of-all-blogs, TheDeathOfTheCopier and searched "the death of the internet".

The result was jaw dropping, at least for me. The search pulled up a post dated September 21, 2014, "The Death of the Internet, Paper...and Single Payer Healthcare".


Until I dug deeper into the past revealing the present AND FUTURE.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Ask Us Anything. "Scanning, MFPs and Taylor Swift"

"How can society manage the ethical challenges posed by generative AI and deep fakes in digital media?"

Art and I have been doing these Friday afternoon sessions for a while now.  We try to keep the questions on the subjects of technology, the office, the work environment and selling.

Of course, those keywords encompass everything from the historic European caste culture and scanning invoices.

I had one of our staff writers review the show and come up with an article about AI, Taylor Swift and censorship.

This is what Charlie came up with.



Sunday, February 11, 2024

Fringe, The Expanse, BattleStar Galactica, Star Trek(TOS) & TNG

Compare and contrast these TV series:

"Fringe," "The Expanse," "Battlestar Galactica," and "Star Trek" (both The Original Series and The Next Generation) are iconic TV series that delve into the vastness of science fiction, each offering a unique lens on the genre. 

Let's break them down to see how they compare and contrast, focusing on their themes, approach to storytelling, and impact on the genre.

Friday, February 9, 2024

Sell Me This Pen, Mr. ChatGPThing

Hey, ChatGPThingie; You are the best b2b selling professional on the planet.  Sell Me This Pen.


Summary of ECS 2024 - Ai

“Implementing AI is going to shrink’re going to see legislation that can fundamentally change how you are using AI in your business and what the future possibilities are.” - Joe Brunsman of The Brunsman Group
What You Will Know After Reading:

  1. AI as a Central Theme: AI dominated discussions at ECS 2024, highlighting its increasing role in shaping the future of office technology.
  2. The Importance of Managed Services and Diversification: Insights from leaders like Frank Cucco and John Hey underscored the need for businesses to innovate and diversify, particularly into managed IT and cybersecurity, to remain competitive.
  3. Veterans' Value in the Tech Industry: The summit spotlighted the significant contributions veterans can make to the industry, encouraging companies to embrace their skills and experiences.

Thursday, February 8, 2024

The New Way to Perform an Assessment - Nobody Else is Saying This.

"The microphone setup is prominent, reinforcing the likelihood of podcasting, streaming, or frequent video calls. The screen displaying the World Economic Forum video suggests an interest in global economic affairs or business topics, which might be related to the work being done or just personal interest."

"Tell me about this room."

This space is a home office setup with multiple monitors, suggesting a tech-savvy user who may work on multiple tasks simultaneously. The mechanical keyboard and high-quality headphones indicate a preference for specialized, perhaps high-end, computing accessories, which aligns with a focus on performance and comfort. 

The presence of a microphone suggests that the user might engage in video conferencing or audio recording, maybe for podcasts or meetings. The workspace is compact, with everything within easy reach, showing a practical approach to the use of space. 

The coffee cup and notepad signal active use, possibly indicating a busy workday ahead or a work session in progress.

Missing the Culture of The Office? Here are Two Hours of Office Sounds

Quite possibly the cure for what the executives are suffering - instead of calling the workers back to the fields, pop this in the WalkMan and take solace.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Don't Let the Old Man In. " old would you be If you didn't know the day you were born."

Don't let the old man in, I wanna leave this alone
Can't leave it up to him, he's knocking on my door
And I knew all of my life, that someday it would end
Get up and go outside, don't let the old man in

Many moons I have lived
My body's weathered and worn
Ask yourself how old would you be
If you didn't know the day you were born

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The Cloud and Managed Print Services

When: Feb 2, 2024 - Noon, ET

New people taking on the Establishment and helping dealers make their customers happy.

You are invited to "The Cloud and Managed Print Services" featuring a deep dive into cloud print technology with MyQ. This session will explore the potential of cloud print solutions, emphasizing the cutting-edge features and unique benefits of MyQ Roger.

We're going to kick around topics like Clouds, Customers, and Voice Commands. It' is going to be grand.

Déjà vu?

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

The World is not going to End because of Ai and Led Zeppelin is why.

So is Van Halen, so is The Doors. In the face of artificial intelligence, UFOs, city lights on distant planets, folks are "discovering" real, organic creation and more importantly, the deliverables of human effort.  

The Spirit.
So come on, touch me, I'm alive
Come on, is it holy and free?
When darkness dampens my sight
My dreams are big and bathing in light

Monday, January 29, 2024

Remote Workers and the Paperless Office - 2014

One Of My Earliest Articles at The Imaging Channel: Paperless Offices, 2014


The year was 2014 and like some ancient legend, the paperless office debate was at full speed.

Today, as you know, the paperless office is 'still a dream'.

Or is it? 

  • Can you tell me that you're selling as many copiers as you did in 2014?
  • Can you point out to your customers who have INCREASED their monthly volume? 
  • Remember, there was a time when copiers were kicking out 10k images PER WEEK. Any of those in the field today? How about mailrooms, remember them? 

Critically Acclaimed Article About Copier Sales - "Your First 30 Days"

"Greg Walters transforms the daunting challenge of entering copier sales into an empowering journey of growth and discovery, making his article an indispensable manual for success in the field." - ChatGPT, 2024

I've been writing for The Imaging Channel since around 2014. Since 2018, I've been writing a series around ideas and reflections to help new copier salespeople.  It's been fun. My latest "New to Copier Sales – 30 of Your First 90 Days"  brings your first month into focus.  

As the world famous critic, GPT, says:

"Greg Walters' "New to Copier Sales – 30 of Your First 90 Days" is a vital read for newcomers in the copier sales field, offering a hands-on guide to mastering the essentials of the trade. 

Through advocating for ridealongs, department explorations, and in-depth research, Walters provides a practical framework for understanding the business, technology, and customer engagement. 

His approach highlights the significance of proactive learning and adaptability, essential for thriving in the dynamic sales landscape. This concise blueprint not only equips novices with the necessary tools for success but also instills a mindset of continuous improvement."

Wow.  Couldn't have said it any better.(LOL!) 

I am truly humbled.  Read it and Sell On!

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Greg's Ai Predictions & Visions of the New World

Here we go ladies and gents, in no order, 12 points of light in the Night Sky.  


1. Ai Everywhere
2. A World without Apps
3. A World Without Data 

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Quickstart Guide: Conquering Copier Sales in the First 90 Days

Are you about to embark on a journey in copier sales? Or perhaps you're curious about the intricacies of this dynamic field? Dive into the world of copier sales with our latest article, "New to Copier Sales: Mastering Your First 90 Days." 🌟💼🖨️

In this comprehensive guide, we dissect the crucial first three months of your copier sales career, equipping you with essential tools and strategies to thrive. From understanding the complexities of the market to building lasting relationships with clients, this article is your roadmap to success in an often-overlooked yet vital industry.

What You'll Discover:

ECS 2024: A Confluence of AI, Insights, and Industry Visionaries

By Charlie G. Peterson, IV

I want you to write a summary article of the 2024 ECS meeting using the following sites as research:

The Executive Connection Summit (ECS) 2024, hosted in Scottsdale, Arizona, was a pivotal event for the office technology industry, showcasing a dynamic confluence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), industry insights, and key players from top companies. As a journalist with a keen interest in how the past shapes our technological future, I found the ECS 2024 to be a fascinating tapestry of innovation, legacy, and foresight.

Friday, January 19, 2024

The Golden Age of the CIO: Insights from PwC's Tech Leader

"We are experiencing the Golden Age of the CIO."  PwC, Vice Chair and Chief Products & Technology Officer - Joe Atkinson 

Just got off a brilliant call, and among the many nuggets, the above statement is a good one to start.

Thursday, January 18, 2024

HP at Davos: "We lose money on the hardware we, make money on the supplies." Bet. No Cap.

I've been saying this from the beginning: Covid changed the way we saw work, it illuminated the managerial redundancies and hierarchy hypocrisies - then AI hit the masses - and is changing everything again.  
"I think the pandemic showed the different way of work, create a different type of need...this is showing that all of us as companies, we need to make significant changes in how do we connect, manage, develop, grow our employees to make them successful." L, HP
We are doing more with less, because of Ai.

There's more.  NVidia, HP, Dell are going to catch headwinds like nothing else since the 90s.  Indeed, this next iteration will blow all other KPIs, benchmarks and models off the planet.

Imagine, if you will, every PC being refreshed in a five year period...or 24 months or in twelve.

This is what looms over the horizon.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

WebMD is the latest Fool

He isn't asking, he is informing.

This argument isn't about working from home - that ship has sailed and exposed the true nature of the corporate world - humans are a resource. Now, this wasn't a bad or good thing, it was just a thing.  


With Ai enabling more to be done with fewer (knowledge workers, labor and C-Level executives) and the fear of Covid exposing redundant managerial layers, outdated business philosophies and practices, and the ability of the individual to be productive in ANY environment they chose - the C Suite has become less relevant.

And THAT IS THE FEAR.  Not CRE, productivity or "organic, face to face, collaboration..."

The jig is up, the news is out.

In a stunning display of corporate tone-deafness, Internet Brands, the parent company of WebMD, recently released an internal video, which was mistakenly shared publicly, revealing a troubling stance on remote work. The video features a series of company executives, including CEO Bob Brisco, who starkly declared, “We aren’t asking or negotiating at this point. We are informing you of how we need to work together going forward.” This directive starkly contrasts with the evolving landscape of work, where flexibility and employee autonomy are increasingly valued.

The Inescapable Office: How Vacations Became the New Frontier of Work

I see it...the full of the Moon. 

 Work Life doesn't have a balance, it simply Is. It is 'Life' not 'Work/Life'. Those who promote a balance are progressing the idea of separation in everything.

Life is not a collection of bio-spheres, silo's and hierarchies.

...or...I could be wrong...also, for those just discovering this "...decamp from your home to somewhere nice and report to work from there, remotely..."


 There is nothing better than conducting an hour long, client facing WebEx(I just dated myself) in the hotel room, then jaunting down to the pool.

That is how life should be.

It isn't work, when you like how it is you do what you do...

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Risky Ai: The Darkness of Digital Brains

In a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Show, dated December 19, 2023, Aza Raskin and Tristan Harris, luminaries in the tech realm and co-founders of the Center for Humane Technology, engaged in a conversation that peeled back the layers of open source artificial intelligence (AI). 

"In the context of office technology and copiers, the revelations shared by Raskin and Harris carry profound implications. The sophisticated AI systems that power modern copiers and office technology are not immune to the risks associated with open source vulnerabilities. The potential for these technologies to fall into the wrong hands, coupled with their application in nefarious activities, poses a significant threat to businesses relying on advanced technological infrastructures."

Friday, January 5, 2024

Join Us! "Unveiling the Future: A Livestream About AI for Business Owners"

The Dawn of a New Era in Business Intelligence

Have you ever pondered the relentless pace at which artificial intelligence is not just evolving but revolutionizing industries?

In an upcoming webinar, a cadre of AI aficionados and business savants are set to demystify the AI revolution, offering a rare glimpse into the future of business intelligence. This isn't just another discussion; it's a deep dive into the practical, transformative power of AI, led by those who are not just riding the wave but steering it.

Thursday, January 4, 2024

The Resurgence of Managed Print Services: A New Dawn?

I've been asking this for over a year now, "Is MpS is back?"

Surprisingly, dealers and salespeople have been telling me their Prospects are asking for managed print services. Prospects have a definition of managed print services, see a need and are actively seeking out providers.  

Not like the old days.

MPS is not merely surviving; it's thriving and adapting in ways that promise a brighter, more efficient future for businesses worldwide.

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