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Sunday, August 29, 2010

tDOTC Managed Print Services PowerPlayer of the Week, Month or Year...

It's not the upper right quadrant.

Nor is it a distinction hashed out between the twelve members of the MPS StarChamber.(if there were such a thing, which there isn't)

Nobody mentioned will advertise on DOTC. No PowerPlayer will sponsor studies with DOTC.

It is an idea born out of cool contemplation; Sunday morning reflection.

The recipients will by be of my choosing - my judgement alone, my opinion, my calculations, and my view of how they either determine or voyage along, the MPS Path.

Good or Bad, Positive or Negative, a DOTC PowerPlayer may effect for good, or impact from evil.

I'll call em out, and serve em up - with Sprinkles.

This week - Robert Newry, co-Founder at newField IT.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Skyline - Official Trailer [HD]

The Aliens are coming, once again to L.A. -

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The Autumn of Managed Print Services: Out with the Old, In with the "new"

Summer of 2010 is waning, Q4 quickly approaching.

One season ends as another begins.

Here in the US, autumn is a time of new beginnings - schools start up again, the leaves begin to change, the nights get cooler.

Football stadiums around the country light up each Friday night, crowds file in, Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.

There is optimism and change in the air; Out with the Old, in with the New.

And so it is with MPS - a new season.

But unlike the leaves that fall victim to the earthly process, some things in MPS don't want to go naturally. Some processes and beliefs are difficult to crack, like the shell of a walnut or the walls of a once mighty arena.

Older icons of a bygone era, deserving nothing less then the wrecking ball.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Economic Woes - Can Managed Print Services Save the World? - Get Your Cape, We Got Work to Do.

DOTC, 2010

The recovery is losing steam, fast By Neil Irwin

Another day, another lousy piece of economic data. The 27.2 percent fall in existing home sales in July was far below analysts' official expectations (though in line with some of the whisper numbers that close watchers of housing data were expecting)...MORE 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is there Such a Thing as a Managed Print Services Purist?

What do you take with your coffee?

Personally, I take it bold, black and beautiful - Pure.

I only put ice in my double Jack to be polite; no reason to make the barkeep shuffle back and forth.  They frown every time I tell them to "leave the bottle".

The question is, what is an MPS Purist?

Monday, August 23, 2010

VJ Speaks about the HP/Canon alliance: Answers a Question.

And have you seen any effect of the expanded Canon relationship any benefit there in the most recent quarter?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D

"LeLu" makes a return..sorta.

Matrix meets Zombies meets 3D - all in L.A.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New York Times Article Answers Lots of Hurd Questions

I was going to follow this one pretty heavily.

No doubt, in our industry, this little shake up is rivaled only by the RiKon merger in news worthiness - if not gossip value.

But soon after the separation, more and more information hit the 'net, that gave me pause.

And when phrases like, "nude pics" and "erotic film star" started to show up, well, I just decided to let the story ride, without much comment - you can not make this stuff up!

Printers not sexxy? Bravo Sierra!

From the article by Ashlee Vance, with the New York Times,

"...The company has uncovered communications between Mr. Hurd and Jodie Fisher, the occasional H.P. contractor who accused him of sexual harassment, that seemed cordial, even after a last meeting in a hotel room in Boise, Idaho, a person with knowledge of Mr. Hurd’s e-mails said...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Are You Selling Managed Print Services: One Print Solutions

August, 2010.

Over the past year, I have reviewed just about every MPS program out here - either for my own little practice or for articles and organizations.

I have seen them all.

Some are better, but all are good.

The one common theme I keep running into is this: we are all making this up as we go.

There are no standard processes, no benchmarks and no matter what any training or consultation firm tells you, we have never done this before, this is all new and there are no clear cut leaders.

No proven methods, only suggestions.

There is no easy way, or well defined proven path to MPS nirvana - yet.

Dynamic times like these are uncommon and we who are in them are lucky to be here, in this time. You see, there is no spoon, there are no rules...we can make them up.

Now, more than ever, we can determine our destiny.

Speaking of dynamic times, have you noticed all the Self Help programs coming out lately? Have you seen the late night commercials pitching, get rich quick, "like me" schemes.

Seen all those Scientology ads? And those new Amway Global commercials?

How about the reprise of one of the greatest motivators ever, Tony Robbins?

He's got his own show now!

Tony's good. But when it gets right down to it, everything is up to you and always has been.

Check this out, I met this guy, Gary a bit back. Now I had heard of Gary before he reached out to me, so I knew he had some sorta wiz-bang thing in MPS.

A "new" program. Yeah, right...they're all new.

What impressed me was the "every MPS Sales Person a Tiger" mentality inherent in his system.

In a nutshell, Gary can provide all the infrastructure a typical, MPS practice needs - more accurately, all the infrastructure an atypical MPS Selling Individual requires.

Think about that for a second.

Do you hate training the newest sales manager?

Has your MPS compensation plan structure changed over the past 8 months?

Do you still hear the old argument "MPS is just like color was..." knowing that it isn't?

How are all those MPS training classes working?

If you are in the trenches, you're doing assessments, cold calling, working leases up, perhaps calling in some EDM specialists (each one adds 30 days to your cycle), managing your funnel, AND meeting a hardware quota - is that really MPS? Should a hardware quota REALLY be part of an MPS compensation plan? Really?

And what of the mythical 50% GP on MPS engagements? The dealership is not getting 50% on hardware, the dealership still has the same amount of service technicians, meter reads and invoices going out each month.

Why should your MPS profit margin CARRY the lower margin equipment sales?

For the back-end rebates?

The One Print Solution offers up all the backroom infrastructure.

It is scalable and the system is designed to work with selling professionals who can pull MPS engagements together - all the sales, analysis and presentation - and shift the support to a third party. Splitting the profit.

No inventory
No service overhead
No admin overhead
No H/R

Here is just a taste of the services provided:

Sales Tools & Training

-Comprehensive Training Program
-Sales Leadership and Mentoring
-Formulated and Branded Marketing materials
-Deal Crafting Services
-Blending and Deal Scenario Tools
-Great America Leasing
-All Deal Docs


-Contract management
-Creation and document package review
-Monthly base and Overage billing
-Device Administration
-Leasing Documentation, Approval and Administration
-Accounts Receivable and Cash management/Funding
-Vendor and Accounts Payable Management
-Full Account Management
-All other activities as solution requires/Full Back end Support

Do not get me wrong - this NOT for everybody.

This is a very big step and all angles must be considered.

Go on over to the site and look for some more information here on DOTC.

Update, 2016.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Are you Selling Managed Print Services? Are you Good at It? Have I got an Idea for You; If You're Tuff Enuf

August, 2010

MPS is driving in all sorts of different directions and forcing everybody into making choices.

Not just Fortune 500, multi-national copier manufacturers, but the independent, local copier dealers, too.

And there is more - I am a big believer in the unique problem solving skills and sheer resilience of good, professional sellers.

Today, if you are selling in the MPS niche, you've already made some choices about your future.

How's all that working out for you?

Do you have a Manager? Is he a Managed Print Services Manager/Director?

Do you attend Monday morning Sales meetings? How about Friday at 4:00PM Sales meetings?

Let me ask you this, do you know more about MPS than you manager, VP of Sales or dealership owner?

How do you like your General Manager or Vice President riding with you on sales calls?

Funnel Planning, anyone?
Strategic Account Planning?

Are you successfully selling MPS? How much you bringing into the “house”?

Here’s the situation and this is not for everyone.

The MPS model is rife with alternatives – most set up for the dealership – I see no programs designed specifically for the Professional Managed Print Services Selling Individual. And MPS Training is not what I am referring to.

MPS is the “Wild, Wild, West” – we are all making this up as we go. There are no standards, little benchmarks, no well worn path. Times are perfect for the rugged individual; the self-assured, knowledgeable, MPS Selling Professional.

Could this be you?

Is this you?

How would you like to make ALL THE PROFIT on your MPS engagements?


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Are you tough enough?

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Friday is Fun Day - IOWA Gurls - O M G


A few Friday's back, I splashed the blog with Katy Perry's "California Gurls" - an obvious shout out to the girls on my side of the world, the Best Coast.

Soon after, a reader "hipped" me to this little ditty.

You have got to love any video with the line, "...boys baling hay make me wanna act so naughty..." WTF?

In the Katy Perry vid, the dozen or so times I viewed her syrupy montage, I could not find ANY connection to MPS, copiers, printers or toner - I tried, I really did.

But this time we have a connection: Great America Leasing.

That's right. The creator of the Navigator program that "includes the process to plan, implement and grow a dealer’s business with MPS..." is headquarted in...Iowa! Schwing!!

Yup. They are.

Well, let's take I-80 West and see what Iowa has to compete with my golden beaches...


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HP Does Disney: Managed Print Services Program reduces the number of devices by 59%

But Wait. How many of us will get the chance to land an account the size of Disney?

You may ask, "Why does something big HP does, have anything to do with me, the small, independent MPS provider?"

And you may ask yourself, " can I possibly provide all the services HP can?"

You may ask yourself, how do I work this?

You may ask yourself, where does this highway lead to?

You may ask yourself, am I right, am I wrong?

You may ask yourself, my god, what have I done?

The answer, "Same as it ever was..."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hurd it on the Streets: Mark to Oracle?

Seems Mark's friends are coming to his defense.

Larry Ellison, CEO at Oracle, fired off a communique that may reflect the feelings of most observers - HP's board is full of a bunch of idiots.

They reportedly relied on counsel from a PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM when deciding to fire Mr. Hurd.

I've said it before, HP is great at making really cool things, but marketing, not so much.

A quote from Ellison,

"...The H-P Board just made the worst personnel decision since the idiots on the Apple board fired Steve Jobs many years ago. That decision nearly destroyed Apple and would have if Steve hadn’t come back and saved them. H-P had a long list of failed CEOs until they hired Mark who has spent the last five years doing a brilliant job reviving H-P to its former greatness..."


Monday, August 9, 2010

The Email Hurd 'round the Org: "...We recognize that this change in leadership is unexpected news..."

The following is the complete text of the e-mail from Lesjak...:

“TO/ All HP Employees

"SUBJECT/ Organizational Announcement

"This is to advise you that Mark Hurd, Chairman and CEO of HP, has resigned from the company effective immediately. Mark’s resignation was submitted at the request of the company’s Board of Directors as a result of inappropriate behavior in which he engaged that violated HP’s Standards of Business Conduct and undermined his ability to continue to lead the company.

“At the request of the Board I have agreed to serve as interim CEO until a new, permanent CEO is hired. During this time I also will continue to perform my duties as CFO. The Board has formed a committee to undertake a search for a new CEO, and candidates from inside the company as well as outside the company will be considered. I have informed the Board, however, that I do not wish to be considered for the role of permanent CEO, and I have removed myself from being a candidate for that position.

“While this news is unexpected, HP remains in an exceptionally strong position both financially and in the marketplace. It is essential, however, that we remain focused and continue to achieve – if not exceed – our operational and financial objectives. “Because there is likely to be considerable media coverage of this announcement during the next few days, I wanted to be the first to share the facts with you.

Predictably, the Hurd Situation is Starting to Get Weird(er)

The lady in questions says there was never any sex. Yes, this is a picture of her, Jodie Fisher.

She is also sad. Sad that Mark lost his job.

Hurd leaves with 40 million - rumors are running all over the 'net - this could be either the biggest fall for that smallest oversight($20,000.) or there is much, much more to all this.

Hurd spent money on dinners/"interviews", one site actually uses the words "canoodle" and woo.

Lobster was served.

It's not Tiger Woods, and it ain't Goldman Sachs, but it is not good at all.

Never, again, should anyone ever question why I use gorgeous women on my blog.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mark Hurd Resigns Following Sexual Harassment Investigation: HOLY CRAP!!!

Hewlett Packard (NYSE:HPQ) on Friday announced the resignation of Chairman, CEO and President Mark Hurd, effective immediately. HP CFO Cathie Lesjak has been appointed interim CEO.

According to a statement from HP, Hurd made his decision following the conclusion of a sexual harassment investigation, in which Hurd was found in violation of HP's Standards of Business Conduct, though not its sexual harassment policy. The claim of sexual harassment was brought by a former contractor to HP, whose name was not provided.

"As the investigation progressed, I realized there were instances in which I did not live up to the standards and principles of trust, respect and integrity that I have espoused at HP and which have guided me throughout my career," Hurd said in a statement. "After a number of discussions with members of the board, I will move aside and the board will search for new leadership"

DOTC Looking for an Assistant: Must Speak Latin - who speaks Latin anymore...

Another movie example of the present future of the document.

The "Clapper" with a splash of MS-Surface, like at the iBar in Vegas, and Scarlet.

"ogle, google, what's the diff...did you model in Tokyo, because she modeled in Tokyo..."

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Managed Print Services: EatersOfTheDead

August 2010 -

I attended a webinar hosted by the MPSA. The subject matter included a quick synopsis of the MPS industry by InfoTrends and a future view of the MPSA and how our members can contribute to the growth of the Association.

Jim Fitzpatrick, MPSA President presented very well.

The "state of the industry" provided by InfoTrends was great and relevant - unfortunately for me, nothing new.

A re-occurring theme was exposed - the cannibalization of our industry.

Randy, from InfoTrends, observed the "eroding of the supplies market..." and that there is no "real expansion in the market..."

More poignantly, we are "cannibalizing the market".

Randy and others are half right.

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