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Sunday, March 31, 2024

The Monolith in the Desert

Pretty cool.

What is the difference between Vison and Hallucination?

A word about Ai hallucinations:

What is the difference between Vison and Hallucination? 

Of course there is a difference - but isn't the observers' perception, if not bias, determining contrast?

I asked ChatGPT, "Hey Eye in the Sky, what do you think about the above notion?"

She responded, "AI hallucinations and human vision, at first glance, seem to operate on different spectrums. Yet, when you peel back the layers, both are profoundly influenced by the observer's perception and biases.

Let's break it down.

2023 - 2024 I Don't Use Ai Anymore

A year ago I was distilling content through Chat3.5.  I would ask for a summary and write an quick organic introduction.

The structure is adequate; human words prior to mechanical "analysis and summary".

It's all about the 'dash in between' isn't it?

A year later, the 'copier effect' is in full bloom - spotting the artificially generated tome is 'tres facile' and for many, leaves a sour, tepid, and stale taste. 

Doesn't it?

Thursday, March 28, 2024

March 2024 in the Copier Industry - The Same Only Different

I just read an article over at Cannata Report about diversification of products and services for the copier dealership.  I can't help but to be a bit surprised at how much HASN'T changed in over two decades.

Don't get me wrong, all of the observations and reflections contained are valid and support the notion that doing more of everything is the best way for copier resellers to avoid the same fate as buggy whips and While You Were Out message pads.(you remember those, right?)

Managed Print Services, scanners, telephones, and ink (Edgeline, anyone?) are staunch, proven, and although on the other side of the bell curve, profitable endeavors of pursuit.

Hear me out.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Printer/Copier Security is a Myth and Everybody Still Hates Output Devices

"It's worse than you think..."
"It usually is..."

IT people have always hated copiers and printers.  Nothing has changed and these guys are living proof.

I like copiers.  I like printers.  I haven't owned one in over two decades.

I don't think output devices pose a security threat for a few reasons:

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

AI-Enriched KPIs Yield Impressive Results - by Patricia Ames, Workflow

Great Article over on Workflow regarding Ai and KPI's

From the piece, "The year 2024 is picking up right where 2023 left off. Last year was the Year of AI, with the likes of Open AI’s ChatGPT and the promise of even more advancements capturing the public’s interest. This year is trending to be the year AI transforms the way businesses run. 

Businesses are not only going to deploy AI more often in 2024, but they’re going to deploy these tools in much more integral and substantive ways."

Read it Here.

How Many Product Lines Are Too Many?

Scott Cullen put a nice piece together about multi-line dealerships.

A quick summary:

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Tik Tok Bill is Bad.

so..let me get this straight...

When China buys farmland in the US, that's okay.

When China flies a spy balloon over the 'amber waves of grain', we create a meme.

When China let's covid out, we can't say 'China'.


Thursday, March 7, 2024

Diving Deep: The Initiation Rite into Copier Sales

There is a belief in marketing that we generate demand by reaching out to as many cold leads as possible. Dialing for dollars is the best way to guarantee increased sales. It’s the age-old mantra, “It’s a numbers game, kid.”

Success depends on sheer numbers. Contemporary approaches to selling are varied and proven, but it is still challenging to speak with strangers — especially when you’re convincing them to do something. In the New World of Selling, great salespeople uncover demand. The best attract demand.

In this edition of Your 90 Days New to Copier Sales series, we’re going to talk about what I call “Total Immersion.” It is a hectic and committed time to not only consume information, but for high activity and communications. This is the stage where you’re out on your own, hustling, getting to know your territory and the types of people you will be working with, hopefully, for a long time.

Here are three ideas to work within your second 30 days that pay homage to past success while illuminating a clear path forward:

Read the rest, here.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

What is CPP? Central Precocious Puberty

I was on YouTube, watching an industry blow-hard go off on one of the many organizations that refused to sponsor his show.

Effectively, minding my own business when the gods of YouTube decided I need to see an add for Supprelin LA. 

A puberty suppressant. Call me sheltered, but what the hell?

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