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Thursday, June 30, 2022

“Why Tigerpaw One is the Leading Influencer, Infrastructure” Greg Walters, the DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem

The Infrastructure Influence includes ECi, Forza, and Tigerpaw One.

The grading system is simple: What Influencer would I recommend to a client building or changing an existing program. The client could be a provider or the ultimate consumer.

I’ve evaluated hundreds of components and teams over the decades assembling tech solutions that help reduce costs, increase sales, or eliminate inefficiencies. Through this lens of experience, I evaluate each Influencer over approximately 20 data points.

There are no losers. Just being an Influencer in the DOTPE is an accomplishment.

For Tigerpaw One:

The Americans. Byron McGregor, Detroit, 1973

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Thoughts of the Day: Webinars, Meta, Alphabet, Websites, Rush, E*Com, Hybrid is a Caste

I originally posted on LinkedIN:

Thoughts of the day:
  • Webinars are dying, stop doing them...
  • Facebook/Meta is on the trail of AoL
  • Google/Alphabet is the next AskJeeves
  • Fancy, expensive websites are on the other side of the bell curve
  • Livestreaming is the best thing to happen to radio since Rush
  • EComm's uniqueness is fading; any high school student can stand up your "online ordering page"
  • Hybrid work is worse than either full-plantation or full-remote

Great response and queries from Brian Ruiz:

What is the World's Safest Output Device, in the World.

Security is a big, big issue. Connected assets can be open to all sorts of 'StuxNet' type threats.

IT ignores printers. They are more pain to manage than end-users; two asset types IT would rather not deal with.

With this in mind, what is the most secure copier or printer?

The one you never purchase.

Eight Firms Recognized as Influencers of Merit - Sales Acquisition.

Greg Walters, Inc. Recognizes the Top Sales Acquisition Influencers for the Copier & Managed Print Services Niche

Monday, June 20, 2022

Walt's Weekly Words: Week 8, June 3 The #Xerox Email Heard Around the World

Walt's Spin

Personal note.

This is the 8th iteration of WWW and thanks to an interesting two months, this little experiment is catching on. It's simple really, what interests me might interest you and the interwebs are flooded with so much content sifting through to relevant and engaging content is daunting.

I'll continue to filter and comment for a few more weeks and see what the future reveals. In the meantime, if you like the content, comment, and forward along. If you're not a subscriber, go ahead and sign up.

I'm not sure where this will end up, but I'm having a good time so far.




This week, Elon gives us the middle digit. The #WFA movement continues, evolving into a status-quo. Both sides are presenting their arguments but fewer office workers is a reality.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

#Xerox Steps Into It Big Time - The Letter Read Around the World

It hasn't happened often especially starting on a Friday and going through a weekend - and a holiday weekend. I posted an image on LinkedIn Friday afternoon with these simple words, "...going to leave this right here...".

By early evening, the post had acquired over a thousand views. By the end of the holiday weekend, over six thousand folks had perused the leaked letter from Xerox.

As of today, the simple post has been shared 13 times, generated 23 comments, and 134 reactions, and been viewed over 21,000 times; up from last night's 18,293. 

Furthermore, our team of crack statisticians has digested numbers provided by LinkedIn to come up with these dynamic analytics:

  1. Roughly 21% of the viewers are from Xerox with 47% coming from a combined collection of Xerox competitors.

  2. 69% of readers are either salespeople or at the executive director level

A big slice of onlookers checked in from the eastern United States; from New York City to Atlanta - there was a healthy contingent from the Greater Sydney area - I love it down under.

The sad part is, you know this conversation has been had in boardrooms all over the globe in every industry. Xerox was just unlucky the word escaped into the 'Verse.

...They can never stop the signal.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Prospecting on LinkedIn: Does it Pay?

When I first joined LinkedIn, back in the stone age circa 2008, I appreciated the nascent application at the same level as My Space, America Online and Twitter. Back then, LinkedIn was an environment for recruiters and the unemployed. Salespeople rarely engaged with prospects or customers online.  I joined because it seemed interesting.

Today, things are very different.  Indeed, since COVID-19 and Microsoft’s purchase, the still-strong recruitment application has become a singular business-to-business platform.

According to some LinkedIn business statistics:
  • There are 57M+ companies listed on LinkedIn.
  • 73% of buyers are more likely to consider a brand if the salesperson reaches out via LinkedIn.
  • There are more than 10,000 B2B software product pages on LinkedIn.
  • There was an increase of 110% in confirmed hires year-over-year in...
Read the rest, here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The Constitution of the United States of America & #StarTrek

Some say the current version of Star Trek is edgy and inclusive and diverse. 

Some say Discovery is revolutionary and Strange New Worlds is fresh - truly examples of the "history didn't start until after I was born" generations. 

Alas, The Original Star Trek, TOS as it is referred to from 'Trekkers' not "Trekkies" is still the purest version in the canon.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Walt's Weekly Words: Week 7 - Growing Skin on Robots, FABs are the Key, Gasoline Prices, The Job Exodus Continues, GenX Has Demands, & West and Greg Talk Web Stuff

Walt's Spin

This week we explore the high price of gasoline, what GenX and millennials want in a job, robot skin, coffee in the USSR, salary raises, chips, and more.

Gas prices are the highest they've ever been, I don't need to tell you that. There is no end in sight. This looks a great deal like the 70s, so history does repeat itself. The 70s brought us the go-go 80s and a massive recovery extending for decades.

The effects are and will continue to be humongous. Every industry moves items by truck and almost every service company keeps technicians on the road.

The supply chain challenges in the chip manufacturing industry continue to forbode. Like oil, chips are fluid and integral to a free-flowing economy. Unlike oil, chips can be manufactured just about anywhere. The current environment has many in the industry considering FAB location more strategically. (FABs are the chip plants and some of the largest are located outside the US, Singapore)

Price Waterhouse reports the great exodus will continue through 2023. A recent study shows increased dissatisfaction with current job status and the grass actually being greener on the other side(at home) as supreme motivators for resigning.

Some 46% of Gen Zers and 45% of millennials reported feeling burned out due to their work environment.

Read the rest, here

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Tigerpaw Software: Leading Influencer, Infrastructure

The First of many: Tigerpaw Software

The DOTPE is designed to help resellers find and establish partnership relationships with proven, innovative, dealer-centric, organizations aligned to deliver the best customer experience possible.

Prospective customers will make more informed decisions when choosing a reseller.

Dealers will have a clear understanding of the most customer-centric, dealer-friendly ecosystem resources to align when building or enhancing go-to-market programs.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Walt's Weekly Words: Week 6, #TwitterBots, #TigerPaw, #MPS Ecosystem, #Bill Gates & #JohnnyCash

Walt's Spin

This week, congress talks about UFO's, retail giants take a major financial hit - no surprise there - Elon fact checks TwitterBots, more recognizing printers as an IT asset, digital connection is personal, there is a new office technology Partnership Ecosystem model, employers start coffee houses in the suburbs to serve employees and of all things, we have a shortage of sand.

It's going to get worse.

The supply chain troubles will devolve on all fronts and in every industry. The fear of Covid19 shutdowns, labor shortages, War, and an overdependence on global suppliers will stymie any recovery for the next 24 to 36 months.
Gas, diesel - Washington D.C. filling stations are updating pumps to handle three digits(ten dollars per gallon).

Read the rest here

Friday, June 3, 2022

The DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem

Put simply, the Ecosystem is a collection of Influencers with a set of Influences on our industry.

In it, we identify the key players in each of the 12 Influences and evaluate them through 20 data points.

Within each Influence, there is at least one Influencer.  We’ve selected your firm as an Influencer and will compare you with other Influencers in your Influence.

Great, what does it mean?  

This is not an echo chamber. The goal is to identify and acknowledge Influencers aligned to provide a superb customer experience to the Ultimate Consumer; businesses in all niches making the digital transformation journey. 

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